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Wednesday Briefs: Lost Inside Chapter 28

Oh, here we are again. Does Benny escape? Is the doc too good to be true? Do they find Yuri? Well, read on to find out. This week my update is inspired by two prompts: Have a character fall and use the words: fist, fly, and bones. Enjoy!

Lost Inside Chapter 28

“Hurry up!” Benny hissed. The doctor frantically typed on the keyboard.

“Dump the stuff in the fridge in the sink and start the water.”

Benny snagged a bunch of beakers in the small, white fridge. Benny carefully dumped them in the sink, unsure of what they were. He didn’t want the shit on his skin. “What about these?” he whispered, holding up two racks of stoppered vials.


The Tiger was stripping file folders and throwing them in a metal garbage bin. “You can’t set a fire!” Benny reached out to stop him. “They’ll smell it!”

“I know that.” He picked up a metal beaker and poured the contents over the papers. They dissolved instantly. “Acid.”

“Are you done?” Benny’s mate needed him. “Take me to Yuri.”

The doctor stripped off his white coat and grabbed a jacket out of the closet. He took a single key off the ring hanging by the wall and pocketed it, then led Benny back out of his lab. They hustled up the stairs. “It’s dinner time, so there will only be one guard outside. I’ll distract him.” He peeked around the corner, and then pulled back and cursed. The doctor swallowed hard.

“Please don’t let him hurt me.” His eyes were pleading as he glanced up at Benny, then looked away. “Be ready.”

Benny frowned. The doctor smelled scared out of his mind but didn’t hesitate. He strolled into the hall like he’d all the time in the world. Benny kept glancing around as he listened for whatever sign he was waiting for. He could only hope the two guards weren’t discovered and no one left dinner early.

They were so close. Benny could smell his mate and feel his distress. Benny dug his claws into his palms.

“Ow!” A thud vibrated the wall. Benny risked a look. The doctor was pinned against the wall by one of the unmated guards. The male’s large hand ringed the doctor’s throat as he groped downward with the other.

Benny snarled. Another sick bastard. He stealthily crept out, hoping the guard didn’t notice the way the doctor stared over his shoulder at Benny. One blow was all it took—the guard’s forehead bounced off the wall next to the doc’s, and he collapsed to the ground with a faint groan.

“Get him inside.” The doc grabbed a set of keys off the guard’s belt. He unlocked the door, holding it open. Benny grunted, pulling the guard by his limp arms until they were inside the room.

He dropped him and rushed over to the bed. “Yuri!” His mate was naked, writhing on the bed. He was soaked with sweat. He’d punctured his lips with his fangs and blood dripped down his cheeks and chin.

Benny had to restrain the urge to let his fists fly into the guard’s face, crushing every single bone in his body.

Yuri’s eyes were wild. As soon as Benny leaned over the bed, Yuri’s gaze snapped onto him, and he snarled. “Oh, mate.” Benny reached for the restraints.

“Don’t!” The doc jerked on Benny’s elbow. Benny snarled, slapping him away. “He can’t stop himself right now. If you remove his restraints, he’ll be all over you. We have to get out of here before the meal is over,” the doctor practically shouted in a strained whisper.

“How?” Benny ground his teeth together. The doctor pulled a syringe out of his back pocket. “What the hell is that?”

“Just a mild sedative. I can’t counter the pheromone therapy, but I can make it so he can’t act on the sexual urges.”

Benny knew they didn’t have time to argue over it or think of anything else. They had to get away, sooner rather than later. He had to report in.

“Do it.”

Yuri hissed and tried to move away from the doc, but he couldn’t. “This should work immediately.”

His mate’s struggles slowed until he was barely moving. Yuri’s eyes were thin slits as he slumped against the bed. Benny hated it, but he went to work on the restraints, unlocking them with another key from the guard’s key ring.

Benny’s hands slipped on Yuri’s sweat-slicked body, and his mate nearly fell. Benny grunted in effort, but managed to sling Yuri’s body over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry. “Go.” Hopefully they weren’t too deep inside the house.

He struggled under Yuri’s solid weight, but Benny wasn’t going to stop for anything. The doctor led the way through a few smaller halls, working their way around the outside of the house. “This is taking too long,” Benny hissed. Stabbing pain shot down his spine, and his knees were getting shaky.

“Almost there.”

“Good.” Benny grunted. He could hear Yuri’s heart speeding up again.

The final door was at the end of a dusty hallway and led out to an overgrown side garden. “I’m parked on the left of the gate.”

A final blessing, the doc’s rig was a truck. Benny winced as he slung Yuri down in the back, but he was too tired to do more than protect his head. “Do you have something to cover us?”

“Yeah.” Two tarps layered over them created a hiding spot in the back. Benny wrinkled his nose at the musty smell, but it might cover their scents from the gate guards. He curled around his mate, hoping the drugs could keep him quiet.

Benny was ready to strike as they slowed and stopped. He could hear every word of the guard and the doc. This was the final moment of truth—Benny couldn’t put it past Sheshtun to let them get this far and then pounce. Yuri’s dad was a sadistic bastard.

As the truck slowly turned and then built up speed, Benny had to fight off the aftereffects of the adrenaline coursing through him. He was exhausted, bruised and bloody, and inside the pain Yuri still felt was slowly driving them both mad.

He had to get to a phone, but then he was taking his mate somewhere no one would find them.


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  1. Thank you! Something has got to be done about that Sheshtun guy. He can't be allowed to live. He's obviously mad, MAD I tell you.

    Thanks for another great chapter.

  2. I'd like to order one suitably nasty, painful and prolonged ending for Shestun, with a side order of PAIN!! perhaps some suffering in it as well. Not that I don't like the character....*cough*
    More chapters now please

    1. Coming up tomorrow! Well, not necessarily pain for Sheshtun, but more story, for certain. :D Thanks for commenting, hun!

  3. I'm so glad that Benny has help from the doctor for their escape, who will also have a lot to tell about what's going on at the lab.

    1. :) Hi Jbst!! It makes sense... who'd work with a Tiger mad with power if they had a chance to escape? Not everyone is bat-shit crazy, even with their crazy superiority complex in the clan. Thanks for commenting!


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