Thursday, June 26, 2014

Werewolves Invading! You could win your very own!

Coming tomorrow! Rob Colton is visiting with his take on werewolves, with the sequel to his very popular Timber Pack. AND you could win a free copy of Enforcer by commenting, so make sure you come back tomorrow!


  1. I read Timber Pack a long while ago. I'd like to see the sequel. Yeah!

  2. The Degan Incident & Timber Pack Chronicles are my favorite Rob Colton books. Read Enforcer online. I would love to win this book. Also when are you going to continue the TPC I'm really looking forward to seeing the stories of the est of the group especially Jed's little brother.

  3. Having been introduced to your writing by reading the Timber Pack Chronicles, could not wait for the sequel and faithfully followed it online (thank God for Thursdays). I also have copies of both the Degan Incident and the Cassini Mission and would love to have a copy of Enforcer as well. Also, I hope that you plan to continue with sequels to Timber Pack, personally I would kind of like to hear Trey's story and more about Christopher and Rose.


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