Monday, September 24, 2012

Reading Reviews: Ethan, Who Loved Carter and Little Man

Today I wanted to share a review from a recent ebook read, as well as a free WIP from Gay Authors from a new author. I hope you check them out, you won't regret either choice!

I haven't read this author before, but she isn't new. She has other stories available, which can be found on her Goodreads page. But, I picked this one to read and it was worth every penny.

Carter decides he's had enough of big city life and moves to a small town in hopes that it will be a better environment for him. His tics and stutter make people react to him in a negative way, but he can't help it. Tourettes is hell for him to live with and he's pulled away from most people because of it.

Until he meets Ethan.

Ethan's had his own challenges in life, but he has an indomitable spirit. But Carter isn't sure that being with Ethan is the right thing, for either of them. Will Ethan be able to change his mind?

You can find out where to purchase this ebook at the author's goodreads page, as well as check out some more reviews from other readers. With 4.53 out of 5 stars, I was worried about a lot of hype, but this story really met my expectations and more.

Little Man by Mann Ramblings

So, Mann joined GA and promptly posted his first chapter. I was so intrigued by the characters, and enjoyed the first chapter so much, that I offered to beta read for him until he could find a dedicated beta/editor.

Little Man, aka Clay, is an artist. Still in college, he lives with his friend Eric, his friend from grade school.  One night they host a party. Normally Little Man isn't into parties, but he drinks a little much at this one and his artistic side overcomes his reticence and he begins drawing tattoos on people with markers.

The last person to get a LM original is Ogre, one of Eric's teammates. The party is over, but things are just heating up. Ogre's always seemed completely straight but as Little Man becomes more and more involved in his creation, things heat up between them in unexpected ways.

But was it just a drunken one night fling? Can a jock overcome his own fears? What will Eric say?

Now, I know we have all read college fiction before. It's really common. But something about the writing, and the personalities of these characters really did it for me. Of course, having a great hook helps and boy did this grab my attention:

“Little Man, stop spending so much time on my cock and get finished already.”

I always hated that nickname, but let's be honest: who ever gets to choose that sort of thing?

LOL. Yep, definite attention getter. I bet you're wondering what's going on, right? Well, he's already posted 3 chapters and Mann's posting a new chapter each week. You can find him and follow the story on Gay Authors.

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