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Cia's Reviews: Aaron by J.P. Barnaby

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AaronAaron by J.P. Barnaby
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed Aaron, as hard to read as it was. The trauma Aaron experienced, and the realism with which you portrayed his actions afterward, were incredibly well done. Spencer's character showed exactly how much research J.P. did, which is the #1 requirement in a great story imo.

The writing flowed. I started reading this and kept going until I finished at 1 am. Now, I stay up late reading a lot, but this time I was tired; I just couldn't go to sleep until it was done though.

For all of my enjoyment the ending felt a bit abrupt. I looked down in shock when I saw the word Epilogue to check the percentage read and my frown when I saw 95% probably would have scared my family, had they been awake. The story had to end somewhere though, and while I think it could have been expanded a bit to show more of Aaron's relationship with Spencer, I don't think that this book was truly about that. It was about Aaron's recovery, so the ending fit.

If I had to pick one actual thing to quibble about, it would have been the lead up to Aaron's ability to cry. There were several mentions of the fact that as bad as he felt he couldn't cry, not even when he truly wanted to for the emotional release. Yet, when the moment finally comes it was very understated. We were locked into Aaron's head, and feelings, for a lot of the book but at that one point I felt like the scene just didn't have the emotional impact that it could have. He cried but that loggerhead the should have released seemed anticlimactic.

However, that one small issue in regard to the whole is minor. I really liked Aaron and it was worth waiting to purchase it.

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read Aaron, and for your wonderful review! I'm really glad you liked Aaron - I know it's not an easy journey.

    In 2013, I will be working on one more book to finish Aaron & Spencer's story. :)


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