Sunday, February 23, 2014

LRC Author Chat Winners!

Well, I had a wonderful amount of visitor over at Love Romances Cafe. Thank you to everyone who found the time to read up on my eBooks and enter the contests! Now, it’s time for some winners! I’m announcing them tonight, but after a massively loooong day, I need to sleep. First thing tomorrow I’ll email the winners, but if you see your name on this list and would like to contact me first, feel free!

So, without further ado, today’s winners!

eBook Winners:

Pricolici— Koozebane

Heated Blood— DownsideUK

Burden of Secrets— Ashley Silvia

Picked at the Peak— Emilyakachickie434

Protecting Bear— Cheryl Headford

The Experiment— Carol Cobun

Print copy of The Experiment— Gembrat

Starbucks $10 Gift Card— Julie Hayes

Amazon $10 Gift Card— Saddonaswann

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