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Wednesday Briefs: Take Flight Part 25... Epilogue!!

Where oh where has the story gone? I hope you like this final installment of my Wednesday Briefs flash story, Take Flight. Today's prompt was inspired by 'use a dance somewhere in the story'. Enjoy!!

Take Flight Part 25

“Where did Sayer go?” Birch liked Lady Celeste, but he wanted Sayer. So much had happened in such a short time, his head was spinning.

“He’s taking care of a few things,” she said casually. “I’m sure he will return shortly. Haverlseen will probably be back to badger both of us if I do not let you rest. I shall go.”

“It was nice meeting you.” Birch didn’t stand up when she rose from her chair. It was probably more polite not to flash Sayer’s mom than to not get up.

“Welcome to the family, Birch.”

Birch squirmed down in bed. He fingered his amulet. “Come back, Sayer.”


Sayer knelt next to the bed. Birch was curled on his side, his amulet clutched in his fist. He looked tired. The Grigori had taken control of his son and promised that Rittenhauser wouldn’t hurt anyone else. Now that his parents were well, Sayer didn’t have to rule. He could take Birch home and spend some time in the human realm for a while. It’d be nice to get away from all the drama of the fae realm, and they could keep an eye on... things.

Sayer smoothed Birch’s hair away from his face. He didn’t want to wake him, but... Sayer leaned down and kissed Birch’s slightly parted lips. He slipped his tongue inside and swirled it gently, tickling the roof of Birch’s mouth. His beloved sighed into his mouth, kissing back before he opened his lust-darkened blue eyes.

“Mmm,” Sayer rose up on his knees. He sank both hands in Birch’s hair and lifted his head, needing him closer. The kiss went from gentle to straining, trying to get closer. Birch tugged on Sayer’s shoulders, rolling onto his back on the bed, pulling him onto the bed.

The sheet slid down Birch’s body. Sayer needed to touch him all over. He gave into the fervor gripping them, stroking Birch’s arms and kneading his shoulders. They barely parted so he could rip off his shirt. It caught on his wings and he used a the tiny amount of his returned power to fade his wings from view just long enough to struggle out of the sleeves. He knelt over Birch.

“I don’t”—Sayer stroked up Birch’s lean stomach and thumbed his nipples—“want to hurt you.”

“You won’t.” Birch lunged up and pulled Sayer down. He mashed their lips together. “But I’ll hurt you if you don’t get those pants off.”  He ran his hands down Sayer’s bare back and thrust his hands into the back of the loose jeans. “Now.”

Sayer rolled off Birch and squirmed out of his pants. Birch kicked the sheet off, wincing.

“You’re still hurt.”

“My cock hurts more.” It jutted from a neat patch of hair, the thick shaft throbbing with each beat of Birch’s heart. The head was an angry red, shiny with pre-cum. Sayer licked his lips, then looked up at Birch. His beloved watched him, his cheeks flushed and his eyes bright. He’d almost lost him, not once but twice.

He wanted to see Birch come apart in his arms, then spend the day in his arms. Sayer slid between Birch’s legs, stroking them slowly and easing his sore leg to one side and bending the other. When he was sure Birch wasn’t going to be hurt by the position he slid closer. His cock was rubbing against his stomach, but Sayer did his best to ignore it.

Birch tasted salty and a little bitter. Sayer circled the head of Birch’s cock with his tongue, then used the tip to rub just under the edge of the head.

His beloved gasped. “Oh shit!”

Sayer opened his mouth wide. Birch was thick and filled his mouth. He bobbed his head, going farther each time and hollowing his cheeks with suction each time he pulled up Birch’s cock, rubbing his lips around the flared head. When he bottomed out, his lips sealed at the base of Birch’s shaft.

Birch jackknifed off the bed when Sayer swallowed. He did it again, squeezing the head lodged in his throat. Birch’s hips jerked, and he grunted. Thick cum filled Sayer’s mouth when he backed off to taste his beloved.

“Sayer,” Birch panted. “Please.” Sayer let go reluctantly. He stretched up, his wings flared over them and claimed Birch’s mouth. They kissed noisily. Birch slid a hand between their bodies and grabbed Sayer’s slender cock. He pumped. “Come on me.”

He thrust into Birch’s hand. The idea of his spunk painting Birch’s stomach and chest… Sayer groaned. His balls drew up. He dug his toes into the bed. “Tighter,” he begged.

Birch squeezed the head of his cock. Sayer’s wings rustled as his whole body spasmed. Birch drew out his orgasm, jacking him and milking every drop of cum out. Sayer struggled to breathe and not collapse in a puddle on top of Birch, but his beloved wrapped around Sayer and pulled him down.

“I feel amazing,” Birch said.

“Me too.”

“No, I mean, really amazing. My leg doesn’t hurt at all.”

Sayer lifted up on his arms and stared at Birch. His beloved looked energized. Sayer waved a hand at the balcony doors. They opened and a warm breeze fragrant with the aroma of the night blooming blossoms in the garden swept through the room. Petals swirled around them on the streams of Sayer’s power.

“It’s back!”

Sayer flapped his wings and hovered over the bed, his pale body glistening in the moon. “You did this.” He settled back down on the bed. “You’re amazing.”

Birch shook his head. “I don’t even know what I did.” He pushed up to his knees.

“You’re still amazing.” Sayer would tell him every day until his beloved believed him. He held out one hand. “Come fly with me?” They’d never danced above the clouds together. “It’ll be dawn soon.”

Birch’s wings shimmered and then solidified. “I don’t know….”

“I won’t let you fall.”

Birch took Sayer’s hand. “Promise?”

“Always.” Sayer smiled.

Thank you to everyone who has followed this story! I hope you enjoyed Birch and Sayer's struggles. So, do you have any idea of what you'd like to see next as a flash story? Feel free to tell me in a comment.
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