Monday, January 7, 2013

Update on Updates and a ...

Hi blog visitors, loyal readers, and generally well-appreciated fans! I wanted to let you guys know what's been going on with me. It's only fair, since so many of you have been waiting patiently and offering me such encouragement through emails and comments. The family is finally almost better, the holidays are over and my kid are back to school. I should have plenty of time, right?

Not really. So many projects have been vying for my attention. Beyond that, I've been dealt with a lot of bad news lately. We lost our dog in November, I found out my grandmother has cancer, my sister has some mysterious stomach illness and her house was broken into and now we know Grandma's cancer is a really bad kind and she's refusing treatment.

I have a huge, very complicated family (to say the least) but overall, I'm close to 3 people. My dad, my sister, and my grandma. I haven't seen my grandma in years, but I'm planning a trip down there with my kids next month. Since we live on opposite ends of the country, and the economy has sucked, it's been a long time since I saw her.The thought that will soon be because she's no longer there and I can't even call her every 2 weeks like we do now, really stresses me out. Focusing on doing anything for more than a little bit at a time has been impossible.

I've finished a few projects that were outstanding though, and I'm striving to get my head on straight. You will of course get my flash pieces, but I'm going to attempt to post as much as possible on Adverse Effects until I'm back on track with the story in my head. Please forgive me if the chapters are shorter than usual, though.

I have a few other things planned for my blog this month too with some author features, reviews, and tip blogs! Even more fun ... It's my anniversary month! I'll have been blogging for a year on Sunday! In honor of that, I'll be running a contest this weekend. One person will win a free copy of Pricolici  and another will win a $10 Amazon or ARe gift card.

Okay, so another flash piece on Wednesday, and I should be able to update Adverse Effects tomorrow or Thursday at the latest, plus a contest this weekend! Hopefully it will be a good week!


  1. Sorry to hear the world is piling so much on at once. That sucks! I probably won't be the only one to send along some positive thoughts in your direction.

    Post when and if you can, but take care of you and yours first. Anyone with half a brain can understand. Whatever you have time to share will be appreciated even more.

    Hope 2013 treats you well as it goes along.

    1. Thank you Mann. Sometimes the world isn't fair, but I do have a lot of good in my life too. Sometimes it's just hard to focus on that. Thank you for the positive thoughts.

  2. So sorry to hear about your sister and grandma Cia. I hope your sister gets better and you get to spend some quality time with your grandma.
    Congrats! on the blog reaching 1 year.The last few months have been great and I look forward to more.

    Hope this year gets better for you. Hugs.


    1. Thanks Mik, I hope to spend several days with her, soaking in all the grandmotherly love. Okay, so she's not very traditional, she used to be a truck driver. Maybe that's where I get my 'buck the expectations' attitude. :) I hope you have a good 2013 too!

  3. Dear Cia,
    write when you have time. And the time to think about foreign worlds. It seems that in the moment you have to live more in the real world and that is okay for all compassionate and nice people. We will wait for you to come back and we will still love your work then! So good luck with everything going on in the moment and I hope everything gets better soon! Jana from Germany

    1. Real life can be a downer, but you hit it on the head Jana. Consistently, when bad things happen, I want to retreat into literary worlds but as a reader instead. It is very hard to focus on writing for me. Thank you for being one of the understanding!

  4. Wow! Your plate really is full right now. I hope things fall into place so that your day-to-day life is not so crazy. Once things settle and your brain wraps around everything, it won't be better but it will be easier to handle. Don't worry about writing unless it is good for your heart. Let it be an outlet and not a chore. :)

    On a personal note regarding your grandma. . . .
    Don't pressure her to get treatment. Take this from personal experience. Treatment can often be worse than the cancer, especially when it is bad. The treatment is less likely to work and will only make their end last longer and be more miserable. I know that sounds disheartening but it is true. I dealt with a similar thing with my Granny whom I was extremely close to. Accept her choice and love her through it. She will appreciate it and not have to feel guilty for her decision. Love her while you have her. :) Again, I know how bad it is and I hope things can go smoothly for both you and her during this. Remember the good times and make more good memories.

    You and your family are in my thoughts. Be safe.


    1. *nods* I agree Harmony. Her body, her life, her choice-even if it is hard to accept. I used to work in the medical field so I'm very aware of how hard the 'cure' can be and when the odds aren't in her favor even a little? Not worth it for her. The mental acceptance that she has found still escapes me; I don't want to lose her. Death is sometimes harder on the family members than the person facing it. I'm selfish about it, but I won't do anything but try to spend the best visit with her that I can.

      As for my writing, thank you. The last thing I want is to resent it because I force it. The story is often not very good then either. Thanks for your thoughts!

  5. I wish I could just say something to help...
    Well, if it's any help, My friend's mother just recently passed away from cancer that we thought was gone for the time being... but it wasn't and she passed away. I can't imagine how you feel since it's your own flesh and blood and somebody so close... I watched as my friend cried on my shoulder, while I tried anything and everything to make her feel better. It's taken 3 weeks, and she still isn't over it.

    I wish you well. I wish I could help somehow, give you advice on how to handle this, but I can't. All I can say is I wish you well and that I can't help.

    With all my love and support,

  6. Please take all the time that you need to focus on your family. Your writing and readers can wait. I hope that your visit with your grandmother will go well. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


  7. Glad to hear from you at last.
    There's something I can do and that's wishing you to get stronger.
    Don't blame your grandmother on refusing to get medical care, instead let's pray for her well-being. Miracles happen, if you strongly believe in them.
    Hope to hear some good news from your side.

  8. Another author, who's writing and site I adore, had to take 4 months off last year because he lost first his mother then his partner's mother. Every one of his readers sent him love, compassion and support and were there waiting patiently when he was finally ready to start writing again. Just as all your readers will be here waiting patiently for when you can come back to us.
    Please, take care of your sister and yourself. And, by all means, spend as much time with your grandmother as you possibly can. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Take care of you and yours first. We WILL be here whenever you are ready to get back to writing.


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