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Wednesday Briefs: Lost Inside Chapter Two

Today I took inspiration from Murphy's Law as my prompt. I know sometimes for me it feels like that is the guiding principle in my life too, lol! Enjoy! If you missed Chapter One, click here!
Lost Inside Chapter Two

“Damn dreams.” Benny shuddered. Time for a shower. Benny had to wash the clammy sweat off. He glanced at the clock on the microwave as he stumbled past the kitchen to the bathroom. Six o’clock. The sun would be up soon.

The lights flicked on with an annoying buzz. The dim light didn’t hide his haggard reflection. Benny brushed a hand over his scalp. He needed to shave. His hands shook a too much to handle a razor to get a truly close shave, but Benny plugged in his electric and ran it over his head and face.

“Good enough.” Benny avoided looking at his earring when he turned his head side to side to check for any stray patches.

Benny stepped into the shower before he turned it on. The shock of cold water blasted him in the face but even that didn’t work. He was still exhausted. Benny braced himself on the wall, his biceps bunching, and let the gradually warming water pound over his head and back. He lathered up a washcloth and began scrubbing the dreams away.

Not seeing the scars couldn’t take away the feel of the deep gouges or the mangled repair that was the best the doc could do for him. Benny didn’t linger in the shower once he got clean.

There wasn’t a lot of selection in his wardrobe. He pulled on a tight pair of jeans, a tighter white shirt, and his black boots. Benny made a pot of coffee; he needed the caffeine to get through his day. Benny stood at the counter and downed his first cup, then refilled and popped the lid on his to go cup.

He had things to do.

It was foggy outside. The moist air was chilly against his shaved head. Benny went back in to grab his jacket while his jeep warmed up.  Yesterday it was raining; today it was foggy. Come tomorrow it would probably jump twenty degrees and be sunny.

Benny growled when his phone went off. He glared at the screen. He slammed the door and checked to make sure it was locked.

“Why are you calling this early?” he growled.

“Because I knew you’d be up.”

Benny rolled his eyes. “Why are you up?” Sure, he’d left early with Ellis, letting the bar staff think they’d taken off. Really, he’d gone with Ellis to ensure his mate stayed in the safe room. They were still in the honeymoon phase and probably hadn’t gone to sleep until late, even if they’d just survived a serious attack from Mishtar. Benny pushed that thought away. He didn’t want to imagine Dav in bed.

“Did you speak with Velaku?”

Benny rolled his eyes. “Yes. He’s sending over two Falcons to help with an aerial search.”

“There’s been a change in plans. Tonight Ellis is going to act as bait.”

He was going to what? Benny sucked in a sudden breath. “You’re shitting me? Damn it, Dav, your mate might have some physical abilities now, but that doesn’t mean he’s up for something like that. He’s not strong enough.”

Dav sighed. “Do you want to tell him that?”

“Not a chance.”

“Well, me either. Look, he’s determined to do this, and I think he’s right. There’s some new information you don’t know. Look, I don’t want to talk about this over the phone. I’ll send you the details.”

“Damn.” Just what Benny needed.


Benny waited. His claws flicked in and out as he flexed his hands. Two of Velaku’s loyal Falcons were behind the door to the bathroom. They all waited in silence. Benny glanced at his watch. He expected the traitors to show up early, make the hit, and then run. They’d already been hiding for an hour, and he was tired of waiting for the scumbags to show up. They’d been testing the club’s security, casing the exits, looking for a sign of where Dav had Ellis hidden.

His phone buzzed. Benny slid it out of his pocket. Ellis left. Should be there in five.

“Look sharp,” Benny hissed. He heard feathers rustling as the Falcons shifted.

Five minutes passed.


Benny frowned. The door to the safe room wasn’t locked. Ellis should’ve come in already, drawing the two traitors into their trap. Where the hell was he?

“Stay here.” The Falcons nodded. Benny palmed his gun and slipped out of the safe room. He went up the steps toward the short hall that led to Dav’s apartment. He took a deep breath, nostrils flaring.


“Shit, shit, shit.” He pounded up the stairs and burst through the door. The scent was stronger there. Dav’s apartment. If anything happened to Ellis, his ass would be toast. The Snake would go apocalyptic.

Benny ran into the room, his gun ready. Brad cringed against one wall, Ahsran standing over him snarling. Isiah, Ellis’ twin, was checking the bodies. Two Carthera, one Falcon and one Badger, lay dead in steadily growing pools of blood. “I smelled the blood!”

Dav had his arms around his mate.

“What do you want me to do, boss?” Benny asked.

"Get someone to clean this shit up," Dav said. "We'll go to Ellis' apartment after I get him cleaned up; you can contact me there if you need me."

“Will do.” Benny watched as Ahsran and Isiah dragged the begging bartender out of the room. He had no idea Brad had been in on the plot.

Benny scrubbed his hand across his head. Seemed like whatever could go wrong, would go wrong lately. Maybe it was time he gave up his job as Dav’s second. The problems in his own life were too distracting. Benny flicked open his phone. Time to get a clean-up crew to dispose of the bodies and mop up the blood. He’d have to oversee that and he needed to thank the Falcons and send them back to Velaku.

Tomorrow he’d go see his mate. That thought didn’t help the twisting in his gut, at all.
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  1. I know where this story fits in the carthera series now. Absolutely loved it. Can't wait to see what else happens. Great job Cia. :)

    1. :) This week was planned so I could make the story fit in the timeline, though of course the story isn't part of the trilogy itself. It is important when certain... things come into play later. I'm glad you liked the update, Chelle!

  2. Oh please say you're going to give Benny some peace. Of course I want him reunited with his mate, but mostly I want him to be at peace.
    As always, thanks for sharing the voices in your heads with us.
    Kathy C

    1. I can't say it's going to be easy. Benny's been through a lot, and life doesn't always tie up in neat little bows. But I don't often leave characters hanging in the wind with no resolution. Thanks for reading Kathy!

  3. I like how this story fits into the timeline. I look forward to seeing Benny happy again, hopefully.

    1. Hopefully, though as I've said, the route to happiness probably won't be easy. There will be important events from Hypnotic that come to play heavily in Benny's story, so I needed to slot the story back in a space that makes sense to remind everyone. Thanks for commenting!

  4. I'm pretty sure I squealed when I saw you were taking on Benny's story next. That said, I do worry that this won't make any sense to those who haven't read other stories in the Carthera series, especially Ellis and Dav's. Maybe you should include a link to their story at the top of these posts? Just a suggestion. -- Geemeedee

    1. That's a concern, yes. I plan to do more background, but from Benny's POV so it's not too 'omg, I've already read this' for the older readers. I will definitely take your advice about linking the older stories, though. Thanks for reading Geemeedee!

  5. Ahh now I understand. I was confused about Brad being in it but now I get it. I love where you started it.


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