Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday Brief: Lost Inside Ch. 27


It's Wednesday again! That means more Benny and Yuri (and after last week, I knew I'd better deliver). This week my flash was inspired by the prompt: "Spread 'em." Enjoy!

Lost Inside Chapter 27

“What in the hell are you doing to him?” Benny ran his fingers over the cuffs behind his back. They were heavy duty. The Tiger taking his blood ignored him. Two big guards both sniggered when his voice come out nasal.

Fuckers broke his damn nose again.

Benny spat at them, blood and spit spraying their boots. One hissed. The other growled and kicked Benny in the stomach. He groaned, falling sideways, ripping the needle out of his arm.

“What the hell?” the Tiger snapped. “Stop kicking him until I’m done.”

The guards glowered at him. The pain in Benny’s guts and the ribs he’d probably cracked trying to fight the attackers off when they separated him from his mate was eclipsed by the agony he could feel Yuri suffering through their bond. Why were they taking his blood?

Benny drew up his legs and crossed his ankles, trying to hide the bulge in his pants. He was aroused and the throbbing of his cock added to his frustrated rage.

What the hell was Sheshtun up to? Benny knew Yuri’s dad was up to something. He just didn’t know what! He recognized the house they were in—the new Alpha of the clan his was absorbed into had horrid taste. The place was a poorly decorative, but monstrously expensive, nightmare.

“You have enough samples. Take your little pads and vials, and go.”

“Not if I have to create enough pheromones several females. Plus I need enough of his blood to entice the subject.”

“Well you can come back for more if you need it. We won’t let him bleed too much.” The smaller guard leaned forward, a vicious gleam in his eyes. That one was dangerous. Benny huddled back against the wall.

“There’s something wrong with you,” the slender Tiger muttered.

“Watch your mouth, sub.” One of the guards smacked him upside the head. He smacked into the wall and groaned. Benny stiffened when the male opened up his eyes and blinked several times, staring right at him.


“What are you doing? Sheshtun will kick our asses, or worse, take it out on our mates if you screw up his plans.” The guards started arguing. Benny held his breath, waiting to see if the male was able to see straight after the big Tiger had tried to cave in his skull. If he saw…

“Wait,” the doctor mouthed. Benny glared at him. He bowed his head, picking up the vial he dropped and the other samples he’d collected. He stood and scooted sideways toward the door. “Sorry.”

He slipped out the door.

Benny couldn’t wait. He had to find Yuri. The smaller guard turned his back to him, still berating the other Tiger for risking Sheshtun’s wrath. Benny knew first-hand how true that was, but before their clans had merged, the Alpha hadn’t seemed so scary. What the hell had he done to the clan in the last year?

Soundlessly, Benny curled up on his knees. He spread his fingers, flicking his claws out. The element of surprise tipped the scales in his favor. Leaping at the guards, Benny slammed into the small guard’s back. He lunged upward, digging his claws into the neck of the bigger guard facing him, slamming his head against the wall.

Blood dripped from his fingers as Benny twisted. He’d spent hours at the gym using the punching bag. He nearly roared when the cursing guard got in a lucky strike and hit his broken nose. The crunch was audible.

The fucker didn’t get another chance. Benny unleashed his fury and his fists. He drove them into the Tiger’s face, aiming for the floor under him. The guard went limp under him, his arms and legs sprawled loosely.

Benny panted, kneeling over him. He snarled, bloodlust nearly taking him as he saw red. He had to go. He didn’t have time to pay the fuckers back.

He levered himself off the floor. There were bars on the window. He grabbed the cuffs he’d unlocked and cuffed one wrist of each guard, running the chain between the bars. That’d hold them for a bit, at least.

Opening the door was a risk he had to take. He listened for guards outside. There’d been four on him when they dragged him in there. He couldn’t hear anyone. Benny cracked open the door. He winced at the loud click of the lock releasing. He didn’t see anything, at first, but then a flash of white moved into the narrow view he had of the hall.

He burst out, snagging the male with both hands around his neck, cutting off his air. He dragged the doc back into the room. “Where is my mate?” Benny snarled.

“They… have him tied down in… can’t breathe.” The Tiger’s voice was thin and raspy and choked off completely when Benny flexed his hands.

“Where! Where is he?”

He tapped frantically at Benny’s hands, his face turning purple. He wasn’t mated, so he had no claws or fangs to fight back, even if he wasn’t runt sized. Benny eased up, though he wanted to slaughter every single Tiger in the entire building.

“The basement,” he wheezed.

“You will take me to him.”

“I will. I want to help. But… but take me with you. Please.” Benny narrowed his eyes at the fervent plea.

“If you want to go, why don’t you just leave?” He leaned in. “Are you trying to trick me?”

“No. I don’t want to help him. I’m submissive. I have no choice!”

Could he trust the Tiger’s desperation? Benny didn’t have waffle. He shoved him against the wall. “Spread ‘em!” He ripped off the doctor’s white coat and patted him down. The smaller man eeped when Benny ran his hands up his legs.

“Shut up!” He was clean. “Let’s go.”


“Yes, now!”

“But we have to get to my lab first. If we don’t… Sheshtun will just find another doctor to threaten. No one’s mate will be safe!”

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  1. Wow, just wow. Man, that alpha really is nuts, isn't he?

    1. Well, if you'll remember, I laid some hints in the beginning about the Tiger clans... but yes, Sheshtun is a tad off the rails. LOL

  2. I'm glad that Benny got free, although his poor broken nose got another smashing. Wondering about those samples.


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