Thursday, April 18, 2013

LHNB: Excerpt #2

Part of my distraction lately has been the side story I've been working on for Love Has No Boundaries with the MM Romance Group on Goodreads. Today inspiration was with me and I was able to write 3.5k more, bringing the story up to 23,500 words... and more yet to write. This story will come out sometime this summer, totally free of course, both at the Goodreads group, and as a download, and then later in the year as part of the anthology books the hardworking volunteers will compile with the *187!!!* stories authors are writing.

I'm excited about taking part in this to hopefully find some find more fans, but never fear, I won't be neglecting you guys. I'm including the teasers here on my blog, and when the story posts I'll make sure to let you guys know, both on the group forum (you must be a member to read them) and for download.

Now... for today's excerpt. This is the rough draft, so forgive any mistakes/awkward wording as this hasn't been polished in any way. You also get to find out the name of my Dom!

The skin wasn’t very tight yet, but when he added the weights …

“This is going to look amazing.”

The two tear drop shaped weights matched the ring, the metal colored with all the hues of the rainbow. They were tiny, just an ounce apiece, but he had others that got bigger and heavier in the set. He licked his lips. “I can’t decide … should I put these on one at a time or at the same time?” He leaned over, heat already rising from the sub to warm his lips, as he kissed the slender neck from shoulder to ear.

He nipped at the soft lobe, then sucked the sting away. “What do you think, hmm? Do want me to prolong this and add the weights to your balls slowly, one at a time so you can feel them stretch gradually, or do you want it all at once?”

“Wh-Whatever you want sir.”

Stroking one hand down the stretched skin, Cason tugged on the ring. “Are you sure you want me to decide?”

“Yes! Please!”

He stood up straight. His hand were sure as he threaded the chains of the weights on both rings, holding the weighted tear drops in the palms of his hands. Cason watched, intent, his own cock hard in his jeans waiting for the right moment …

He dropped the weights and let them swing free.

“Fuck!” (For me to know and you to find out later) cried out. He shuddered and strained at the cuffs holding him down, his back arching and making the weights swing again. “Oh God!”

TBC (Come back next week for another peek at the story!)


  1. Oh Geez Louise! U got me excited for this story! An abiity that makes him seperate yet such an enticing teaser as this one?? Can't wait to read it. An anthology with 187 stories?!?! Awesome!

    1. LOL! It's a naughty naughty one. I don't know that I'll do the bdsm justice, or make it the same ole same ole, or totally fail, but I'm doing it anyway! If you check out "Love is Always Write" on goodreads you can see last year's anthology eBook downloads. There are 10, with a bonus edition with 3 novel length stories. The authors run the gamut from first timers to published authors, but the staff try to ensure good quality stories from everyone.


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