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Wednesday Briefs: Lost Inside Chapter Nine

This week I'm changing things up! This is a viewpoint some wondered about, and now it's time! I'm inspired this update by the prompt: "You're not leaving, are you?"

Lost Inside Chapter Nine

The strange man was back again. Yuri titled his head, watching him talk to his family. Well, not his family, but they took him in. They didn’t look like him, so Yuri knew he didn’t grow up there. He really liked the kids though.

He liked the guy with white wings who came sometimes too. He was really cool. His name was V…vuh… Yuri scowled and stomped in a circle. Why couldn’t he remember? He knew he’d seen him before, just like the human with the funny smell.

Yuri tilted his head. He’d heard his name. Were they talking about him? He crept closer, stalking the trio on the balls of his feet. Yuri flexed his claws.

It felt like he’d done this before, the stalking and listening.

“—not normal, but maybe better. It’s a chance Benny wants for him too.”

Cleara tapped two of her talons together nervously. “Will it hurt him?” She was a great mom. Just before the guy came Leelan had tripped over a tree root and hurt his wrist. She’d kissed right on the sore spot and wrapped it up.

Had Yuri’s mom every kissed his hurts? He frowned and nibbled on his bottom lip. Remember! He growled and bit down.

“Ouch!” One fang went in too deep. He tasted blood when he swiped the sore spot with his tongue and gagged.

Cleara and her mate Szorpin looked up. Yuri bounced up on his toes and barged into the small group of people. “I hurt my lip. Will you kiss it?” he asked Cleara.

Szorpin rustled his feathers. Ellis raised one eyebrow. Yuri looked from them to Cleara. “What?” He licked his lip and frowned again. He hated the taste of blood. “It hurts. Leelan’s wrist stopped hurting when she kissed it.”

“How about I get you a napkin dipped in cold water.”

The cold would feel good. His lip felt warm and kinda throbby. “Okay.” Yuri rocked on the balls of his feet while he waited.

“Why are you here again?”

“To see you. I’m Ellis by the way.” Ellis smiled at him.

“I know that.” He didn’t, but he wasn’t going to admit it. Yuri settled down, crossing his arms over his chest. “What did I do?” Yuri knew he wasn’t right.

There was always a vague feeling that he was doing something wrong. Sometimes he’d catch a flash of something, a feeling where his neck hair would prickle and his anxiety would spike.

“What’s that smell?” He stepped forward and drew a big breath in, running his nose along Ellis’ neck. The smaller man wiggled and laughed.

“That tickles!”

“You smell good, but there’s other stuff too. Not Falcons.”

Yuri looked over his shoulder. Cleara was holding the napkin in her hand. “Oh, good.” He took it from her and stuck it over his lip, clamping it inside so he didn’t have to hold it. He didn’t like the cold drops that ran down his hand. His lip felt better and now he couldn’t get blood on his tongue.

He spoke around the paper clamped between his lips. “Thanks. So?” He waved a hand at the guy. "You're not leaving, are you?" He didn't feel like watching TV or playing outside by himself, no matter how good the trees and plants smelled.

Szorpin stretched one wing out, half-cradling Cleara as he held her close. “Yuri.”

“What?” Yuri crossed his arms over his chest.

“Ellis brought some people here to help you.”

Well that could be interesting. He was bored. The kids were at school. “Help me do what?”

Ellis smiled. “Get better. Be with your mate.” He stared at Ellis, his eyebrows up.

Yuri staggered. “I have a mate? Where is he?” Somehow Yuri knew his mate was a he.

“Of course you do.” Ellis came over and reached for him, curling one arm around his shoulders. “His name is Benny. We’ve talked about him before.”

“We have?” He didn’t remember. He never remembered. Yuri smacked his forehead with one fist. “Why…?” He snarled. The compress on his lip fell off but, he barely noticed. Yuri shook his head, his ears pressed flat to his head.

“Don’t get upset, Yuri, it’ll be okay.”

“But I can’t remember!” He somehow knew that was bad. Like, the worst thing ever. His claws pricked inside his palms. He was going to make himself bleed again. “No blood, no blood.” Too late. The ruby red drops welled around his sharp claws. Yuri began rubbing his hands, trying to get rid of the stark stains spreading across his skin.

“No,” he moaned.

“Damn it, Ellis, you said you wouldn’t upset him.” Cleara pulled away from Szorpin and pushed Ellis away. “It’s okay.” She grabbed his wrists and pull him close, wrapping her wings around them. “Yuri, it’s okay.”

He shook his head wildly. “It’s not!”

“Why not, Yuri?” Ellis asked.

“I can’t remember!” His voice rose until he nearly wailed the last word.

“Do you want to?”

“Yes!” Yuri nodded. He could remember, and the man would help him. “I have a mate.”

“You do, and he loves you very much, I promise.”

Yuri crumpled to his knees, dragging Cleara down with him. He stared up at the man promising him so much.

“Where is he?”

Ellis knelt beside them. Cleara rubbed her hands up and down Yuri’s arms. “He wants to be here, Yuri. He didn’t leave you because he wanted to. He works, but he is always thinking of you.”


Ellis cocked his head. “Why what?”

“Why did he leave me?” Like a bruise that had to be poked, he had to know.

“He upset you.”

That made no sense. Yuri snarled. “Why would my mate upset me?”

Ellis settled back on his heels. “Yuri, do you know what you are?”


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  1. You're not going to make us wait a whole week for another update right? Pretty please?

    1. I'm hoping not to, but that hinges on many, many things beyond my hopes. One day I will have a time turner and be able to use it, lol. :P Thanks for reading Nadine.

  2. Awwwww, poor Yuri. I so hope that Ellis can help him. He deserves to be happy and whole.

    1. Me too! Or at least as whole as possible. Nothing is ever easy that's worth having though, and Yuri has a lot to work through. In some ways, his mind has protected him from reality and things that will hurt to remember. Other things, like Benny, he NEEDS to remember. Thanks for commenting, Kathy!

  3. I just want to hold and soothe Yuri, like the child he sometimes is. He's so lost and confused. I hope what Ellis has in mind works.

    1. I'm glad that came through. His behavior and understanding is child-like at times, but I was trying to show that he's not a child. I tried to make the details subtle, but there to pick up on. Thanks so much for commenting, AvidReadr.

  4. Poor damaged Yuri! I really enjoyed getting Yuri's POV and getting to know him better.


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