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Wednesday Briefs: Never More Lonely Part 7

This week's prompts revolved around Halloween. There were some great pictures as well as several line/object prompts but I since Halloween didn't quite fit into what I had planned for this week, I went with the line of 'It's alive!' instead. Happy Reading!

Never More Lonely Part 7

"It's alive!"

I make a face at Cooper. "That's gross."

"Hey, mate, it's in your refrigerator. I think the bowl might actually be growling. We need to buy new storage bowls too; I threw one out that had Halloween candy so old that it had all melted and cemented to the inside of the bowl!"

Cooper put the food that was still good in a box as he cleaned out the fridge. "I can't wait to finish this up. We're almost done moving."

Some friends from my jobsite came by and helped us with the furniture. We're just doing the final clean up. Cooper nearly runs his fingers through his hair, grimacing at his gloves at the last minute.

"I can't wait to get clean. Hot shower, then fall into bed."

"I'm tired too," Cooper chuckles, "but we have to make it first."

I wave that away. "Details." Unable to resist, I lean down and kiss him, parting his lips gently and sucking on the lower one until he groans. My voice is hoarse when I speak again. "Maybe I'm not that tired."

"Uh-huh." Cooper grins.

We've been home for two weeks. We finalized the lease paperwork on our new duplex apartment. It's twice as big as my place; my furniture looks a little lost in the enormous living and bedroom but we can get new furniture together. The second bedroom was perfect for my computer, and Cooper was going to set up his home office in there.

Leaving Australia was hard for Cooper. We hadn't gone to see Pete again but he'd been a specter along with us for the entire trip to the airport. The silent strain showed on Cooper's face and the rigid set of his shoulders; our departure had hurt. I hated it. I wanted to make Cooper happy and I couldn't.

I listened to him talk but suggested that he find a counselor. He'd made an appointment for next week.

But right now we're happy. We're moving into a new place, together, and that's something I never would've considered possible. I used to work, then come home to a silent apartment while I waited to Cooper to come online, just to have someone to connect with. I slept, and woke up, alone.

Now he's with me. We sleep snuggled together, and I get to wake up every morning to his gorgeous face. Every night I can touch him, taste the salt of his skin and the spice in his kiss. And sink my cock deep into his body. 

Tucker slams the fridge shut, taking off his gloves. "I think that's it. You done?"

I've been scrubbing the same spot for a few minutes.


We put the box in the car then throw out the trash. I lock the door one last time.

Our duplex has dark blue siding and white trim. We'll have to get a lawnmower because, for the first time ever, I’ve grass to trim. The smell of paint’s strong inside, the interior newly remodeled with rich wood floors and cream colors.

I shove the food box into the fridge then peel off my shirt off. "Shower?" I ask.

He shakes his head. "You start. I'll be just a minute."

"Okay." I'm already unsnapping my pants.

The hot water streams over my head. Cold hands slide across my chest and I yelp. Cooper snickers. "Stop laughing." I wipe water off my face and glare at him playfully.

"You didn't hear me come in?" His eyes are sparkling.


I jockey around, letting Cooper get under the water. I love to watch it slide over his body. He lathers up his hair as I wash his body. He hums happily. His cock is growing as I step close to wash his back.
Dropping to my knees, I wash his legs, then his smooth balls. His cock is hard as I run the cloth up and down.

"That feels good," he groans. I push him back under the water to rinse him off. He gets the shampoo out of his hair as the bubbles slide down his body until he's rinsed. Then I can't resist. I lean forward, still on my knees, and take his cock in my mouth. It tastes a bit like soap, but mostly it’s just clean skin. Salty fluid drips on my tongue as I lap at the small slit in the round tip.

He turns off the water. "Bed," Cooper demands.

Dark satin sheets cover the mattress. I raise one eyebrow. "Nice."

"It'd be nice if you’d get on that bed on your back so I can ride you."

I laugh but I'm instantly so hard that it hurts. Cooper pushes me over onto the cool sheets and then climbs up, kneeling over my hips. He slips a bottle of lube out from under the pillows.

"You planned this," I accuse, my eyes dilating as he drips the slick fluid over my cock and then reaches back to his own ass.

"I want you. It's insane how much I want you."

My hands go to his knees and my answer is swallowed by the loud groan escaping me as he slowly lowers himself down until he’s sitting on my lap.

A short pause and then the time for slow is apparently over. I shout when Cooper lifts up and then rocks back hard, over and over. I watch his cock bob until I can't take it anymore and let go of his legs with one hand so that I can stroke it.

He shudders. "Good." Sweat drips down his face.

I feel him swell just before Cooper comes, his ass clenching around me, forcing me over my own precipice.

"Fuck!" I shout as my hips snap up.

He collapses on me and I hold him close. I feel him nuzzle my shoulder. We both speak at the same time.

"I love you."

I laugh, his head rocking on my chest. Contentment fills me, banishing the last of my loneliness.

The End... yep, that's right! The month is over and this is the end of the story for Cooper and Owen. I hope you enjoyed it! Next week is a whole new plot with new characters! Woo hoo!!

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  1. Aw, I'm happy that they've gotten they happy ending and that Cooper is going to look into counselling. :)

  2. I have loved reading about Cooper and Owen. They're believable and sexy and I really hope they remain as happy forever as they are right now!

    1. Yay! Me too! I really did want to just go modern/realistic for a little while, with some basic angst but nothing too serious. Thank you so much for your comment; I'm really glad you liked NML.

  3. That was such a sweet story. I am so happy for Tucker to have someone he loves to come home to at night and that Cooper can lean on him for his fears over leaving his birthplace. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. A tender love story between two nice guys. I admire Cooper for being able to make such a drastic change in his life but, with Owen, I think they can make it. I really enjoyed this story.


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