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Wednesday Briefs: One Night Part 15

Hey all. More Bear and Kameron, yay! This week there were a bunch of prompts; I chose to include a whining diva as my choice ... can you guess who it is? :P LOL Read on to find out.

One Night Part 15

“Jimmy’s okay, right?” Bear asked Kameron. They were finally going to see his brother and Kameron could see how nervous Bear was. The drugs were keeping him from feeling too much pain but transferring into the wheelchair with his broken ribs had left Bear’s forehead sweaty. His face was pasty and he was already grimacing.

Kameron nodded. They’d been visited by Loren and John and a few of the guys in their precinct but everyone left after dinner. “You don’t have long before visiting hours are over, and then you both need to be in bed resting, so let’s go,” said the nurse who’d helped Bear. “You’ll see, Officer Orveng will be just fine.”

Wearing hospital scrubs to replace his ruined clothes, Kameron led the way gingerly to the room next to theirs, nodding at the two cops on duty outside their doors. It hurt every time he had to move his chest and stomach, which pretty much meant every breath he took. He stretched to open the door to Jimmy’s room.

Fifty-three. It had taken fifty-three stitches to close up all the stab wounds and cuts on his torso. Chaska was going to fucking pay when Kameron testified.

“Here, let me get that.” The officer leaned over to open the door.


Jimmy’s eyes opened when they came in. They were dull but he smiled at Bear. “Hey,” he croaked. “You look like shit.”

Bear snorted, then pressed one hand against his ribs gently, his lips going white. “Fuck.”

“Be careful.” The nurse patted Bear gently on the shoulder. “Ten minutes guys, then you all need to get some sleep.” She left the room.

Jimmy slowly turned his head and looked at him. “Hey man. Heard what happened.”

“Yeah, your brother saved us both. Chaska used me for carving practice but Bear kept his cool and figured out how to get help. He even knocked the fucker and one of his goons out with a hurt arm and ribs.”

“Course I’m paying for it now.” Bear was slumped in the wheelchair as much as the wrapping around his ribs would let him. “I look awful.”

“Whining diva.”  The way Jimmy was squeezing Bear’s hand belied the insult.

“I’m glad you’re going to be okay, Jimmy.” Bear looked at his brother, his eyes shiny. “We were really worried about you. You scared the shit out of all of us, Jimmy.”

“Ditto, once John told me what happened once you guys were on your way here.”

Kameron made his way to the chair between Bear and Jimmy, sitting down gingerly. “We’re gonna be here for a bit, then the Chief wants us all off somewhere hidden, I think.”

Jimmy didn’t look any happier than Bear. “This is my job. I’m not hiding from the bastards just because they hurt me.”

“They hurt you because Chaska thinks I know where his drugs are, even though I have no fucking clue. I don’t want anyone to be in the line of fire, Jimmy. I know we’re going to be out of here before you’re discharged, but damn it, I need you to be safe just as much as you need me to be.”

Bear was panting by the time he was done snapping at Jimmy. Kameron leaned over and rubbed the arm that was back in the sling. It hurt, stretching like that, but it was worth it when Bear took a small breath and then let it out, closing his eyes.

“Jimmy won’t be going back on the job anytime soon either, babe. John promised he’d kick his ass if he tried and you know Loren will.” Kameron had gotten to know everyone quite well over the last few weeks. It was something else, being a part of these guys. He’d never connected with his old partner the way he had with his new ones.

He sat there quietly while the brothers talked for a few more minutes. If he and Bear had to leave town, and this Chief had told them that was probably their best bet, he wanted to take him somewhere nice. There was a little town on the coast he’d heard about from a friend in the academy a few years back that spent every summer there growing up. He’d raved about the cabins on a really remote private beach.

Kameron could see him and Bear getting some fresh air and sun, plus some much needed alone time. They hadn’t had time to really talk once Bear decided to forgive him before the shit hit the fan. They were due a few days of peace and fucking quiet.

There was a knock on the door and Bear jumped and then hissed. The nurse came in. “Just me guys; sorry, but it’s time to go.” Bear squeezed Jimmy’s hand one last time and then sighed.

“See you in the morning, okay?”

Jimmy nodded. He yawned. “I’ll be here.”

Kameron stood up, wobbling a little as every damned slice on his chest burned. The numbing medication they’d shot up the wounds with before they stitched him up was wearing off. “Night man.”

Holding up a finger, Jimmy stopped him. “You take care of my brother, you hear? I guess you guys work pretty well together, even if that wasn’t what I thought would happen when I asked you to start dating him.”

Bear rolled his eyes. “Which was the stupidest thing anyone has ever thought up, by the way. I’m going to get you back one of these days.”

“You’re welcome to try.” Jimmy rubbed at his eyebrow with one finger, his middle one, of course.

The nurse unsuccessfully smothered a laugh. “All right, men, let’s go.”

Once they were back in their rooms and in their beds, Bear sighed. “We’re going to all be okay, right Kameron?”

“Yeah, Bear. We will.”

Kameron hated being in separate beds. He was definitely booking that rental just as soon as they were sprung from the hospital with their too narrow to share beds.

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  1. Nicely done. I'm interested to read the rest!

  2. Makes me wonder aren't things going a lil to smoothly. Oh well we'll see wonderful update

  3. Makes me wonder aren't things going a lil to smoothly. Oh well we'll see wonderful update

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