Monday, June 9, 2014

Love's Landscape Sneak Peek!

The MM Romance Group's Don't Read in The Closet summer read event, Love's Landscape, is 9 days in! Are you getting your free reads, each and every day? I am! Well, I'm a day or two behind but I've read some great shorts and a few longer stories too. I especially enjoyed Jaye McKenna's 50k fantasy story set in the same world as last year's DRiTC story.

And you can get all these stories as free downloads, with files made available weekly, for your reading pleasure! So have you signed up yet? They also have a great anniversary event every year in the summer too, news on writing, author releases, free and discount offers... and more! Plus, if you sign up now, when my story goes live, you'll be all set to read it and review. *winks, winks*

 ~ Links to the group and the story home at the bottom~ In the meantime, who wants a little snippet of my story?

Barron had spent the second half of the week lying on his stomach to avoid the pain of a burn he got through his T-shirt.

It took forever for him to find a comfortable position on his back that didn’t irritate the sensitive skin still healing from his exposure. Barron had never had such a bad burn before, and he hoped to never have one again.

William shook his head. “I couldn’t keep it on and get up in the treehouse. I had to check.”

He’d ask why, but he already knew the answer. Barron closed his eyes. Anyone not in a thick concrete basement or building, far from windows, had died. Most within hours. They were the lucky ones. The ones who weren’t lucky raved wildly, screaming in pain, before they collapsed.

Most of the folks dying like that were already gone. Finding the decomposing bodies, bloated and reeking in the late spring heat, wasn’t any better.
But what else were they going to do? No one wanted to assume and miss a survivor. They had to check anywhere a person might have been.

They’d cleared the cars first. Coach found Barron’s mom...

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