Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday Briefs: One Night Part 17

It's that time again! This week, for my 1k flash story with the Wednesday Briefer's I chose the line prompt, "Don't stop until I tell you to..." ;) You can imagine maybe what's going to be going on. Mebbe. Read on!
One Night Part 17

Kameron rolled over and looked at Bear. He had a small line between his eyebrows even though he was asleep. Absentmindedly, Kameron scratched his chest, then winced when he hit a sore spot. Bear needed his pills, but he needed to take them with food.

When he drove in, Kameron saw a grocery store about two miles away. He’d go pick up a few things and bring back something from their bakery for breakfast. To do that, he’d have to leave the bed though, and Kameron didn’t want to leave Bear.

The line on Bear’s forehead didn’t disappear when Kameron gently rubbed it with a fingertip. He jerked his head and then whimpered.

Okay, he was definitely hurting.

“Bear.” Kameron gently rubbed his shoulder. “Hey, Bear, wake up.”

Blinking his eyes, Bear slowly woke up. “Hey.” He cleared his throat and winced. “Damn. I hurt.”

Kameron nodded. “We slept all night and you haven’t had any pain pills in a while. I was going to run to the store, but I need you to get up and lock the door behind me and then let me in when I come back. I thought you could bunk down on the couch and watch some TV or something.”

“Yeah. I gotta pee anyway.”

Only, when Bear tried to sit up, he collapsed backward with a sharp cry. He pressed his arms over his chest. “Motherfucker!”

“Let me help.” Kameron got up and moved over to Bear’s side of the bed.

“Don’t pull your stitches,” Bear warned him when Kameron leaned over the bed.

“I’m fine; let me worry about that.” Kameron slid one arm under Bear’s shoulders and held the other one out in front of him. “Okay, just like at the hospital, nice and smooth.” Bear held on to his arm and together they swung him around until he could swing his legs over the side of the bed and sit up.

Kameron kept his face smooth when the cut under his left nipple pulled.

“I’m fine now.” Kameron let Bear sit on the bed as he used the bathroom first, then grabbed their toiletries and got cleaned up. He stood in the living room and watched Bear slowly make his way to the bathroom.

“I’ll take our bags into the bedroom and get dressed.” Kameron put their suitcases on the bed. Once he was dressed he grabbed the top blanket and a pillow off the bed and took them out to the couch. Bear was already sitting on the end.

“It’s pretty comfortable,” he said when Kameron asked him if he would be able to lay on it.


Once he had everything ready for Bear, he picked up his phone, keys, and wallet.

“Cash only,” Bear reminded him.

They weren’t sure how smart the Zbrane gang was, or if they’d have electronic means of tracking them. Criminals, even thug ones, were getting technology smart.

“I know.”

At the door, Kameron leaned down and kissed Bear, unable to resist. Anyone could have walked in on them while they were in the hospital, so they hadn’t had the chance to kiss properly. Kameron licked at Bear’s lips until he parted them, then sank in, stroking Bear’s tongue and tasting him.

He pulled back before they could get too carried away. His cock was already half-hard. They were finally in a private place and Bear wasn’t mad at him. Maybe later he could convince the small man to fool around, once he’d eaten and had some pain pills. “I like the cinnamon toothpaste. Spicy.”

Bear licked his lips. “Okay, you need to go so you can come back and we can do that some more.”

Maybe he wouldn’t have to work too hard to convince Bear. Kameron chuckled. “I’m going. Lock up behind me and don’t answer unless I call you and then knock five times.”

Raising an eyebrow, Bear shook his head. “Do you think that’s really necessary?”

Kameron undid the locks. “I don’t care if it’s silly. I won’t risk you again.”


Bear couldn’t find anything good on TV; he didn’t want to check his email, and he certainly didn’t want to work. All of his clients had gotten a message when he first got hurt, so he was ostensibly on vacation. He decided that dozing would mean he wouldn’t feel the stabbing pains in his ribs. Of course, when his phone rang his cock was painfully rigid and tenting his sweats. He’d been dreaming about Kameron.

“Hello.” He sounded like he’d been chewing on rocks.

“Hey, it’s me. I’ll be up in a few minutes.”

“Okay. Bye.”

Bear set his phone down on the coffee table and reached into his sweats to arrange himself. He grunted, tempted to jerk off, but he didn’t. He needed the few minutes before Kameron caught the elevator to get to the door.

Rolling onto his side, Bear used the arm of the couch to slowly lever himself up. Sweat broke out on his forehead and his cock wasn’t on his mind at all by the time he was up and on his feet.

Kameron noticed it right away though.

“Ouch babe, that looks painful.”

“So does carrying,” Bear counted quickly, “seven bags of groceries! Go put those down.”

He shuffled into the kitchen and used his good hand to help take things out of bags for Kameron to put away.

“Croissants, fruit salad, and ….” Kameron produced a bag of coffee that Bear actually liked that could be bought in a grocery store.

“Oh, thank you.”

They ate sitting on the couch. Putting their plates on the table, Kameron knelt between Bear’s legs.

“I know we haven’t done this before, but I want to suck you.”

Bear’s erection hadn’t really gone away and it came back in a flash when the tall man between his legs reached for the waistband of his sweats. “I’ll stop if you want.”

Bear glared at him. “Don’t stop until I tell you to! Which I won’t.”
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  1. Hehe, it's the first one I've beaten you to :) This was a great section. i love the way to pay attention to detail. Everything from the nipple stitches to the coffee.

    1. LOL. Well, I'm trying to be a better reader and make sure I comment for everyone again. I try not to bog a story down too much, but the details make it 'real' in my mind. I'm glad it doesn't seem like too much; thanks for the comment hun!

  2. I love it when Bear goes Dom!
    Cute couple!

    1. Oh yeah, Bear's not giant sized like Kameron, but he's certainly not meek little man! LOL

  3. Missed a few weeks, but catching up. Can't wait for next week's.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it Victoria!

  4. Good for Bear! He knows what he wants. Not like Kameron can't figure it out, but I like that these two aren't playing games. :)

    1. Nope, Bear is not exactly the kind to hide his feelings. :) I think it's why I like him so much. Thanks for reading Tali.

  5. Loved it Cia. I like a playful couple. :D

    1. Thanks! Me too! They've been through a lot together, but I think the intense emotion and experiences have helped them not screw around. That and Bear's just a very direct type of man.


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