Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lost Inside Chapter 3 Mid-week Update!

I hope you enjoy this mid-week update of Lost Inside! I think it helps set the story a little more for those who haven't read the other Carthera stories. I'll be back with more on Wednesday with the Briefers!

Lost Inside Chapter Three

Benny didn’t expect to thank Velaku in person, but he had to find out what Brad told the Falcons. The safety of Ellis, Davis’ mate, as well as the other Carthera that worked at the bar, was at stake. A meeting with the leader of all the Carthera clans wasn’t something Benny could refuse to attend when they’d been invited, even if his boss had. At least they discovered the only surviving members of Mishtar’s band of traitors who tried to take over Velaku’s territory were small players. Thugs and outcasts with little brains or sense, they were unlikely to be a large threat.

Each Carthera clan knew their identities and were on the lookout. They’d never manage to hide forever. By now they’d probably already fled Velaku’s territory in fear of him and his mate. No one else would make the mistake of underestimating the young leader. His mating, and rise to power after the murder of his father, at such an early age meant nothing. He was a deadly Falcon and his mate, a handsome lynx named Natham, were firmly in control after the attack on Davis’ safe house failed.

The cross-species mating was rare, but Ellis’ change from pure human was even stranger. He’d even taken on many of Davis’ Snake characteristics. Velaku and Natham discussed the situation, in-depth. All Benny wanted to do was go home and sleep. His ears twisted and flattened.

“I’m sorry, Benny. I know you’ve had a long day.” Velaku leaned back in his chair. “It’s been a crazy week or all of us.”

Natham stood behind his mate between his snowy white wings and kneaded his shoulders. “Hopefully things will settle down. The smugglers are being put down by the government, Mishtar—the fucking traitor—is dead. The Falcons will nominate a new leader soon.”

Benny sat forward. “Really? How do they decide that?” He, like every other Carthera, had heard of the legendary Falcons. They were elite fighters. Not much was known of them other than that. They were a secretive sect, a holdover from the time the Carthera clans fought amongst themselves and were hunted by humans.

“A competition open to all the senior Falcon fighters and the battle group leaders. They will compete both in combat and in strategy games.”

“Sounds simple enough.” Benny shrugged and then smothered a yawn.

“Not really. Sure, the strategy isn’t physically dangerous, but contenders for the title have been known to break wings and limbs. The battles are fierce.”

Velaku patted Natham’s hands. “Thank you. I’m sure we’re all tired. For now, we’ve done all we can do. Please, thank Davis again for us.”

“I doubt he and Ellis will come up for air for a while, but I’ll pass it along when I see him next.” Benny pushed his chair back from the table.

Velaku stood up and leaned against his mate. Natham wrapped an arm around his waist under his wings. “You’re welcome to attend the gathering when the Falcons compete, as our guest. I know you fought against Mishtar’s men at great risk to yourself. I know my father allowed you and your brother to enter our territory without a clan, but for my part, I disagree. If you wish, we would welcome you as the Tiger Clan Alpha for our territory.

Benny blinked. He fought to keep his jaw from dropping open in shock. “I’m not an Alpha, and the only other Tiger around is my brother.”

Natham snorted. “You’re not? Coulda fooled me.” He flicked one ear and smiled, taking the sting out of his skeptical comment. “You don’t have to decide anything now. Go home and get some rest. The competition will take place sometime next week. We’ll send you message when the time is determined.”

Benny nodded. He saluted Velaku and his mate. They left out a separate door. Benny walked out of the house on the edge of the eyrie in a daze. He barely remember the trip home, which wasn’t safe for the other motorists on the road, but he couldn’t find it in himself to care.

Flopping down on the center of his bed, Benny closed his eyes. He’d take his shoes off and shower after a few minutes. He just needed to gather the chaotic thoughts darting through his mind so he could get a few hours of sleep.

Benny yawned.

Yuri shoved him down on the bed. Benny stared up at him, then tipped his head back slowly. He could barely see Yuri’s smug grin, but he could feel it through their bond. His mate hovered over him, and Benny waited, his cock slowly filling. As big as he was, as dominant outside their bedroom, Benny enjoyed submitting to his mate when they were alone.


Yuri’s hot breath puffed against his exposed neck. Benny shivered. The looming Tiger licked a warm, wet line up his throat. Yuri completed the submission ritual with his jaws stretched wide and clamped down on Benny’s throat. When Benny didn’t move, Yuri began to purr. He ran one hand down Benny’s chest, his claws tearing the white t-shirt into ribbons from the neck to hem.

Yuri released Benny’s neck and leaned back to kneel between his legs. He stared down at Benny with a smug grin. “I’ll never get tired of that. Who’d have thought you’d become my mate?”

“I did, the first moment I saw you.” Benny felt his face heat up. Yuri laughed, then leaned down and kissed him. He nipped Benny’s bottom lip with his fangs, then licked off the tiny drops of blood with the tip of his tongue. He broke off their kiss when Benny tried to pull him down.

“Slow down.”


“Because I want to.” He rocked back on his heels. “I want to see you.”

“Is that why you ripped my shirt? I liked this one, you know.” Benny sat up and pulled it off, tossing it to the floor. Yuri pushed him back down.

“Then next time don’t work out with a shirt on if you don’t want me to rip it off when we get back home.”

Benny grunted when Yuri his rolled nipples between his fingers. “Then you’d pounce on me in the gym. Don’t think”—he gasped when Yuri pinched and tugged on the sensitive tips—“oh damn. Uh, I don’t think we’d be let back in if you did that.” Yuri stroked the abused flesh softly and Benny resisted the urge to squirm.

“That tickles!”

“Well, we can’t have that.”

The first lick across his right nipple sent a shiver down Benny’s spine. The soft sucking and sharp bite wiped his mind of rational thought. Yuri kept changing the sensation. Soft licks mixed with small nips and soft kisses became strong sucking pulls. Benny’s balls began to ache.

Benny stroked his hands down Yuri’s back. He shoved at the damp waistband of his mate’s shorts. “Off.” He needed more. He squirmed under Yuri when his mate sat up.

“Just this.” Yuri pulled Benny’s shorts down. His cock smacked against his stomach. Benny gasped and tensed when the elastic band on his shorts smacked against his balls. “Oh yeah, look at those ridges.” Yuri stroked the sides of Benny’s six pack, so close to his dick but not touching it.

His mate was evil!

A pool of precum gathered under the head of his cock as Yuri teased him. Benny finally growled, unable to stand it. He reached for his cock, but Yuri shoved his hands away.

“Damn it, Yuri!

His sexy Tiger looming over him laughed. “Waiting is good for you.”

Benny might combust before then. His balls ached under the tight band of his shorts. “Getting me off is good for you.” Benny’s claws snagged on the blanket under him. “I want to feel you.”

Yuri appeared to give his demand some thought. Benny was about to roll them when his mate finally slid his shorts down. Benny reached and Yuri swayed back.

“No touching.”

His cock was fatter than Benny’s with a thick cap already flushed purple. Benny didn’t know how his mate stayed so calm. Yuri leaned forward and braced himself just above Benny’s body. “This what you want?” He pumped his hips, barely grazing their cocks together. Benny arched up.

He hated it when his mate was in a teasing mood, especially after he’d had to watch the massive Tiger’s muscles flex and shine with sweat as he worked them on the weight machines at the gym. Benny’d had been half hard, his jock barely able to keep his bulge from becoming obscene, for at least an hour. “More,” he growled.

Yuri flashed his fangs. He reached between their bodies and grasped their cocks loosely in one hand. Benny shuddered. He thrust into his mate’s hand, working against the rough palm on one side and Yuri’s cock on the other. The weeping fluid eased his rough thrusts into Yuri’s grip into smooth glides. Yuri froze, crouched over him, as Benny grunted and thrust. He controlled the sensation, tightening and relaxing his fist. Benny wanted to make his mate lose control, but Yuri was a rock. It was maddening. He was so close!

Benny snarled as someone slammed the door open. Yuri shouted as he was ripped off the bed. His dad stood over him, his face a mask of rage, his ears flat to his head.

“You fucking ingrate!” He slashed his claws across Yuri’s chest when his mate tried to get up. Yuri collapsed in shock, staring at his father with his mouth gaping open. Benny fought off his shock. His mate was hurt! Benny yanked up his shorts and flew off the bed.

“Leave him alone!”

He shoved the Alpha aside and bent to help his mate up. Blood dripped from the five slices across Yuri’s chest and upper stomach. They were deep but not fatal.

The hair on Benny’s neck stood up. Yuri’s eyes widened and then…

Benny rolled, trying to avoid those phantom claws that had raked down his side and laid him open deep enough for bone to show. The vicious boot to his head when he fell left Benny dazed.

But it wasn’t a boot. He wasn’t bleeding.

Benny lay on the floor beside the bed in his lonely apartment, cursing the nightmares that haunted him. Clammy sweat coated his skin. He rolled over and slowly made it to his knees and then his feet. A shower was first on his list. The stench of his fear saturated his room. Even Benny could smell the acrid odor.

Then he needed a drink. Or maybe two.


  1. Oh lord. That memory is a VERY effective way to illustrate the joy and agony of Benny and Yuri. I hope you explain what exactly is wrong with Yuri soon. I mean, has he been in therapy? We know his mind is broken in some way, but now that Ellis and Bashta (going back even earlier) are on the scene, surely something can be done. -- Geemeedee

    1. Yes! That was exactly what I wanted to share. Benny's guilt, Yuri's father's rage, and a glimpse of Yuri's personality and how their bond was were all my intended points in this chapter. There will be more about Yuri soon. Thanks for commenting, Geemeedee!

  2. Such a great chapter. Can't wait for more. :)

  3. Oh my, hard to type through the tears. So sad, and yet so beautiful, at least at first. Benny deserves his happy ever after, and I know it won't happen right away, but I do hope you don't torture him too much more before he gets it.

    1. Awww! Benny does deserve it, but life is never easy, you know? I can't say exactly when things will turn the way everyone wants, but some big changes are coming soon! Thanks for reading. :)

  4. I always feel so sorry for Benny and this chapter just emphasizes that. I believe that you have a way to heal Yuri ...eventually... and I look forward to more.

    1. He's definitely been through a lot in his life. I've a plan for Yuri, never fear! Thanks for reading AvidReadr!

  5. I don't believe for one moment that you'll leave Benny hanging for a HEA, so I'm just going to say I'm really enjoying being back in the world of the Cathera and beg you please to make it last as long as possible :) Em (aka FeelinRomantic)

    1. Aww. Well I want to come back to the world beyond Benny's story too. I'm thinking of publishing some though, so I'm not sure. Not my existing ones, but new stories whose seeds I sowed in Hypnotic. I do so love my HEA's though I'm never nice to my characters.

  6. I've read all your other stories but it has been a while and I'm drawing a blank. Have we meet Yuri before?

    1. You met Benny in Hypnotic. I sowed the seeds of Benny and Yuri's story within his younger brother Jerret's in Inside of You. You can find it at GA in my author listing. Hope that helps!


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