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Wednesday Briefs: One Night Part 23

Happy Wednesday! Enjoying the near summer days? For me well, it's warm off and on, but not warm enough to swim. Soon ... soon! I swear I nearly grow gills this time of year; it's the only redeeming feature of summer imo. I'm even inspired for a new story ... but first we have to finish Kameron and Bear's!

This week I chose for my prompt, "You can't always get what you want." from the choices. I hope you enjoy this week's installment of One Night!

One Night Part 23

The sharp thwack of a ball on a metal bat made Bear flinch. “Damn, that’s loud.” They’d moved to another hotel and hid out the rest of the day … in bed, of course. After all, it made sense to be naked since they only had one set of clothes.

To help blend, even a little, they’d stuffed their jackets and ties into a rentable locker and rolled up their sleeves.

“Where is he?” Kameron was looking around the cages set up in rows.

“Let’s head to the back,” Bear said. “That’s where all the teenagers always hang out.”

“Won’t we stick out?”

Bear tugged at Kameron’s light blue dress shirt. “We sort of do already.” He led the way over two rows and then headed straight back. “It’s not like there are a lot of teens here now anyway.” Most of the people swinging away were college age.

“Not to mention we don’t have any equipment.” Kameron stayed close enough to Bear that he could feel his heat. “At least it isn’t raining.”

“Yep.” Bear froze. “There he is.” He hurried forward and threw his arms around Jimmy. They both grunted but neither let go.

Jimmy pushed Bear back. “You look much better than the last time I saw you.”

“Back at you.”

His brother hugged Kameron when Bear stepped back. He smiled, enjoying that his brother was actually happy with the person Bear was dating; of course, that was probably because he set them—even if he hadn’t intended for it to be a real connection.

“Tell me again what happened.”

They moved back against the wall at the end of the lot away from the batter a few cages down. Kameron went over everything he’d seen.

“I spoke to the captain and the D.A. but no one’s heard from Paolo. He must have decided to run when you didn’t show.”

“Damn it. I just want this all to end,” Kameron said. “Now!”

“You can’t always get what you want.” Jimmy cracked his knuckles. “But in this case, I agree with you. Let’s set up a sting.”

Bear did not like the glee on Jimmy’s face when he and Kameron planned to set Paolo up. “When do we do this?”

Jimmy rubbed the back of his neck. “I say this afternoon. The judge only gave the D.A. a two day extension. We have to get you guys in court tomorrow, and if we’re going to keep Bear safe we have to get this done.”

“I’m not a helpless infant,” Bear protested.

“You can’t carry a gun, Bear, and I’d never want you to. Let us take care of this.”

Frustration swamped him and then guilt. “We wouldn’t even be in this situation if I were more careful about who I dated.”

“Hey now.” Kameron pulled Bear into his arms. “These guys know how to hide their bad side better than most. He wasn’t some crack head dealer on the corner. People make mistakes. So don’t be so hard on yourself, okay?”

“Besides,” Jimmy added, “the Zbrane gang were already in our sights. You didn’t assign our unit to them. If anything, Choika probably told Vilem to cultivate a relationship with you because you’re my brother. Let’s not play the blame game.”

They finalized plans. Bear was antsy, pacing back and forth and watching the guys batting. He finally stopped flinching at the sharp cracks.

“Hey, little brother, I’m going to get out of here before anyone catches on.”

Bear hugged Jimmy. “You’ll take care of him, right?”

Jimmy ruffled his hair. “Of course I will.”


Kameron pulled Bear into his arms and kissed him. His tongue flicked at Bear’s soft lips until they parted and pulled him inside. His hands couldn’t help but gravitate down to cup that sweet little ass so that he could pull Bear close.

He pulled back, breathing hard. “I’ll be back soon, I promise.”

“You be careful.” Bear’s eyebrows were drawn together and he was frowning. That wasn’t how Kameron wanted him to look after he kissed him. He tried again, this time not letting Bear go until he looked dazed and wide-eyed.

“Love you,” Kameron said softly.

Bear shook his head. “I love you too.”

He’d have to get used to this. Kameron was a cop; that wasn’t going to change. He really hoped that wouldn’t be a deal breaker. Bear wasn’t completely unused to the worry that came from being close to a cop.

Either way, it was too damn late for Kameron to be willing to pull back. He’d fallen for the gorgeous little man.

By the time they were all in position, Kameron was in his headspace. He’d called Paolo on the way back to hotel earlier and set up the meeting. He’d claimed to see a Zbrane lieutenant before they’d parked and thought they’d been spotted, so they took off.

Kameron tugged at the Kevlar vest under his suit surreptitiously. His gaze swept over the plaza where he’d suggested they meet up.

“Hey man,” Paolo came around the corner of the building. Kameron started like he’d been surprised, but the lookout the captain put up high had given him ample warning.

Kameron swung his head around. “Paolo.”

His partner was scanning the area. “Where’s Jimmy’s brother?”

“Not here,” Jimmy said.

They both had their guns out and pointed straight at Paolo. Kameron’s hand didn’t waver even when shots went off behind him. He knew the rest of the department had Zbrane’s men.

“How long you been dirty, Paolo?” Kameron asked. Jimmy put up his gun when Paolo raised up his hands.

“Fuck!” Paolo snarled. “I fucking told him this wasn’t right.”

Jimmy yanked his arms down and cuffed them behind his back.

“Ow, damn it! Those are too tight.”

Kameron holstered his weapon as Jimmy used his free hand to pat Paolo down. He found two guns and handed them over to one of the cops that had flooded the square.

“Serves you right, asshole.”
TBC (Nope, not quite done yet!)
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  1. Yay they got Paolo and even better there's more story!! Waiting for next week.

  2. Great story. Glad they caught him.

  3. Nice chapter. The pressure is off at last. i can't wait to see what they get up to now ;)

  4. I liked seeing Jimmy and Kameron work together. I assume they may end up being partners, though Jimmy has one already. It'd be easier for Bear if he knew the two men he loved had each other's back.

    I'm excited about a new story, but don't hurry to finish it. I think there are still questions to be answered and after the story being this long, I want those answers, ya know. One thing I have to question is how Paolo wouldn't have noticed such a heavy police presence in the area, esp. given he probably knew most of them. I'd think he'd know how to pick out look-outs, and with how fast they flooded the square, they'd have had to all be within 500 ft. of the place. I don't assume anybody important would have gone with Paolo. The gang would probably send some guys to be sure whatever Paolo needed to do would be done. I hope you will let us know what Paolo's plan was when he came to the square. I doubt he would have thrown his life away by shooting Bear or Kameron in public. Would he say he's taking them in and take them to Zbrane's men? I'd like to know, even if it is Jimmy or Kam just telling Bear what he let on in an interrogation. Who is in charge of the Zbrane gang now? Who was still leading the charge against Bear/Kam? Was it Choika's men who hoped to make sure the DA lost the case b/c of no witnesses? The trial is against Choika, right? Will they have to take each member of the Zbrane down separately with trials?
    Anyway, I hope you can tie up a few loose ends, but I am happy that they can now move forward together and I look forward to seeing them do it. Their love is stronger, I'm sure, b/c of the experiences that knocked home the fact that life is really short. But, it will be nice to see them together in real life maybe a bit down the line when they are living like a normal couple. Look forward to more.


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