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Wednesday Briefs: One Night Part 5

It's Wednesday again! How the month does fly! I have a bit more of One Night for you guys, then a whole host of other great stories to check out from the other Wednesday Briefers! This week we had a few photo prompts to go with our written ones:

"Anything you want, you got it..." or "May I ask what you think..." or "When he/she said... I thought I would..."

Or use: ferry, head, and position, or an animal of some kind or an accident.  

I chose to use an accident. *Ducks* Don't kill me, just read!

One Night Part 5

Kameron’s cell phone vibrated in his pocket, distracting him from watching Bear work after his friends left. The slim man rocked behind the bar, serving customers, smiling and joking as he got them their drinks. More than one man leaned in a bit too close, which made Kameron growl but Bear never let anyone invade his space. Jimmy had sent him a text.

Loren almost ratted us out. You have to catch that mutt before he tells Bear!

“Shit.” Kameron tapped at the keyboard on his phone. Working on it. Staking out the bar.

Kameron didn’t take his eyes off Bear, unable to stop worrying ever since one guy had gotten tossed by a bouncer for trying to climb over the bar. Saturday nights were as insane at Capstone as he’d heard.

Bear’s neighbor said a man matching his desc was hanging around yesterday.

Kameron winced. That meant he’d need to take Bear home or follow him. With a cop for a brother, Bear was smart enough to make it risky to tail him. But if Kameron took him home he’d be tempted to go inside and once there … well, his control wasn’t what it should be. He wanted Bear. Not because he was pretending for the case, but because the man was damn near perfect. Smart, with a smart ass mouth that tasted exquisite and starred in Kameron’s shower fantasies, Bear combined all Kameron’s favorite things he never knew he wanted.

Jimmy was going to kill him. No doubt Loren would rat him out if he didn’t tell Bear the truth soon. He’d been getting some nasty looks that evening that now made sense.

Copy. Paolo is checking out Vilem’s LNU again.

Call him in for back up if he’s utl the mutt there. I want this guy, tonight!

Kameron knew it was pissing Jimmy off that they couldn’t find the guy. He was glad the irate man was John’s partner, not his, since they were going over the files at the station.

Loren surprised Kameron as he came up and got into his face. “You need to tell Bear,” Loren hissed, “or I’m telling Jimmy about you fucking with his brother. And after this you’re not welcome in my bar.”

Loren looked pissed; his eyes were narrowed as he glared at Kameron.

“It’s not like that,” Kameron protested.

“The fuck it isn’t. I’ve heard stories about you from John. Well, Bear deserves better than that. I thought Jimmy would warn Bear, maybe convince him to get a restraining order, not have you lie your way into his bed to make a break in your case as soon as he found out who the guy was.”

Kameron looked up and saw Bear staring with a frown bending his lips down as he drew a beer. A wash of guilt flowed over him. “I respect your need to protect Bear,” he finally said. “But I’m not just using him; I haven’t even tried to sleep with him because I can’t lie to him and do that. I like him. I want to keep him safe, and I want to see him when this is all over.

Look, we think the guy might be waiting at Bear’s place for him tonight. I need to follow Bear home, but he needs to go alone so that Vilem isn’t scared off. My partner is going to wait outside Bear’s place as back up. I just need this last night, then I promise I’ll talk to Bear tomorrow. We made plans to have breakfast."

Loren stood up straight. “Does Jimmy know you’re using Bear as bait?”

“Yes.” Jimmy might not expect Kameron to let Bear go home alone, but if he didn’t think his brother could handle himself he would have put him in protective custody, even if he had to carry Bear kicking and screaming the whole way.

“If I find out you haven’t told him tomorrow when I pick him up to look at furniture, I’ll tell him, whether you catch his slime ball ex or not.”

Kameron stayed a few cars behind as Bear made his way home. He got trapped behind a light about a quarter mile away. He tapped at his steering wheel. “Come on, come on.” He hit the gas as soon as his light changed but he didn’t see the headlights coming toward his car from the right.


“What the fuck do you want?” The clock said it was an ungodly hour and Bear had barely any sleep after a full night of working. He was so groggy he couldn’t even read the caller ID on his phone before he picked it up.


“John?” Bear sat up. “What is it? What’s wrong? Is Loren okay or did something,” he bunched a hand up in the blanket, “happen to Jimmy?”

“No, Loren’s asleep and Jimmy’s … booking a suspect. Look, I don’t know how to tell you this.” John sighed over the phone. “This is a total cluster fuck but you need to get over to Meert’s General, okay? It’s Kameron.”

Bear flung back the blankets and stumbled over to his dresser. “What’s wrong with Kameron?” He yanked out a pair of sweats, then paused. “Wait, why did the hospital call you?”

“They called the department,” John said. “Kameron’s a cop in our squad. He was in an accident while working tonight.”

Bear straightened. “He was at the bar tonight.”


“Motherfuckers! I don’t know what the hell is going on John, but you and my brother better be at the hospital. If I can’t get answers from Kameron, you better be sure I’m gonna be looking for them from you!” Bear ignored the pit of dread in his stomach when he thought about Kameron not being able to talk to him.

Slipping his feet into his shoes and grabbing his jacket and wallet, Bear left. His hands were shaking so bad he could barely get the key in the ignition. He was barely holding it together.


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  1. Really enjoying the character interactions in this. I'm assuming at this point the cops caught the man they were after, but Kameron still will have to come clean with Bear about using him. No one appreciates being played. I just hope Kameron isn't seriously injured!

    1. Yes, the world building isn't quite as intense-I have to give up some content somewhere with the 1k limit. That's one of the reasons I kept it contemporary. You'll just have to see next week to find out about Kameron and Bear. :P Thanks for reading and commenting Tali!

  2. Well, I really hope the bad guy was caught. I also am hoping that Kameron isn't seriously hurt. Those 2 guys, Kam and Bear, need to talk and Kam needs to come clean and tell Bear how he really feels. Hopefully Bear will be able to forgive the subterfuge and not try to kill his brother and Kam once the truth comes out.

    1. Me too! LOL, so much to consider in this story. Is Vilem caught? How? How did Kameron get hurt? How hurt is he? What will Bear do? How bad is Jimmy gonna get beaten for this being his idea? I'll have more next week, definitely!

  3. wonderful chapter. i so hope Bear gives everyone a piece of his mind. but in the end forgives kameron but not to easily. so much to look forward to.


    1. Thanks Kayla! I think Bear's going to cream a few big, bad cops who should be quivering in their boots, lol! I never make things too easy, never fear!

  4. i enjoyed that :) It was nicely paced and exciting. I was quite shocked about what happened to Kam because I was expecting the scary things to happen to Bear. nice. Knowing you, I'm not expecting anything next week. know better. expect the unexpected.

    1. Thanks Nephy! It's hard to pace a plot with only 1k, yet fill everything in that I need to. Glad I could surprise you; you know how much I like twists, lol!

  5. The risk with the 1K limit is that sometimes it feels like the story went nowhere some weeks. You consistently keep the story moving and make each week exciting which is an admirable thing...and alot of fun for the readers. You surprised me with someone targeting Kam, but I will tell ya that those cops better not have their heads so far up their asses that they put Bear so obviously at risk. That would be pretty damn dumb to tell him to leave his place and make his way to the hospital alone, leaving an opening for the ex, esp after what happened to Kam. I'd hope at least Loren would come pick him up or these guys don't deserve their badges. I love how Loren takes such good care of Bear. he's totally like a big brother. That was very cute how he threatened Kam. Can't wait for next wednesday!

    1. Hi Cannd,

      I have noticed that problem. I try to always keep something happening, since I believe each chapter must have an internal arc as well as slotting into the arc within the chapters before and after, benefitting the entire story. It's not always possible to keep it all full of action, but sometimes the reveals or little bits of intrigue can fill out the need to make an update exciting. You're too good at picking up story ideas though, so stop it! :P JK, guess ahead all you want!

  6. That's a way to break the news to Bear. He's taking it rather well at the moment, which I assume has to do with the fact Kameron is in hospital. I'm looking forward to the next installment!

    1. Yeah, at the moment. There will be quite a bit of excitment when Bear goes to confront Kameron though. :P

  7. You've done a great job pacing this with the 1k limit. I'm really enjoying this. Nice twist with Kameron's accident. Or was it an accident?... hmmm?

    I'm keeping a close eye on this one. Thanks for another great chapter.

    1. Thanks Mann. You never know, was it an accident? Is someone after Kam? Is Bear still a target? Hmm... so much to come still! :D

  8. Accident, late at night, could it be someone who should not have been out drinking and driving? After all Bear is a bartender. Who is really being booked? Many questions and surprises, but few answers. Nice writing with only a 1000 words to work with.

    1. Stranger coincidences have been known to happen! I do tend to induce questions with my stories, then revealing things at JUST the right time to try and make my readers go ... AHA! lol. Thanks for reading!


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