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Wednesday Briefers: Lost Inside Chapter 32

Here we are again! Another week, another update. Hopefully you'll like the direction the story goes this week, inspired by the prompt: "What did you have in mind?"

Lost Inside Chapter 32

Yuri was limp as a doll, letting Benny manipulate his arms into a shirt. His anger was gone, and in its place was a man scared as hell and getting worse by the minute.

“He hurt me.”

“I know. We won’t let it happen again.”

“With needles. I don’t like needles.” He shivered. Benny pulled him into his arms and hugged him.

“No more needles.”

“No more time,” the Falcon hissed. “Can we get the hell out of here? My men are tired of circling overhead. The air isn’t great for flying tonight.”

“I won’t tell you again.” Benny glared over his shoulder. “If you scare my mate further, I will hurt you.” He bared his fangs.

Yuri followed quietly. Benny snagged their bags as they walked out. It was raining softly, clouds blocking the evening sky and turning the landscape a uniform gray. Benny scanned the surroundings constantly.

“There’s been no sightings of—”

“I got it.” Benny didn’t want to feel his mate flinch again at the sound of his father’s name. Yuri was too calm; he’d shut down again. Benny wished he could strangle Sheshtun. He’d nearly had his mate back, but that bastard wouldn’t stop.

Whatever he wanted from them, he wasn’t going to get. Benny needed more information. They slipped into the black SUV in front of the cabin. Benny urged Yuri to lay down with his head in Benny’s lap. “Close your eyes and relax. You’re safe with me.” Benny ran his hands through Yuri’s hair, scraping his claws gently over Yuri’s scalp.

When Yuri’s breathing settled into a regular rhythm, and Benny was sure he was asleep, he began pumping their driver for more info.

“Tell me what you know.”

“Sheshtun was forcing pheromones from Yuisi’s mate to influence him. With his pheromones, they’d dose females to get try and force breeding. The doctor said they tried several females, but Yuisi’s seed didn’t take. That’s when he started altering the pheromones to make Yuisi’s mate believe Yuri was his mate—that’s why he attacked you. He was supposed to take

“All this was so Sheshtun could get a pureblood heir?”

The Falcon nodded. He turned onto the freeway and began speeding back toward Velaku’s territory. Benny seethed. Sheshtun had tortured both his sons because they were gay and that didn’t fit in with his world view of a perfect Tiger Alpha and heir.

What a bastard.

“How’d he escape?”

The Falcon’s hands tightened on the wheel. “He had allies we didn’t know about. Velaku believes Sheshtun was not the only Tiger Alpha trying to force breeding in his clan. The clans have been dying out due to inbreeding.

“Velaku has been trying to extend a hand in friendship to the Tiger clans. They rejected modern ways, and modern technology, on the surface—all the while using it to hurt their own members. He’s pissed, and he’s contacted the other heads of the US territories. That was the last I heard before word of Sheshtun’s escape reached us, and we were forced to end the briefing.”

Benny stared out the window at the passing scenery, barely visible in the darkness, even to his eyes. “Get us back. I think it’s time we stop letting Sheshtun hunt us… and start hunting him.”


“What did you have in mind?” Velaku leaned back in his chair behind his desk. Natham rubbed his shoulder, then slid his hand over Velaku’s wing where it arched behind him.

“Dav will find Sheshtun. I’ll kill him. You deal with the crap about the experiments he was doing, and the other clan’s punishment as well, with the other leaders. My mate will be safe, and maybe he will stop having nightmares.” He’d had another one in the car, waking up shaking and disoriented, fighting Benny’s hold on him. Seeing that amount of fear in Yuri’s eyes, and having to control his temper while his mate cried out and fought against him brought back all the pain from their year apart. He was afraid Yuri had slipped back, and all the progress they’d made in their relationship would be wiped out.

He really didn’t want to leave his mate, but Cleara and Szorpin would take care of him until Benny came back. Yuri knew them, and he’d be safe surrounded by the Falcons. Yuisi and his mate were being treated by Dr. Pannar, but the two brothers could spend time together. Yuri would like that.

“You know, if you kill Sheshtun, you’ll become the head of the Tiger Clan.” Natham watched him, his head tilted to one side. “You told Velaku before that you were no Alpha, but if you do this, you won’t have a choice.”

Sacrifices had to be made, but Benny was willing to make them. Whatever it took to keep his mate safe.

“If I become the leader of Sheshtun’s clan, can I bring them here? The ones who weren’t involved in his schemes?” he asked Velaku. “This is our home now. I don’t want to leave Jerret, and Yuri is very close to Cleara and her young. We belong here.”

Velaku’s wings rustled as he leaned forward. “I agree. I think you’d make a great Alpha. I know I said that before, but I mean it. You have more strength inside of you than most will ever see, but when you need to step up, you do, no matter what the cost you must bear. With your guidance, maybe we can bring the Tiger clan out of the stone ages and into the present—the right way. Whatever I can do to help, I will. My territory will always be open for you and yours.”

Benny stood up when Velaku did. He took Velaku’s offered hand with gratitude. “Thank you.”


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  1. So that was what Yuri's father was up to and why Yuri's brother's mate kept hanging around Yuri. Benny as the possible tiger Alpha sounds good, but it is definitely a heavy responsibility.

    1. In some ways, I think he'd be ideal for the job, and in others, not so much. How he reacts to the possibility and reality--whatever happens--will be interesting to write. I hope the aha moment didn't come too late, or not feel believable, as to my villain's motives. Now we just have to stop him! Thanks for reading and comment, Jbst!


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