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Wednesday Brief: Lost Inside Chapter 30

Happy Wednesday! I barely scraped writing this on time, so please forgive any typos. The daughter of my best friend (we met 28 years ago, in 1st grade) who is essentially family to me, had her horse rear back and fall on top of her, breaking her pelvis and left hip in several places. She's okay, healing in the hospital right now and looking to go home in a few days, but I'm spending most of my time taking care of things for them and helping out however I can. So, yeah, not much editing on this week's post. Sorry! My update was inspired by the prompt: Have a character turn cartwheels.

Lost Inside Chapter 30

Just once didn’t satisfy his mate. Yuri stayed hard for hours. Benny’s ass felt raw, and he was exhausted by the time whatever they’d given his mate wore off. Yuri collapsed beside him.

Benny could barely keep his eyes open. He rolled over, pulling Yuri into his arms. The scent of his mate’s skin, the steady rise and fall of his chest and the thumping of his heart against Benny’s arm finally soothed him into sleep.


Yuri blinked, his vision hazy. His head was pounding so hard, it felt like he was inside a drum. He groaned.

“Yuri? Are you awake?” Benny pulled on his shoulder. “Hey, look at me?”

It hurt. He slitted his eyes against the light. “Too bright,” he whispered.

“Okay, hold on.” The bed dipped. Yuri winced at the slide of rings on metal, but blessedly, the room dimmed. “Better?”

“Uh-huh.” Yuri made the mistake of nodding. He rolled onto his side, retching off the edge of the bed. His mate dove toward him, moving a garbage bin just in time. Yuri’s stomach was turning cartwheels in his belly, and bile burned his throat and nose.

He heaved, over and over, until he couldn’t tell up from down. A hand swept up and down his back. Yuri’s arms collapsed under him, and he huddled into a ball with his head hanging off the bed.

“Shit, shit, shit.” Benny fumbled one-handed with a phone on the nightstand, but he swept his hand up and down Yuri’s spine with soft strokes. “Dav? Are you with Velaku still?”

Yuri shivered.

“I need to talk to that doctor I left for you guys. Now. Yuri’s sick and shaking. I don’t know if it’s a side effect or if he needs help.” Benny’s voice was high and he was speaking really fast. Yuri reached for him.

“Shh.”  Benny grabbed Yuri’s hand and pulled it to his cheek. “It’s okay.”

His mouth tasted so bad. Yuri wished he had something to drink. “Water?” he croaked.

“Of course.” Benny tucked the phone against his shoulder and jumped up. Yuri heard the sound of the faucet, and his mouth got even nastier, if that were possible. Benny gently shifted him onto the bed. “Small sips.”

It was better than anything Yuri ever tasted—even Cleara’s scones with cream. Benny tipped the cup up several times and then set it down. “I’ll give you more in a few minutes. Let’s see if you hold that down.” He stroked Yuri’s hair, gently rubbing. “About fucking time.”

Yuri sank down onto the bed, enjoying Benny’s claws scratching lightly at his scalp from ear to ear. He had no idea where he was, or what was going on, but his mate was with him.

That was all that mattered. He closed his eyes and just floated in the moment, listening to the rumble of Benny’s voice. More time passed than he realized, or he’d fallen asleep, because Benny was in the bed with him when Yuri stretched and rolled over.

“Hey, you. Feeling better?”

Did he? Yuri blinked. “My head.”

“Better or worse?”

“Better.” The drums were outside now, dimmer. “Not sick now, either.”

Benny sighed. “Good, good. The doctor said it was likely just a bad headache. Yuisi’s been suffering from them, too.”

“Yuisi?” Yuri frowned. “My brother? What…?”

“Your dad had your brother at his compound. And his mate, the Tiger that attacked us, was there too. They’re both gonna be okay.” Benny rubbed Yuri’s head, making him want to purr. “You’re gonna be okay, too. Better than okay, I promise,” he said fiercely.

“Okay,” Yuri repeated. His stomach growled. “I’m hungry.”

“I can get us some food, if you want. It’s been quite a while since we ate, and you did try to puke up your toenails. You’re probably running on empty. It might make you feel better.”

Yuri wanted to protest when Benny got up, but he wanted food too. Benny slid pants up his legs and fastened them. His t-shirt was dirty, and had tears in it. Benny grimaced but put it on. “Don’t move. I’ll be right back.”

Benny said not to move, but Yuri had to pee. He’d just forgotten to say so. Maybe he could use the bathroom really fast and get back in bed. Yuri slid out of bed. His head spun. He stumbled forward, grabbing onto the foot of the bed. He staggered drunkenly across the room toward the bathroom he could see through the open door on the right.

Glancing out the window as he relieved the pressure in his bladder, Yuri frowned. It was dark outside. Had he slept all day?

No wonder he was hungry. Maybe Benny would bring back some burgers. And fries. Yuri licked his lips as he washed up. He splashed some water on his face, then cupped his hand under the faucet and took a drink.

His stomach growled again.

Lots of fries.

“Yuri? Where are you? Yuri!”

“In here.” Uh oh. Benny was back faster than Yuri thought.

“There you are.”

“Sorry.” Yuri bit his lip and looked at his toes, curling them under and relaxing.

“For what?” Benny cocked his head.

“I moved.”

Benny chuckled. “It’s okay. I just meant not to leave the cabin. I’m glad you felt good enough to get up, but maybe I can help you back to bed?”

Like he was gonna pass that up. “Yes, please.”


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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's daughter, I hope she heals up okay.

    Now for the story, I am SOOOOO glad that Yuri is okay after the drugging. I am also happy to know that they managed to get his brother and his brother's mate out. Now they just need to find a way to kill the sick monster that caused all this without anymore of the good guys getting hurt (evil grin), just my opinion.

  2. What a major, painful injury for your friend's daughter. I hope she's doing better. I'm glad to see that the drug is wearing off on Yuri, and that they have Yuri's brother and his mate too.


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