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Wednesday Brief: One Night Pt. 2

Welcome to another week with the Wednesday Briefers for another flash piece between 500-1k. This week we had a group of prompts to choose from: "survival of the fittest" or use: tarragon, root, energy, or "Please pass me the ..." or "One plus one equals..." or use: redemption, salvage, spice, or use a joker.

I chose to use, "Please pass me the ..."

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One Night Part 2

“Why now? Why him?”

Bear shrugged. “He’s hot.”

“And?” Loren crossed his arms over his chest, dirty rag clenched in one fist. “There’s a lot of hot guys. Gay bar, remember? You get hit on all the time.”

Bear turned to face his friend. “Yeah, I do. At least until they learn what a scary bastard you can be and go running for the hills. Your comments and looks didn’t scare him off though. Kameron didn’t hit on me like he expected me to bend right over for him because he liked how my ass looked though. He asked me out. For coffee. That’s something people do when they want to talk to each other and shit.”

Loren sighed. “Which is the only reason why I didn’t kick his ass out of my bar.”

His friend was overprotective but Bear appreciated that. He leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Loren’s waist, giving him a hug. “You know, one of these days you’re going to have to let me grow up.”

“You’re never going to be a grown up, and Jimmy made me promise to look out for you.”

Bear rolled his eyes but squeezed Loren a bit tighter at the mention of his older brother, and Loren’s best friend since they were all kids. “I’m not the same idiot I was back in high school and if you don’t stop watching me so close you’re gonna get an eyeful of my ass again.”

Loren laughed, his chest jumping against Bear’s cheek. “You know, if it hadn’t been such a bad situation you’d be getting teased for that butt print you left on the window trying to get away from that douche Bobby Engirn. To tiny little half-moon smudges right there on the dirty glass.”

“You are such an ass!” Bear slapped Loren’s back.

“Hey, I have a great ass. You wish you had an ass as great as mine.”

Sliding his hand downward, Bear was about to pinch Loren’s so-called great ass when a hand gripped his wrist and pulled it away.

“That would be mine.” The deep voice made Loren shudder in Bear’s arms. “No touching.”

“John! You’re home!”

Bear knew Loren was dying to be in his boyfriend’s arms so he planted his feet, grabbing two handfuls of Loren’s shirt.

“Hey!” he objected.

“If I don’t get any, you shouldn’t be getting any either!”

Loren grinned. “Well you have that date with Mr. Tall, Blond and Sexy later where you could get some, so you have to let me go.”

“I’m not that easy, you know, I’m not having sex on a first date!”

John chuckled. “Well neither are we; we’ve had at least a hundred dates so Loren and I can. If you let him go.” He gave Bear a pleading look. “Come on, please pass me the boyfriend.”

“Fine.” Bear let Loren go. He watched, trying to tamp down the jealousy that reared its ugly head when he watched his friend and his brother’s partner embrace. His luck with guys sucked, but he kept trying.

One day he’d have someone who’d kiss him like that.

When Loren and John finally broke apart, John was smirking and Loren was breathing hard.

“All right you two, go away. I’ll finish cleaning up.”

“You sure?” Loren asked.

Bear nodded. “Yeah. Besides, with John home we can skip our shopping trip tomorrow so I can sleep in.”

“You need new furniture. I got poked in the ass with a spring the last time I was over at your place; it put a hole in the sea of my favorite jeans—”

“Which are now my favorite jeans.” John snickered.

“And you’re not a college kid anymore. You can afford a new couch and chair; I know, I pay your checks.”

Sighing, Bear said, “Fine. I won’t even complain, but not tomorrow. Next Sunday.”

His apartment was a little frat boy-esque. He was twenty-five now. His marketing degree wasn’t being utilized to its fullest, but he was doing some web services for a few companies and still working at the bar. Loren was right, it was time he upgraded.

Maybe even to a new kind of guy.

The kind that offered to take you for coffee.



“Hi Bear, it’s Kameron.”

“Hi Kameron. Bit early, isn’t it?” It was just past one in the afternoon.

“Well, I thought that perhaps you might be able to meet and maybe grab some dinner at this little bistro I know instead of our coffee date. It’s called CafĂ© La Vin. You don’t work or anything today, do you?”

“I know that place; it’s down by the lake. It is one of my favorites,” Bear said.

“Sounds good, then?”

“I do have a project I’m working on. I do some web design and online work for a few businesses and I’m re-vamping a website for a client. But I’ll be done in before five.”

Kameron was pleased, his voice dropping down to the growl he’d used the night before at the bar. “Good. I can pick you up at six? Will that give you long enough to get ready?”

“Yeah. Let me give you my address.”

He didn’t need to write it down; he already knew where Bear lived.

“I’ll see you soon.” His voice was a raspy promise.

Bear’s voice was a little breathless over the phone. “See you,” he said.

Walking over to the living room, Kameron sank down on the couch. He grinned as he punched in a new number on the phone and listened to it ring.

“He agreed to dinner at that bistro you told me he loved. Good choice.”

“Great. Remember what I told you; don’t invite him over and don’t try to ‘go in for a nightcap’ at his place either.”

Kameron rolled his eyes, tucking the phone against his ear as he shifted through the pile of folders on his coffee table. “I am not going to rush this. He’s everything you said he would be.”


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  1. The brother?
    Lovin' it! *giggles*

  2. I'm gonna guess Kameron was talking to either the brother or Loren. (Speaking of the brother, is John Bear's brother? It's 5:26 am and I haven't been to bed yet, so my tired brain is a slightly confused.)

    Oh! I know who it is! Kameron is an evil drug-lord's henchman, or brother, or something, and he's supposed to get info about either Bear, or Loren's bar. For, you know, sinister purposes. >.>

    *Cough* Okay then. Apparently all the sugar hasn't left my system yet. I think I'll be taking myself off to bed now.

    Also, GREAT chapter! I'm waiting with baited breath for more!


    1. ahh, so much to wonder, and so many days til next week! Sinister purposes are so much fun though.

  3. Okay, I knew that Loren was just being the over-protective friend. :-) But what's with Kameron, I had decided to like him, but now I'm not so sure. He didn't write down Bear's address because he already knows where he lives? Stalker much? And telling the person on the phone that, "He's everything you said he would be." I'm really liking Bear, so I'm begging you not to let anything bad happen to him.

    Thanks for the story, just make sure you are taking care of yourself.

    1. I did share a bit more about Loren this time. I'm trying to flesh the story and characters out in such short updates! I couldn't help but add more things to question like the extra phone convo.

  4. Okay. Now, I would have assumed Kameron was talking to John or Loren if it wasn't for the 'folders'. If one of his friends was trying to set him up with a man there would be no need for folders. Clearly Kameron knows where Bear lives because the address is in the folders and I wonder what else is in there. Unlike Kathy I have to say... I'm really liking Bear so I'm begging you please let lots of bad things happen to him.

    1. So what role do the folders have? Who was he talking to? So much to answer. I know you like to torture characters just as much as I do, so we'll have to see what happens and how much you like it! LOL

  5. Omg, omg! Not sure is this is as sinister as it seems but it seems pretty stalker creepy to me. I'm scared for poor Bear. And I'm loving the seemingly dependent relationship he has with Loren. Plez continue soon!

    1. Stalker creepy... hmm... *grins* Nope, I won't spoil. Thanks for reading Anon.

  6. *jaw drops * oh man what is poor bear in for. loving this story.

    1. so much! I'm awful, I know. More next week!

  7. Of course these kinds of things always backfire. You set someone up, they find out they were set up and there's drama all over the place.

    1. hmm, who set Bear up? Is it for good, or ill? What will happen? You'll just have to wait, but it'll be fun to read, I hope!

  8. God I love and hate Wed. Briefs so much!!! :)
    This was an interesting update. I have to be honest, I thought Bear was a bit wierd hanging on seemed a bit overly dependent for a minute there when he didn't want to turn him over to the boyfriend. At least Loren seemed a bit like less of a stalker after that. The brother--where is he? At first I thought maybe something happened..maybe he died and got that promise from Loren before he did. But, if not, I'd like to know where he is...and what happened to Bear in college that would make him ask Loren to watch him. I don't think it was Bear or John on the phone since they were off to 'reconnect' (pun intended ;)
    I loved the ending best though! Who is it on the phone?? Is it this brother? Can't wait to find out. And I agree you left it open for it to be either good or bad intent behind his actions. Though I'm leaning toward it being a legitimate interest in Bear,for the right reasons, b/c he said he didn't want to mess things up by moving too fast. Will Bear find out this was a set-up? Great stuff!

  9. I really like your writing style, it's very pleasant to read.

    The characters and various relationships are interesting. I'd like to know more about Loren and Bear's brother but foremost I'm looking forward to Bear's date.

    1. Thank you Chris! I always try to keep my writing as unobtrusive as possible so the reader can focus on the story, even when I add sub context. Of course, there isn't any in this story so far, but I'm glad you like it! I'm trying to flesh out everyone, yet keeping within the 1k limit is hard!

  10. Suuuppperr interested :D I can't wait for more :D:D:D:D I do believe it's either Jimmy, Loren, or John.... or it could be all three :D

    1. Thank you Anon! I'm glad you liked it; but who do you think is what? You think John and Loren took time off from getting busy? Mayyyyybe ... lol. More next week.


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