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Wednesday Briefs: One Night Part 16

It's that time again! Weekly flash with the Briefers! This week I used the prompt, "Hold on there, I'm no..." but I changed no to not. I wasn't really inspired by the prompts to do anything really creative, but I hope you enjoy this update nonetheless!

One Night Part 16
“Fuckity fuck … fuck!” Kameron smacked his phone against his leg.
“What?” Bear rolled his head over and looked at him.
“I can’t get the rental on the beach I wanted.” Kameron scratched at his chest.
Bear scowled at him. “Stop scratching, you’ll pull your stitches.” He sighed, and then winced. He kept forgetting his broken ribs. Sighing for effect was a bad habit and had to go. “Besides, going to the beach or a hideaway cabin in the mountains? Total cliché.”
“Well what do you want to do?”
Bear tapped his fingers on the bedrail. “Why don’t we just go to another city? Get one of those by the week rental places or something? I need high speed internet anyway, and you can’t get those in little hick towns or out of the way places.”
“That’s it, just go to another city and hole up in an apartment?”
Shrugging, Bear said, “Why not? We could use some downtime, you know? We shouldn’t have to hide like we did in the safe house. We just need some time to heal and for John to close this case.”
“You think you can stand to spend a few weeks in an apartment with me?” Kameron grinned at him.
“Well, you’re tall enough to reach the high stuff. Can you cook?” He kept himself from smiling somehow.
“Some.” Kameron held up his phone. “I’m really good at Chinese. And Italian.”
Bear couldn’t hold it in anymore. He started laughing. “Okay, okay. We could use the time to get to know each other better I guess. The real you, this time.”
Kameron scooted closer in the chair, covering Bear’s tapping fingers. “I know I’ve said it before, but I’m sorry. Jimmy just wanted you safe without having to scare you about how bad those fuckers in the Zbrane gang are. It was a bad idea, but I can’t say that I’m not glad that I met you.”
“Jimmy’s still going to get his ass kicked when he’s all better. Or maybe I’ll figure out someone to set him up with.” The annoying client of his, with the voice like it could scratch diamonds, would be a perfect blind date set up. And if Jimmy just so happened to piss her off enough to make her decide not to work with Bear anymore … well, his bank account could take it. He could happy dance while picking up a few extra shifts at the bar when everything was over.
“Okay. So an apartment it is. Any preferences?” Kameron was typing away on his phone.
“Nothing on a ground floor; too fucking noisy. No pool, obviously,” he gestured at Kameron’s bare chest with bandages, “but maybe an exercise room? I like to run when I’m thinking.”
“Not with your ribs, you won’t.”
Bear shrugged. “Okay, so I can send you off to go walk or something when you hover too much. Whatever. Just someplace we can relax and not have to look over our shoulders constantly.”
It was all very surreal when Bear and Kameron were released. Bear made Jimmy promise not to be a shit to the nurses and get better. Then they said goodbye. All the way to the car, which was parked by a deserted alley entrance by the morgue, Bear had to struggle to hold in his fear, which made him surly and angry.
He was afraid for Jimmy. He was afraid for John, and Loren, and everyone else that fucker Chaska could get his hands on. Vilem was the only one who really knew where the hell the gang’s drugs were and John had better make him talk, and fast.
As much as Bear was looking forward to spending some time with Kameron, he also wanted to get his life back to normal. He had avoided becoming a cop like so many of the men in his family had because he didn’t like the uncertainty of the job. Of course now he had a brother and a boyfriend that were cops.
“Ouch. Can we try not to bang me into the wall?” Bear snapped when they went too fast around a corner.
“Sorry,” Kameron said. They’d managed to sneak off without staff knowing it either, other than their doctors. The chief had an idea of where they were going, and a number to reach them, but Kameron had told Bear that he was keeping their location a secret only they would know.
Now they just had to get there safely. The drugs Bear was on made him sleepy, so once they got in the car and Kameron started driving Bear was out like a light, leaning against the door with a balled up coat under his head.
“Bear.” Kameron was stroking his arm when Bear blearily blinked and looked around. He rubbed his eyes.
“Where are we?”
“Our humble abode. This is the parking garage. I thought off the street parking would be best.”
Bear groaned as he levered himself up and out of the car. Thankfully Kameron had gotten a pair of suitcases with wheels on them. They were both breathing hard by the time they got to the elevator and up to the third floor apartment Kameron had secured for them.
The door had three different locks. Bear watched Kameron lock and then test all of them before he turned to look at the rest of the place. It was furnished with a couch, medium sized TV, a table and chairs. Everything was better quality than his college guy style apartment, but the bland tans and whites were boring.
“Bathroom then bed.”
“To the left.” Kameron led the way. The décor didn’t change, but Bear couldn’t find it in him to complain. He used the bathroom and then went into the bedroom.
There was a king sized bed with several pillows. Bear eased himself down next to Kameron. Reaching across the surprisingly comfortable mattress, he laced their fingers together and rested his forehead against Kameron’s shoulder.
“Much better.”
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  1. what a beautiful chapter. Peace and quiet at last...

    1. Thanks Nephy! They need a break to heal and connect.


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