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Wednesday Briefs: Never More Lonely Part 2

That's right, by popular decision... Cooper and Owen are back in this week's Wednesday Brief. This time, we're seeing the story through Cooper's eyes. I hope you like this week's installment of my flash story!

Never More Lonely

"La petite morte. Suffer the ravages daily!" Owen smirks as he reads my luggage sticker. Our first kiss, even one that amazing, had to end sometime. I am still snuggled in his arms though, the place I've wanted to be for a long time now.

I grin. "Well they say to put something distinctive on your luggage so you know it’s yours."

"That'll do it." His laugh turns into a yawn.

It is past late, almost early morning. "Sorry. You must be exhausted, mate, and you have to work in a few hours."

His thumb brushes under my eye, the callous rough on my skin. "You look pretty tired yourself."

"A kid kept kicking my seat." I bite the inside of my lip. "Should we go to bed? I need to adjust to the time zone before I go to work on Monday anyway."

Owen looks at the clock. "I think I'll call in sick first. Then we can sleep in." He shows me the bathroom. "You can shower if you want, Cooper."

Feeling a little strange, I take a shower using Owen's soap and shampoo, then wrap my body in his towel. I don't need to shave, even after a day and a half, but my teeth feel furry. I brush them and then pull on a pair of shorts to sleep in. It’s much warmer here than back home.

Owen is in bed when I come out. I hesitate in the doorway, unsure of where I’m sleeping. Even though I've just taken a drink, my mouth is dry. Too bad my palms aren't; I wipe them on my shorts.

"Hey," Owen says. He lifts up the blanket and he still has his pants on. I slip into the bed dressed, enjoying the feeling of the cool sheets as I settle down onto a pillow.

"Turn off the light, will you?" Owen speaks softly in my ear.

"Yeah." Darkness fell over the room. I wondered if he was thinking about sex too. This might be our first meeting in person, but I know my Owen. I know he likes to drink tea at night and coffee in the morning.  His hair is short so it won't curl. He works hard as a construction foreman, but he likes to carve custom walking sticks too.

On weekends his favorite thing is to go hiking. Well, besides sleeping. Owen loves to sleep.

He yawns and then those inches separating our bodies disappears. His chest feels warm and hard against my back. He smoothes down my hair and then kisses my neck.

I shiver.

"Mmm. You smell like me." He nuzzles me. "I like it."

I caress the arm he drapes over my chest. "Me too," I said. I tilt my hips back, pressing into him. He grunts when my ass brushes against his erection. His lips, so warm and soft, kiss a line along my shoulder.

I expect him to rub against me, for his hand slide down and under the waistband of my shorts, but he doesn't.

He sighs. "Sleep. Tomorrow we can talk and I can show you around."

I'm tired enough not to argue.


Light shining on my face wakes me up. I've thrown off the covers, but Owen is still tight to my back. It feels good, better than anything I've felt in a long time. I don't want to move, but I have to pee. I squirm out from under Owen's arm and use the bathroom.

Back into bed, Owen's arm falls over me again. "Morning," he said.

"Sorry if I woke you up early."

Owen looks at the clock and makes a noise. "Nah, it's already nine."

"Do you want to get up?"

"Not exactly." His hips nudge me; I feel his erection rub along my crack. I whimper.


I don't care if we just met in person. I roll over in his arms, looking in his dark eyes. He has stubble across his cheeks. I let him feel my cock standing stiff and straining my shorts.

Our second kiss is longer than our first. I stretch up and lean over him as he rolls onto his back, never letting our lips separate. His hands rub up and down my back. Panting, I pull back. My balls ache. "Do you have ... ?"

Owen nods at the drawer. "Condoms there." He slides off the bed. "I'll be right back."

I hear the shower curtain slide and then the water runs and the toilet flushes. He’s naked and holding a bottle of lube when he comes back. I chuckle.

"Extra long showers, right?"

He grins but I can't speak anymore as I watch him stalk toward the bed.

In seconds I am under him, both of us too needy for foreplay. The lube’s cold.  I hiss, but he is warm as he pushes inside. He moves too quickly and I wince.

"Sorry." He slows, inching inside me, grimacing at the slow agony. Gradually I relax and he moves faster. I moan and my cock slaps against my stomach as my hips rock with his rhythm.

I can't stop touching his chest and shoulders. He reaches for me. "Soon," he gasps. I nod frantically as his slick palm slides up and down my cock roughly.

"Fuck!" I kick my head back against the pillows as I shoot, cum painting my chest. He groans, then shoves hard. I ache but then he is coming and I'm fascinated by the bliss that sends a flush across his cheeks.

We both lay limp and boneless with satiated pleasure. "La petite morte." He chuckles.


After resting for a little while, we clean up. My stomach rumbles as I pull on jeans and a t-shirt. "Want to go get breakfast?" Owen offers. "Then I can show you around."

His hand rests on my lower back. I can’t believe I’m finally here, with Owen. It's a good thing I plan to stay; I'd never be able to leave him.

"That sounds great."


Well... *fans self* hot enough for you? *wink* Come back next week for more of Owen and Cooper's story. In the meantime, check out these other great Briefers and their stories!

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  1. Awesome chapter. I hope you continue their story. :)

    1. Thanks Cyn! I will be continuing their story through October, actually.

  2. These two are lovely together, warm and sweet. I suspect a snag in their future, but look forward to how their story plays out. :)

    1. How could 2 people meeting for the first time and facing a new physical relationship to go along with their past virtual relationship have something go wrong? Really? :P Glad you liked it Tali!

  3. Sweet couple :) I like how they know each other so well, but still get nervous with seeing each other in person being new. Recipe for a great story. More please ;)

    1. I try to keep things as 'true' to what I would imagine real life is like. I've a few online friends that have done this, so I've been able to have some great insight. I'm glad you think they're sweet though, that's definitely something I wanted to have come across.

  4. Another amazing update. Love it Cia. :)

  5. Wow, I love these two. And how lucky can you get that an internet hookup doesn't turn into a troll.

    1. LOL. Well there is skype and stuff nowadays, so it is easier to figure that out. :) I'm so glad you enjoy them Cliffgirl, there will be more of the pair next week!

  6. That's how it really should go. I'm glad they both got together and it went well. It will be fun watching these two get to know each other properly.

    1. Well of course it is! A little awkward, a lot of satisfaction! But knowing someone and really getting to know them is very different. I can't wait to write it, lol.

  7. This is so cute and just... unsure of each other! Love it. :)


    1. I definitely wanted that vibe, that first time not quite sure how to go about doing things, sort of thing. As much as they already care for each other, it's definitely different when it comes to being in person.


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