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Welcome, Raine O'Tierny with Under the Table and Into His Heart

I'd like to welcome Raine O'Tierny to my blog today to talk about her new release, Under the Table and Into His Heart!


There's this quote I love: "Do it with passion, or not at all." I saw it on the wall in the breakroom at the library and so I did what I do with all inspiring quotes: I took out my Sharpie and tattooed it onto my purse.

I have a friend who hates the word 'passion', and damned if I understand why. To me every day should be filled with passion. It's how you get yourself out of bed, and through work, and on to that moment when you can do what you enjoy.

My brother and I talk passions all the time. He calls to tell me exactly why—from a cinematic, movie-snob perspective—the film he just watched was the best film ever. We talk about music, about our life soundtracks, about why a song spoke so deeply to us. This morning, he told me about the unreleased limited edition Tron Legacy headphones that he must have, and I told him that it's my dream to own a 1972 Kenner Blythe doll in the original packaging. He tells me about his art, I tell him about my writing.

We breathe our passions. We connect through our passions. Even if our passions aren't their passions, we can all respect each other's drive, each other's interests, each other's, well, passion! 

Like most every author, writing is my passion. It keeps me up late at night, it gets me up early--I sacrifice my weekends and lunch breaks to it. And I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope you’ll enjoy my first ever publication, Under the Table and Into His Heart. It was most certainly born of passion.

(Thank you, Cia Nordwell, for having me on your blog!)


Under the Table and Into His Heart by Raine O'Tierney

At the Under the Table host club, Valentine’s Day means one thing: cash. Neglected housewives, newly ex-girlfriends, and lovelorn thirtysomethings pay for the attention of handsome men. Shy bartender Jem has always wanted to be a host, and when the club’s owner, Miss Rye, accepts a contract from a MensLove Convention, Jem volunteers to flirt and make out with another host for the ladies’ entertainment. Bailey, an older man who’s had his eye on Jem, convinces Miss Rye to let him be Jem’s partner, and everyone gets more than they expected—especially Jem and Bailey. 


“It was just playacting,” he said emphatically, hoping to make it true. His breath escaped in a little white plume that quickly dissipated on the night air. No. No, it wasn’t.

“Maybe for you.”

Bailey had slipped through the door unnoticed, so that when he spoke, Jem started. He turned on Bailey. “All of that—the kissing—it was real for you?”


“You… like me?”

No one had ever liked him in his whole life. Tolerated him, for the sake of Renzy, yes. But liked him? He could remember standing next to Renzy at school, while his brother received one love confession after another from the girls in their class. They had faces so similar they could almost have been identical twins—if not for the eyes. Renzy was always the one people were drawn to.

“I can take it back if you want,” Bailey said quietly. “If you think I’m too old. Or if you’re not interested in being with a man. I’ll say I was joking just then, and we can pretend it was just a job.”

“You can do that? Just pretend?”

“No. Not really. I doubt I’ll be able to delude myself after tasting you. But for your sake, I can try. All you have to do is tell me that you want me to pretend.”


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Raine O’Tierney is an always-writing, boundlessly enthusiastic, exclamation point addict! (!!!) She is known for declaring every day “the best day EVER!” and everything her “all-time FAVORITE!” Despite this (obnoxious?) exuberance, she still somehow manages to have a wonderfully encouraging husband, SiĆ“n, (who also writes M/M rom!) and an amazing group of friends and colleagues who continue to support (read: put up with) her. Raine spends her days working as a library lady, fighting the good fight for intellectual freedom.

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