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Wednesday Brief: Lost Inside Chapter 29

I'm having uch a good week! I hope you are too. It's been a while in the making, but I hope you enjoy this chapter! It was inspired by the prompt: Have a square dance in your story. Thanks for reading... and remember that other free story coming up soon? Soon has been upgrade to SOON! *winks*
Lost Inside Chapter 29

“I don’t care where the fuck you were, or why you let them get us that far. Sheshtun hurt my mate. All the evidence you could possibly need is right here at my location.” Benny glared at the back of the doc’s head as he stood by the back of the truck, his head swiveling around constantly as he peered around. Discreet. Benny snarled into the phone.

“Benny, I’m sorry. We’re just outside town now. The teams are getting in place. I need your intel.”

“Too damn bad. Besides, I got you a prime intel source—ready and willing to tell you anything you want to know. I’m taking my mate. We’ll be in touch.” Later. Much later, if Benny had anything to say about it. He handed the waitress back the phone, thanking her for the use of the old-fashioned cordless, and took the bag holding five boxes of the daily special.

The atm in the corner by the bathroom coughed up a few hundred dollars, and he was out. He strode over to the truck and dropped the bag in on the bench seat through the passenger window. He dug the keys out of his pocket. “Go stand by the diner door and wait. Someone will be here soon to get you.”

If eyes could fall out of someone’s head, the doc’s would’ve been rolling on the ground at his feet. “Wh-what? No! No, please don’t leave me here.” He wrung his hands.

“Relax. It’s not Sheshtun’s guys. Velaku and his mate are on their way here, and they’re only minutes away. Tell them everything you know, or you’ll be sorry.” His threat probably didn’t soothe the terrified Tiger, but Benny didn’t care. He’d backed away far enough from the vehicle so Benny could leave.

He had to wait to get Yuri out of the back. He watched his mirror more than he did the road until he could safely pull off in a dark alley. He uncovered his mate carefully, tears burning in his eyes as he rubbed Yuri’s cheek. His mate was still limp. “We’re gonna be okay. Promise.”

Getting Yuri into the truck wasn’t easy, and Benny was sweating by the time he managed, but a few minutes later he was able to ease behind the wheel with his mate’s body tucked up against his. He drove back roads to the next town to the east and then eased onto the freeway.

There was a Carthera owned retreat about two hours away they’d stayed at when Benny had smuggled his mate out of Sheshtun’s territory the year before. The cabins were spaced out and private, set back in the woods away from the humans.

It was just what they needed. Thankfully the guards hadn’t taken Benny’s wallet. Yuri was starting to move sluggishly when Benny slid him down on the bench seat while he went in and arranged for a rental. By the time Benny got back out, his mate was partially uncovered and blinking slowly, his eyes opening wider each time. 

His cock was standing rigid, bulging under the blanket. Benny could still feel the lust inside him, growing stronger as the sedatives wore off.

“Gotta hurry,” Benny muttered. He had a feeling his mate would be all over him, regardless of where they were or what supplies Benny could scrounge up. Yuri might get upset, when the shit his bastard of a father injected him with wore off, if he hurt Benny. Not that it mattered.

Benny’s need was growing, too. He slammed on the brakes outside of their cabin. Getting Yuri out of the truck was a lot easier.  Benny gasped when Yuri’s chest smacked against him. He was blazing hot, his stripes dark against his skin. They stumbled around in a little do-si-do move straight out of square dance, arms linked together. Benny finally got them up against the door so he could unlock it.

“Mmm.” Yuri nuzzled against his neck, still nearly dead weight. “Mate,” he said in a thick growl.

Benny’s cock was going to tear through his jeans at any moment. They stumbled into the cabin and Benny went straight for the bed.

Yuri flopped down on his back. He beckoned to Benny, his claws out as he kneaded the air. “Need.” His voice was off, spacey as his blown pupils suggested. Yuri whines. “It hurts.”

“Just a minute.” Lube. Benny was going to need something slick. Anything. He rushed into the bathroom, stripping and tossing his shirt to the floor. He scanned the counter as he flicked open the button on his pants and carefully unzipped. He didn’t want to catch anything. The relief as his cock was released was intense.

“Lotion.” Thank fuck. Definitely better than spit. Benny shoved his pants down, then growled when they hung up on his boots. His fingers shook as he untied them and kicked his boots off.

Yuri’s ears were flat to his head, and he growled when Benny got back in the main room. “Come.”

Oh god. Yuri was on his hands and knees on the bed. Benny dumped some lotion into his hand. It was cold. He hissed as he worked to open himself. It’d been a while, a full year since he’d had anything inside him, and that shit was cold!

His mate’s low growl sent a shiver up Benny’s spine. He was so horny, and it’d been so long. As soon as Benny got within arm’s reach of Yuri, his mate had him on the bed and on his back.

Benny moaned. He was breathing heavy and his cock was so hard it was throbbing with every racing heartbeat. Yuri split his legs wide apart and thrust home in a single lunge.

“Fuck,” Benny hissed. The burn rivaled the lust bouncing between their mate bond. He didn’t care. “More.”

Yuri grabbed his hands and yanked them over Benny’s head, holding him still, his arms stretched taut. He was intent, his hips smacking against Benny’s ass over and over. “Mine!”

His mate claiming him, overpowering Benny’s control, sent him over the edge. Benny shouted, coating their stomachs with cum.


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  1. So glad to see the boys getting back to each other, but still hating what was done to Yuri. I hope he comes out of it with no lasting effects.

    1. There will be more about what was done to Yuri, and how he handles it, in the coming chapters, definitely! It's about time they connected though, lol.

  2. I liked how you got the square dance reference in the story. Nice explosive scene.

    1. Well yeah... I can totally see that drugged, sex-crazed, gotta have you now but I can't stand up sequence being part of a square dance, LOL. The visual was too great to pass up as the prompt for the chapter.


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