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Howloween Blog Hop Day 3!

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Today's article is all about Tucker. I finally managed to corner him logn enough to have a bit of a chat. Enjoy!

Good to see you Tucker.
Yeah, you too. Sorry I wasn't available yesterday.

Did you really fry Stelian's car?
Not so much. Turns out that more energy near an electrical system like a vehicle computer... Stop glaring at me, Stelian. It's not my fault. You told me to go practice.

Should I come back?
No, no. It's fine. I already apologized all day yesterday. He'll get over it or not, whatever.

Why are you whispering?
My mouth's sore. Okay, why are you both laughing?

Seriously, what the hell is up with you two? I burned my tongue on my coffee.

Sorry about that. How about we head outside? I thought maybe you could show me some of what you can do as a hultan.
Sure! No, I won't mess with the weather again, Stelian.

So, how does it feel to find out you're this completely unique magical being?
Because being a lupe wouldn't have been enough? It's weird, to be honest. All I have is what Stelian can tell me, and what I've read in the book that he gave me. I wish there was someone who could tell me how everything is supposed to work.

Is it hard?
Yes and no. Here, we can sit down in this corner. The corner by the stream is my favorite area of the backyard garden.

It is nice, even now. So, care to explain?
Well, I don't know how well I can put it into words. It's not hard finding the magic inside me now, or absorbing energy. Learning to control it is hard. I haven't told Stelian it was an accident, but I really didn't mean to start a thunderstorm the other day and the lightning was a complete fluke. I hadn't called any of it since ... that night.

I wondered if the traumatic use of your magic for the first time overtly would make you afraid of it.
I don't scare easy.

No. Somehow I can see that. You'd have to be pretty strong-willed to deal with Stelian. Did you ever expect to mate an alpha?
As a gay man? No. I really didn't ever expect to mate at all. With the way my pheromones had gone crazy, I'd planned to find some place to hole up far from people-especially lupes. Mating with the oldest damn alpha of them all was a huge surprise. He's a good male and a wonderful mate, even if he is a possessive, growly ass sometimes.

Is he still growling at all the males that come near you?
Yeah, makes Grecia laugh, wench that she is.

So I have this whole list of questions I planned to ask you. Interested?
Do we have to? I don't really feeling like going into the whole 'what was your childhood like, what are your goals in life' conversation.

You don't like to think about either of those things? Or just talk about them?
You're determined to get into my head, aren't you?

Yep. Readers want to know. So spill.
My childhood was not horrible, but not great. My parents died when I was really young and I was raised by Shane's haitas. I was in school before everything went crazy when I turned twenty. I suppose I could go back, but I've always been a fan of history. Shane discouraged me from looking into anything from the past too much but Stelian doesn't care. Have you seen his library?

Yeah, I have. There are a lot of cool artifacts in there.
No kidding, and he has personal stories for all of them! Like that medallion his dad gave him. He's kept that one gold coin on him for over a thousand years. I know lupes can live for thousands of years, but it still boggles the mind.

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I wondered about that. You're not really a lupe, so what does that mean for your life span?
I dunno. Stelian said the hultans he knew, though it was only two, didn't seem to age like humans. But they did die out, you know? Something caused that, somehow. I haven't found anything in the book though. I guess we just take each year as it comes.

So, it sounds like you do have your hands pretty full then, with the new mating, exploring your magic, and all you're trying to learn about hultans.
Yeah. It's definitely not boring. Stelian still needs to loosen up a bit, but I'm working on that with him. Speaking of, I promised him a steak dinner tonight. Part of my apology outstanding. Feel like helping me crank up the bbq?

Of course! Maybe while we do that we can discuss exactly how your magic works.
Ask away, though I really don't understand it yet.

What can you do with it?
It has to do with manipulating energy. I've gotten better at it. I didn't get anymore marks from calling the lightning the other night like the first time.

I remember those marks on your shoulders and arms. Are they all still there?
Yeah. I think they're kind of cool looking though, so I don't mind, almost like tattoos.

So, what can you do with energy?
I seem to be able to call storms, and I can do some healing with it, though I have no control over that. I did start this garden, though; you want to see?"

So, this is it. Dead of winter, and I have watermelons growing. I've been pulling energy from the earth to support their growth. I anchored it and set the edges of the plot. Feel the ground.

It's warm!
Yeah. I've got the ground generating its own heat! Last week, that night it snowed for an hour? Everything in the garden was covered with a half inch of snow, except for here.

That's really cool. Think we can have some watermelon after we have our steak then?
Pretty sure a few are ripe. They're Stelian's favorite.

Is that a blush on those pale cheeks I see?
No. Shut up. You know, you are mean. Don't be an ass or you can't have any steak.

Sorry, sorry. I'll stop.
So the interview is over? That's good because someone needs to make the potato salad and I'm not good in the kitchen.

Fine, I'll go make some potato salad. Don't think you're getting off the hook though, we still have a whole new story to share with my readers.
Don't remind me. That cave is cold and dark; I'm not looking forward to exploring that again.

Well, remember to take extra batteries next time!
I think we should both just agree my lack of forethought to bring spare batteries is really your fault. Now go make that potato salad!

LOL. I hope you enjoyed this little insight into Tucker's character. One last day for the blog hop tomorrow. Don't forget tocomment today (follow me too if you're new) and stop by for another chance to enter my contests tomorrow!


  1. I want some watermelon too!! That's pretty cool stuff about heating the ground to make the watermelon grow. Tucker is pretty resourceful.

    1. I thought so too! He's definitely smart, even if he his young. Thanks Suilan, I've counted your entry.

  2. Wonderful interview. I can't wait to read the story since you've added more to it.
    GFC - Sherry S.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

    1. There's a lot coming in the next story, with a lot more detail into both characters and their relationship. Thanks for commenting, I've counted your entry.

  3. Thanks for the interview!

    GFC - Dovile

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    1. Thanks for you comment! I've counted your entry.

  4. I like Tucker. I think Stelian should keep him


    Mann Ramblings

    1. LOL! Pretty sure he will. :P Thanks for commenting Mann, I've counted your entry.

  5. Love the interview! I also follow GFC.

    1. Thanks Yvette!! I'm glad you liked it. I've counted your entry.

  6. This was a nice insight into Tucker. I hope I get another entry.

    1. You get one for each blog hop post I put up (with the graphic). So yes, you do! :)

  7. When Tucker said his mouth hurt I started laughing too. To funny!


    1. :p Glad we could amuse you! lol Thanks for the comment, I've added your entry.

  8. I shall read your excerpts once these damning headache goes away. I want to know more about Tucker.

    1. Awww, I hope you feel better today! I entered you in the contest. :)

  9. These interviews are awesome they give us some insight into some pretty amazing characters, so once again thanks for sharing.


    1. :) I'm glad you like them; they give me insight too! Lots of fun, though Tucker didn't really go with the official interview style, he was definitely more informal. Thanks for commenting; I've netered you into my contest.

  10. Does Tucker do house calls? I could certainly use a little warm spot in my garden for our 6 months of winter, watermelons are my favorite too.


    1. I hate watermelon, but it's a big thing in the South. No, that's not just a stereotype on my part, I have lived there. LOL! My kids love them, but bleh for my part. I've entered you in the contest!

  11. Character interviews are so interesting and fun to read. Are we supposed to say if we follow you? Follow by email.

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    1. I know you follow, but thanks! And I like character interviews too; definitely an interesting way to get to know the people in a story! I've added your entry.

  12. LOL, love character interviews! I'm an old follower.

    ~M.A. Church

    1. Thanks M! I do too. I've counted your entry!

  13. Happy Halloween!! Thank you so much for the awesome hop and giveaway! :)


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