Monday, October 1, 2012

Writing Thoughts: Out of Mind

So today I was perusing blogs and happened across this one about Science Fiction... and why writers enjoy writing the genre so much. Before I started writing, I felt much like some of the questioners the blog mentions that said "How do you ... come up with those types of ideas?"

The answer is fairly simple; it just comes. Then the idea begins to grow, to evolve, to take over ... and we pick up a pen or a keyboard and go to town. That doesn't mean it all comes easy, though, and certain elements have to be considered.

No matter how fantastical, science fiction stories must have a grounding in reality for the readers to relate to. Something about the characters, their motivations, and/or the situations they find themselves in, has to be realistic enough to create that link, that pull, that draws your reader in.

One of the authors speaks about their book, The Endris Cycle, and how they blended an actual culture with a science fiction element. That resonated with me immensely because I did the very same thing with Pricolici. I took actual elements of ancient Dacian culture - the mythos, jewelery, and language - and brought them into the world as we know it today.

Ancient cultures were rooted so heavily in the mystical that they lend themselves well to the futuristic, imo. They allow that breath of the fantastical to invade a story.

I enjoyed the blog article very much! If you want to check it out, follow this link. It has some fascinating insights.

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