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Wednesday Briefs: One Night Part 3

Welcome to the Wednesday Brief group, home of flash fiction between 500-1000 words. This week's prompts were a mix of photos and "Home is where the heart is" or use: gravy, baby, lines or "Fiddle-de-dee!" or use a fertile plain in your story or a savage jungle or "Oh my goodness, you look good enough to..."
I choose to use gravy, baby, lines.
This week I've another installment of One Night with Bear and Kameron. Read on and enjoy, and then don't forget to check out the other Briefers I've linked at the bottom of the story! A comment or two won't go amiss either. *winks*

One Night Part 3

Bear heard a knock on the door about five minutes before six. He closed down the website he was working on and stretched.
“Coming,” he called. He really needed to add a more comfortable computer chair to his furniture shopping.
He peeked through the peep hole, just to be sure. He’d had some weird knocking at the door but no one was there when he checked over the last few weeks. Kameron was standing in the hall pushing one hand through his hair.
“You’re early,” Bear said as he opened the door. “Are you trying to make a good impression on me?”
“I hadn’t already?” Kameron raised one eyebrow.
“Maybe.” Bear waved Kameron in. “I was just finishing up some work. Let me grab my wallet and shoes.”
“Were you working on a website?”
Bear glanced over his shoulder. “Yeah.”
“That stuff is beyond me. I can surf the web but that’s about it.”
He could just imagine. The mental picture made him glad he was facing into the closet as he adjusted his cock. “Online porn has made most men internet experts.”
Kameron laughed huskily. “Well, I can’t deny ever watching. I’ve seen my share, but I don’t think I need it very often.” 
“I bet you don’t.” Finding a man willing to fuck probably took no more than a snap of Kameron’s fingers. He was fit, not stacked with muscle, but well-built and he had a nice face with a square jaw and blue eyes that were much brighter than they’d appeared in the dark bar. That might also be a product of the blush staining Kameron’s cheeks.
“I didn’t mean it like that.”
Grinning, Bear said, “I was just teasing you.”
“Oh, good.” Kameron mimed wiping sweat off his forehead, then grinned. “Relax, I might blush easy but I’m tougher than that. I can stand up to your sass.”
“Sass?” Bear laughed so hard he snorted. “Oh, god.” They were both laughing at that point.
Kameron closed the distance between them. He pushed some of Bear’s hair out of his eyes, fingering the inky black strands. “You know, your eyes light up when you laugh.”
Bear felt his breath catch. He could feel the heat coming from the man’s body and smell Kameron’s cologne again. The scent affected him just as strongly as it had at the bar but this time they were alone.
This time Bear let Kameron lean down and kiss him, just as eager to taste him to see if it was as good as he’d imagined.
A groan broke the silence as Kameron opened his mouth and Bear snaked his tongue inside. They touched just at the lips, their tongues twisting together.
It was good. Tingles shot up Bear’s spine. He almost wished Kameron would wrap his arms around him and bend him backward, but he didn’t.
“Hmm,” Kameron moved back a few inches and their eyes met. “You taste good,” he said huskily, “like peppermint.”
“I’m addicted to mints.”
Kameron smiled and stood up straight. “I’ve heard CafĂ© La Vin’s food is addicting. Ready to go?”
Bear suppressed a small surge of disappointment. “Yeah.” He grabbed his wallet off the table.
The rest of their date was good. There was a line around the corner, but Kameron had called ahead so they didn’t have to wait long. The steak au poivre was as juicy as always, though Bear corrected Kameron when he called the sauce gravy.
“What’s the difference?”
“Well,” Bear paused, “not that much, I guess. But they wouldn’t call it a sauce if it were a gravy, right?”
Kameron shrugged. “Tastes the same to me. Delicious.”
Bear agreed. His favorite meal, at his favorite restaurant; Kameron was either really lucky or had really good taste.
He wasn’t supposed to kiss him.
Of course seeing Bear in his black jeans and emerald green sweater, seeing him bend over and show off that tight ass and then use that pretty mouth to smart off … How was he supposed to resist?
Dinner cemented what he was feeling. He may have been on a protection detail, but there was no way he would be able to keep any level of detachment. He’d nearly called the man baby twice.
It was all Jimmy’s fault. With his just pretend to date my brother to keep this low-life away that’s stalking him until I can dig up enough dirt to put him in jail. True, Kameron usually went for men who were taller, and beefier, and more like him-blue collar through and through. Bear was every bit as smart as Jimmy had warned him too.
But there was just something about him that made Kameron want to get closer to him. Lust certainly, but he liked what he got to know about Bear during the date.
As much as he’d hated to do it Kameron had lied during dinner about what he did. He couldn’t say he was a cop, much less that he worked with Bear’s older, obscenely protective brother, Jimmy.
Loren had told John about the letters he’d seen at Bear’s place. He’d seen Bear look at his phone, scowl, and put it away without answering. Sneaking a peek, he’d written the number down on a bar napkin.
It turned out the man, Bear’s ex Loren recognized from a mug shot, was a known drug dealer that used to be small potatoes but had suddenly shot up the food chain in recent weeks.
John had spent the last week trailing him. He was definitely stalking Bear.
Something was going on in the city’s drug scene. Jimmy, John, Kameron and his partner Paolo were part of a task force dedicated to stopping it.
If they could catch this Vilem guy they might have a chance. Jimmy was afraid of what could happen if the guy realized Bear was brothers with a cop … Bear needed to be protected. It was going to play hell on Kameron’s self-control though.
Jimmy’s plans always sucked!

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  1. Aha. So nothing sinister after all. I'm only slightly disappointed about that. :P

    Am I mean for hoping that the stalker either a) reveals who Kameron really is, b) gets his grimy paws on Bear and tortures him, or c) both?

    1. Nothing so sinister... you say! Maybe not on Kameron's part, you're right, but there's so much to explore!

  2. Awesome truly awesome. I hope nothing to bad happens to bear.

    1. Well... would I be me if nothing bad happened? ;) LOL

    2. No u wouldn't but that's y we love u

  3. I hope nothing bad happens to either of them! It was good to know more about Kameron and I really liked the kiss, Bear wasn't the only one dissappointed that things didn't go further :p

    1. We'll just have to see next week! LOL. Well, as much as I like my couples having down and dirty fun, Bear would never do that on a first date! A second though... well, hmm... :P

  4. Oh man, I'm getting the feeling that Bear is going to be PISSED off when he finds out that everyone has been lying to him. His brother, his friend and his "guy" all in on the lie? Heads are going to roll. Why is it the macho men always think they have to coddle and hide things from their "weaker" partners in order to protect them?

    Keep up the good work, Cia.

    1. I smirk when I think of how Bear will react when the truth comes out. It will, eventually. How it comes out has yet to be decided though. I do see the 'macho' men as getting beat on by Bear though!

  5. Kimmy's plans always sucked - ?!?!? That's not a nice way to leave me hanging.

    1. LOL. Sorry! That 1k comes before I know it! I always end up having to cut 1-2 hundred words. Next week will come soon enough!

  6. Oh yeah, this is going to explode all over the place, lol.


  7. I didn't see that twist coming! I don't think Bear will take too kindly to his brother's protection play if he finds out about it.
    Looking forward to the next chapter!

    1. Glad I could surprise you! I don't think Bear will take it well at all either, lol.

  8. So Kam isn't a bad guy, but there is definitely a stalker in the picture. Very interesting, loving where this is going. Already loving the dynamics between Bear and Kam. Can't wait to see what Bear's brother would think once he knows Kam's feelings, lol.

    1. No, Kam is a good guy, if a bit of a stupid one. Well, its not his fault Jimmy is feeding him up on a platter to Bear when he finds out. I really wonder about Jimmy's reaction too, though!

  9. This is getting so interesting. I can't believe you had no idea what to do with them at first. You're so great.
    Can there be a werewolf drug dealer or something?

    1. Well thank you! I often start a story with no idea where it is going, but doing it with a prompt piece is particularly fun. I let each week dictate what will happen to a good extent. Hmm... I'm not sure about adding paranormal bits to this. We'll see!

  10. My bad but I'm with Cyn. I'm hoping Vilem gets his mucky paws on Bear and engages in some exquisite torture before Kam rescues him. This is definitely getting interesting.

    1. :P Vilem ... now there's a mucky character for sure. I hope you continue to enjoy the story!!

  11. lmao wow neph! just wow for that idea lol.
    cia-I love what you do with stories. I don't think any of us saw it comin and I'm glad....never fun to know where the story is going all the time. I wonder if Jimmy was playing matchmaker too? I would like to know if Kam is gay or at least bi. Probably since he didn't keep to the no kissing rule. I am wondering why they can't tell Bear. Doesn't Jimmy think it wrong to have a plan that includes breaking his brother's heart possibly, after he's been through a bad relationship lately? If he didn't have it in his mind that they might be good together, it is pretty shitty to do that to poor bear. Why not say he's a cop and lie about the town? Not gonna go well when the relationship is built on lies! Does Loren know who he is? I wonder since he tried to disuade Kam. Can't wait for more!

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  13. This is turning into a fun story with lots of options for drama. Loving it! When it all comes out, Bear better get to beat someone's ass.

    Can't wait!

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