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One Night Part 14

Hey guys. I know this year has been one excuse after another, but that's because one of the things I've been dealing with a terminal lung cancer diagnosis with the only grandma I really considered I had. Unfortunately, her health spiraled severely last week and I lost her last Friday. I'm still writing, still moving, because she wouldn't let life stop for her and she'd be pissed if I did. Still, it's a big emotional mess, so that's why I'm not as 'around' lately. When I bounce back fully, I promise the writing will be back fast and furious. Until then, thank you to everyone who comments that I haven't/don't reply to, and for the patience of all my readers that still come by my blog or one of the sites I post on.

Okay, on from the sad, personal stuff. This week I chose one of the photo prompts. It's not perfect, as you'll have to imagine all the damage poor Kameron took, but the mood on the image hit me as perfect for this scene. Enjoy!

One Night Part 14
The crescendo of sirens was faint when Bear and Kameron stumbled outside. “How?”
“Bar does … have an alarm.” Bear’s face was pale and sweat dampened his hair. “Panel … is in… the office. Fools … thieves.”
Kameron tried to support Bear, who couldn’t stand up straight. The liquid sounding gasping every time he breathed was making Kameron start to feel frantic. The adrenaline surging through his body let him ignore the cuts and slices dripping blood down his chest. They stumbled down the alley together.
The front of the bar was lit up but Kameron didn’t want to walk in front of those windows. He led them across the road and slid them behind a rank smelling dumpster from a restaurant. “We’ll hide here.”
His heart raced as they waited for the cops. He pulled off his shirt, hiding the white fabric. Leaning against the wall, he held his face in his hands, carefully cradling his broken nose. The white wall was rough against his back. Bear leaned against his thigh.
Kameron dropped one hand down and rubbed Bear’s head. “You doing okay?” he whispered in a rough voice.
Bear was anything but fine. He shivered, a fine tremble, and he was still gasping shallow breaths. The sirens grew louder. Kameron watched through a narrow gap between the dumpster and the wall, staring at the alley across the street.
“Come on.” The cops were taking forever to show up. Kameron didn’t want Chaska or his men to get away, but he wasn’t going to risk them being found. He wouldn’t stop them if they fled before the cops showed up.
They’d have more than enough evidence to arrest the sons of bitches, if he could manage to keep them out of the sadist’s hands. He couldn’t believe Bear got them away from the son of a bitch, but he did.
The first black and white screeched to a half in front of the alley. Several more soon followed, cops in black uniforms getting out and crouching beside their vehicles. That was too many to be a response to a silent alarm.
“They must have figured out we disappeared from the hospital.” Of course Jimmy would have realized that they didn’t come by and something had to have happened. Bear nodded but didn’t speak. Kameron leaned down and helped him to his feet.
“I know you can’t really put your arms up, but keep your hands open and away from your pockets, okay?”
“O-okay.” Bear leaned against him as they limped out of the alley together. One of the men with their guns pointed at Capstone wasn’t in a uniform. The slim dark haired man turned when Kameron called out to him.
Kameron’s partner turned and smiled. “Oh thank fuck!” He waved at the officer that turned his gun on them. “Stand down. That’s my partner and Orveng’s little brother that were taken from the hospital.” He cussed when he stopped next to them, pulling out his cell.
“This is Detective Gomez. I need a bus at 4591 Gaston Avenue.”
Kameron and Bear were back in the hospital, in a room right next to Jimmy. Neither of them were injured enough to need ICU but the chief wanted everyone together and locked down. They had two officers outside their doors with orders not to move.
The chief had read Kameron the riot act as he was patched up. Bear hadn’t seen it; he’d been in x-ray getting his chest checked out. He’d come in at the end, wheeled in flat on his bed.
“Kameron told me what you did, son.” The older man, his face all stark bones and fine lines, leaned over Bear’s bed to speak to him. “That was some fine thinking.”
Bear tried to shrug and winced. “All… I could … think of.” The doctors given him some pain medication, but not much, because they were worried about his breathing being depressed.
“Well, it worked. We knew you were gone but there are a lot of Zbrane hideouts in the city. We had no idea where they would have taken you, but when your friend’s alarm company called, he came running.”
Smiling, Bear said, “I knew … he would.” He wasn’t that brave, but he’d known he had to get them out of there. No way was he gonna let that guy carve Kameron up anymore. There would be aftereffects of their ordeal to deal with, but he was fuzzy enough not to need to focus on it now. He blinked and it was a struggle to open his eyes.
“The drugs?”
Bear shook his head. “No … idea. I lied.”
Shaking his head, the cop raised one eyebrow. “Ballsy.”
He almost shrugged again but stopped himself. He didn’t need another stabbing pain in his ribs; it was hard enough to breathe.
“Well, you get some rest son; as soon as you’re able we’ll need your statement too. There will be officers outside your door and they’re not moving. Jimmy knows you’re here and he’s going to be fine too.”
The captain looked up at Kameron. “Stay with him every second. He does not go out of your sight, you hear me? You’re not going to be fit for duty for some time, but I’ll work something out and get you on paid leave.”
Kameron looked over at Bear. “I’m not going anywhere.”
Bear knew that he was talking about more than leaving the room. Zbrane was leaderless at the moment. Chaska had been arrested along with his men. That didn’t mean that he was safe in the long run.
His mind was too fuzzy to focus on all of that. It’d work out, somehow. He focused on Kameron’s smile.
“Me either.”


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  1. Very sorry about your loss. I was devastated when my grandmother- who was very much my hero, and still is- passed away, so I can only imagine how you're feeling. <3

    Oh, and another great part of the story, by the way. : )

  2. It's always hard when someone you love passes away. My condolences to you.

  3. Very sorry about your loss, just remember she is watching over you and will always be by your side...

    As a fan of your writing I'll be waiting for your great stories, just take your time to get everything back on track... best wishes

    And this was a great chapter, can't wait for the next one...

  4. Hang in, you. You certainly haven't lt us slide--no apologies!! I wonder if there are really 2 other clone cia's with all that you do~

    On AE, I ****loved it!*****
    I am a stickler for something seeming real and plausable, so I am glad they didn't stand outside the door or something. It made sense he'd have to hide them, but close b/c of the shape they're in

    The only thing is, why wouldn't the guys sent up front who only were checking up at the front of the restaurant, not get away? (ok that was my beta comment lol--gotta turn that off!) just sayin in case you wanted to expand it later. I'm hoping you do b/c it is a really good story.

    I think it will be tough on Kam b/c he is gonna feel like he didn't protect Bear and Bear had to save them and he actually feel a bit like it is his fault for getting laxed and letting the cop leave his post. Though I think he'd also also feel proud of Bear and know it's one more reason he loves him. I think the boys will be saying the 'L' word when there isn't a space between their beds and they aren't too foggy too function. I think they will tell one another how they feel b/c life threatening situations make people face their mortality an don't want to waste time. I think they have loved each other for a while anyhow, though Bear fought it hard.

    Take it easy and take time to mourn. Make sure you get your feelings b/c it will only build emotions inside that will explode eventually.


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