Friday, February 28, 2014

eBook Review: An American Lamb in Europe by Rob Colton

An American Lamb in EuropeAn American Lamb in Europe by Rob Colton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I like Rob's story. A while back I got to read it and share some thoughts. If you're reading this review, I'm sure you've seen the blurb and everything, so I won't go into the this and that happens explanation. I've read pretty much everything Rob's ever written. Okay, everything he's ever written. I even get to share my thoughts with him before they hit the public eye.

That doesn't mean I love everything. With An American Lamb in Europe we are seeing very familiar tropes. That's not anything new with Rob's writing. He does have a formula style writing technique but damned if it doesn't work for him. You know you're gonna get a hot Alpha type, often a big and burly one. You get a smaller guy, and the two of them get up to some very, very heated scenes.

But for all that, I felt a real disconnect from Jamie and Tomas. I mean, you have a desperate brother, intrigue, creepy dudes, slightly creepy yet intriguing hot alpha male... but it didn't feel quite as immediate as it could. The paranormal element with the vampires didn't wow me either. There was some redemption during the scene between the brothers during the climactic event where I finally felt the character's pain but that comes toward the end instead of the beginning like I'd have wished it.

Yet, I didn't put the story down. I read it again, after he published it. There are still things I'd suggest he tweak to individualize the story, if he could, but that didn't lessen my overall enjoyment of a solid Rob Colton story. If you like his style, and I do, then you'll like this book. I'm holding out hope the sequel will answer some questions left for me about the Tomas' connections and we'll get to delve further into the vampire world.

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