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Special Flash! A Surprise Inside: Wednesday Briefers at Beth Wylde

This June, in honor of Gay Pride month, the Briefers decided to take part in the Beth Wylde special events taking place all month long. We came up with a special themed storyline, centered around a gay cruise, with a host of secondary characters we can all use to interact with our original stories and main characters. This is totally separate from our regular weekly flashes, and we have some fun stuff also going on at Beth Wylde today. You can learn more about the Briefers, chat with us, offer up some ideas and comments, AND win some prizes, including 3 $25 gift cards provided by our members.

For those who can't join in the Beth Wylde event, for whatever reason, I'm sharing my flash here. But I'd love to see you come comment on the group, (it'll be real lonely if no one shows up to talk with us!) and I'll be on a good part of the day. The link to the group will be at the bottom of the flash, if you need it.

A Surprise Inside

“Nuh-uh. No way.”

“C’mon, babe. It’ll be fun.” Hagan bent over Kelly, his wide shoulders blocking out the glow shining through the porthole from the rainbow lights in the pool. “You know you’ll blow them all out of the water.”

“We’re on a ship. I don’t want to hear about things blowing out of the water. That’s gotta be bad luck or something.” Kelly gripped the headboard. “Besides, you can’t make me.”

“I can.” Hagan sounded so sure of himself. It was the one thing that always made Kelly melt. He stroked a hand up Kelly’s smooth leg. “You know I can.”

Kelly slid his hands up the rails on the headboard and revealed his cuffs. “I hid the key.”

Hagan chuckled. “You’ve got them close. You’re trying to distract me so you can get out of the drag race. I’ll feel you up, trying to find the key, and we won’t make it out of our suite tonight.”

“Maybe.” Kelly arched his back and slid his legs apart. His silky bikinis stretched tight over his growing cock and balls. He knew exactly how he looked. As always, the sight of Kelly in his sexy underwear got the reaction he wanted from his boyfriend.


“The prize is a gold trophy. You know you like gold.” Hagan crawled on the bed and hovered over him.  “Along with other sparkly, shiny things.”

Waving one hand, Kelly said, “I have all the gold I need.” His engagement ring flashed in the shimmering light dancing through the room. “I’m not going to run around the ship in heels just because I’d beat the pantyhose off the posers tottering around in them for the first time. I’m not gonna sing in the talent show either, so don’t ask me to. No shows this trip.

“I’m here to spend lots of lazy days and nights in bed with my fiancĂ© until he becomes my husband during a romantic, tropical cruise wedding. I don’t want anyone’s eyes on me but yours.” Kelly lifted his hips, rubbing his erection against Hagan’s stomach.

“Not possible. You’re way too sexy.”

Kelly smiled. He’d dated a lot of losers who didn’t like his femme style, and one who’d flat out thought cross-dressing in drag shows a sign of mental illness. Sometimes even gay men could be intolerant. But Hagan never made him feel like a freak.

He turned over between Hagan’s legs, going up on his knees with his arms crossed over his head. The only thing Hagan liked more than seeing Kelly in panties was taking them off.

And when he did, he’d see another pretty gold thing Kelly already had.

“So are you going to search me for the key, or not?”

“Oh, I think I have to.” Hagan traced tickling lines down Kelly’s slim back and sides. “Nothing there. What about here?” He cupped Kelly’s cheeks through his silky bikinis, then slid his fingers under the edges, stroking the sensitive skin between his legs.

Kelly gasped and pushed backward into the touch. “Take them off.” He turned his head sideways so he could watch. Kelly wanted to see Hagan’s face.

“Oh, damn.” Hagan froze, Kelly’s underwear halfway down his thighs. He swallowed. “That’s… new.”

“Just for this trip.” Kelly spread his knees as far as he could and arched. “Just for you.”

“Is it real?”

“The handle is.” The gold vibrator was a heavy weight filling him inside and out. “So, better than any trophy?”

Hagan slid his fingers down Kelly’s crack and then tapped the base of the vibrator.

“Mmm.” The tip of the thick toy tapped his prostate, sending sparks to his balls. Kelly’s cock began to drip. He’d spent the entire time Hagan was speaking with the chief steward working the toy inside and driving himself crazy thinking about how Hagan would use it.

His man didn’t disappoint. He toyed with Kelly until he was moaning continuously, and only then did he turn it on. Hagan drove him to the brink, trembling on the edge until he begged.

Hagan pulled the toy out and curled around him. Their lips met in a heated kiss as Hagan drove inside Kelly in one thrust.

“Oh, yeah.” Nothing felt as good as Hagan did. They fit together, even sweaty, sticky, and….

“God!” Kelly shuddered under Hagan and thrust into his rough hand encircling Kelly’s prick. He didn’t know which way to move, but he couldn’t stay still as passion burned through his body, setting him on fire.

Hagan grabbed his hip and pulled Kelly back as he pushed inside to the hilt, their bodies slapping together. They raced for completion, unable to slow, their need too great.

“Kelly!” Hagan squeezed, his grip almost bruising, and stilled. Captured, not quite there, Kelly fought Hagan’s hold, desperate to come.

“Please,” he begged. “Don’t stop.”

Hagan touched the gold ring piercing Kelly’s cock, tugging on it. The move always, always set Kelly off. Hagan shouted as Kelly’s orgasm pushed him over the brink.

They collapsed to the bed. “I love you,” Kelly panted.

“I love you too.” Hagan ran his hands up Kelly’s arms to the cuffs. He tapped Kelly’s right fist. “Now give me the key before your hands go numb.”


Hagan stood in a traditional tuxedo, Kelly on his arm as the captain said the words that would entwine their two lives into one. His beautiful man posed, so self-assured, in his tailored suit and pale lavender blouse. The jacket was tucked at the sides, showing Kelly’s trim figure from his wide shoulders to his slender waist.

Life with Kelly was one surprise after another. He was nothing like Hagan first thought, seeing him all dolled up. He was glad he’d said yes to Kelly’s proposal, though it came only months after they met, because Kelly’s love was as essential to Hagan as breathing.

And once they were married, he had something planned for Kelly… after all, his soon-to-be husband couldn’t be the only one plotting sexy surprises.
Oh, and good news! There will be more. Who'd like to know just how Hagan and Kelly met? Look for their story to come soon as a novella eBook!

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  1. That was beyond sweet and incredibly hot. I love how you showcase the fact that there is someone out there for everybody. Defiantly keep us up to date on the ebook.



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