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Wednesday Briefers: One Night Part 24

Ooh... some answers in this one. I chose a *ahem* thought *ahem* stimulating image for my prompt inspiration, lol. I hope you enjoy.

One Night

“So we’re still hiding out?” Bear flounced down on the couch opposite the front door of the house Kameron took him to.

“Yep. We still have to give our testimony to the grand jury tomorrow. Until then it’s lockdown.” Kameron dropped their bags he’d managed to get a patrolman to retrieve from their car. He handed Bear his laptop.

“I figured you’d want this, just in case your clients had any sudden website emergencies.”

Smiling up at him, Bear took it. “Yeah, thanks.”

Kameron sat next to him as he fired up the laptop. “I think most of my life is on my computer.”

Bear flinched when Kameron poked him in his side. “Hey, that tickles!”

“What am I, chopped liver?” The large man snorted. “I’m insulted,” his eyes grew round, “though hot damn, if he popped up on my screen every time I turned my computer on I’d be on there a lot too!”

A young man, dark haired with pouty lips held a white sheet just barely up over his hips as he stared out of the screen.

Bear blushed as the picture slowly faded. He shrugged and then smiled ruefully. So he had a little peekaboo fun when his computer came on. It was just the one he used at home, and the shot was from one of his favorite porn films, just before the guy dropped his sheet and showed just exactly how muscular he was as he screwed a pretty little twink against the slick wall of his shower.

“The whole chin thing is a bit goofy looking though.” Kameron framed his chin with his fingers. “Do I look good like this?”

“Oh shut up. It’s corny but he’s hot.” Bear hovered over a folder. “Wanna see his video?” Screw his clients … or rather, if he was lucky, Kameron would screw him. It still felt like his heart was about to pound out of his chest as he nervously waited for Kameron to come back safe and sound.

Kameron took the computer in his big hands and set it gently on the coffee table. “No, I don’t want to see his video. I’d rather to see you.” He pulled up Bear’s shirt, the warm trails of the back of his fingers made him shiver.

“Yeah ….” Kameron let out a sound of appreciation. “That’s what I want to see.” Bear arched and moaned when those strong fingers tweaked both of his nipples.

“This place has a bedroom, right?” Chills racing down his back made him shudder as Kameron rolled his nipples again. His cock was going to get bent in half if his jeans didn’t come off soon. He could see from the bulge in Kameron’s pants that he wasn’t any better off.

Kameron leaned down and captured his lips in a searing kiss; Bear sucked on the invading tongue. His hands went to the ridge hiding behind Kameron’s zipper. He rubbed firm circles with his palm. Kameron jerked away with a gasp. He stood up, and then pulled Bear up and towed him toward the hall.


 “One night of hiding for just you and me, huh?” Bear snuggled with Kameron in the small double bed. The mattress was hard and the pillows were flat, but he was resting on Kameron’s chest. They smelled like sex and sweat, but he actually kinda liked it. Kameron swept a calloused hand down his back.

“Not our last night together, though.” He looked down at Bear. “Not by a long shot.”

Choika glared at him. Bear faltered. A gun was pointed straight at his forehead; the gangster had been armed by Paolo who stood behind the cruel gang leader pointing another gun at Kameron.

“No!” Bear sat up in the bed. His heart was racing and cold sweat trickled down his spine. “Ugh.” He wiped at the tears trickling over his cheeks.

“Hey,” Kameron rolled over. “What’s wrong?”

“Bad dream.” His throat was raspy, like that cry hadn’t been his first. “I need a drink.” Bear got up and stayed up. As much as he wanted to stay in bed and cuddle, he couldn’t just lay there. Intellectually he knew that there would be no one in the room when he testified by the D.A. and the jury, but fear wasn’t always rational.

Bear about hit the roof when they walked into the courthouse. “Was that Paolo?” He could have sworn he just saw Kameron’s ex-partner walk around the corner of the long hall opposite the way they came in. “Kameron? Why would he be here?”

Kameron put an arm around his shoulders. “He was probably arraigned. Don’t worry; even if he was here, he’s gone now. We’re both safe, okay?”

Nerves made Bear too nauseated to eat breakfast and the coffee he’d had wasn’t helping. It was like a ball of snakes were writhing in his stomach. He barely got through his testimony; the eyes of all of those men and women on him as he told them what happened, like a lurid story on the television for the entertainment, was just the beginning.

Trial would be so much worse.

Jimmy was there when Bear came out and waited with him while Kameron testified. He seemed anxious too, shifting his weight back and forth and pacing.

“Good; you’re done.” Jimmy began to hustle Bear and Kameron down the hall, away from the main entrance.

“Where are we going?” Bear asked. His ankle twinged. “And can we slow down?” Jimmy slowed down, but not because of Bear’s request. He turned and stopped at a non-descript brown door.

“Okay. So … you have to remember that we’ve been trying to bring Choika down for a long time,” Jimmy said. “Since before you even entered the Academy, Kameron.”

“I know that.”

Jimmy opened the door and ushered them in. Bear froze and then he was being shoved behind Kameron.

“What the fuck is he doing here?”

Jimmy ran a hand through his hair. “Things aren’t like you think.”
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  1. Ok - so, what's not as it's supposed to be. And great description about the ball of snakes - ugh!!!

    1. Well I figured I hadn't thrown a cliffie in for a while ... so you'll have to wait til next week! Thanks for commenting Victoria.

  2. ahh who is it? could it be paolo was infiltrating them? but why wouldn't kameron have been told? what if he'd felt threatened by him and shot him or something to protect himself and bear? I don't know who else it could be. lookin forward to more.

    1. Could it be ... hmm ... there's so much info to be had and shared. But I can't answer your questions here without spoiling. Lots to come though. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Great addition! Love the prompts you used. Sexy, fun and left me wanting more :)

    1. Thank you! I saw the guy in the pic and it was very much ... oh, he's yummy and needs to be about to have sex, that dorky chin pose notwithstanding. LOL


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