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Wednesday Briefs: One Night Part 25

Hey guys and gals! Today I bring you another update from Bear and Kameron's story. My chosen prompt was the picture of these two guys ... obviously not Bear and Kameron in form, but the position was so intimate. I hope you enjoy it.


One Night Part 25

“What the hell do you mean things aren’t like I think?” Kameron snarled. He grabbed Bear and pushed him back, reaching for his gun. Paolo stood up, holding up his hands.

“I’m sorry, Kameron,” Paolo said. His shoulders slumped when Kameron shook his head.

“Sorry? Are you fucking kidding me?”  

Jimmy put his hand on Kameron’s shoulder. He whipped his head around and glared. “He was never really dirty; he was doing his job. We couldn’t tell you; don’t be mad at Paolo. It was my call and the captain approved it.”

Kameron couldn’t believe it. “Couldn’t my ass! You trusted me enough to protect your brother, but not enough for this? How fucking stupid could you be! What if I’d confronted Paolo instead of running? How could you not trust me?”

“You weren’t going fail to protect Bear again. This wasn’t about trust, Kameron—”

“Bullshit!” Kameron glared at Jimmy and then at Paolo. “Units shouldn’t be keeping secrets; my fucking partner certainly shouldn’t be playing dirty cop and hiding it. Don’t you think you should have told me after I saw him with Choika’s nephew at the very least?”

“I was scared out of my fucking mind,” Bear said. “I can’t believe you did this again, Jimmy. You guys depend on each other with your lives.”

“Let’s go.” Kameron turned.

“Please wait,” Paolo said. “I want—”

“I don’t care what you want.” Kameron refused to stop walking. He didn’t speak the entire way out of the building until Bear hailed them a cab.

“Back to my place?” Bear asked.

“Let’s go to mine.” It was more secure, and while they’d taken down most of the gang’s heavy hitters, Kameron wanted to stay away from Bear’s place a bit longer. Kameron didn’t want to talk in the cab either. Bear laced their fingers together and stroked the back of Kameron’s hand with his thumb.

Kameron’s hand shook when he tried to unlock the front door. Bear reached past him and put his hand over Kameron’s. He blew out a long breath and relaxed. Bear snagged the key from him and opened the door.

“I’m so sorry.”

Bear shut and locked the door behind them. He put his arms around Kameron, holding him tight. “Don’t apologize. You’re allowed to be upset.”

“Not that. I mean, yeah, I’m upset. I can’t believe they played with our lives like that. That’s not what partners should do. How can I depend on them when they’ve lied to me? I don’t know if I can trust them ever again.”

Bear rubbed his back.

“And that’s why I’m sorry,” Kameron explained. “I’m just now realizing how deeply hurt you must have been when Jimmy had me date you without explaining who I really was. I will never do anything like that again.”

“I know. I’d never have wished feeling like this on you. It sucks.” Kameron stood there, absorbing the comfort Bear offered.

“How about we watch a movie and forget all about everything for now?”

They started on the couch, but it wasn’t big enough to snuggle. Bear and Kameron ended up on the floor with Bear cradled between Kameron’s legs. They’d shed their shoes and button up shirts, but Bear had a white t-shirt on. It wasn’t long before Kameron was sliding his hand under the thin fabric and caressing his stomach.

Bear arched in his arms. “Take it off,” he said huskily. The movie played, forgotten in the background, as Kameron stripped Bear down to his underwear. The smaller man turned around, clad only in briefs, and sat in his lap. He looked at Kameron, cradling his head.

“I love you,” he whispered.

Kameron smiled up at him, caressing his sides. Bear rolled their hips together. “Oh gods, I love you,” Kameron said on a groan.

“I want to sit on your cock right here.” Kameron hands clenched tight and he knew he’d leave marks on Bear’s sides.

“We need condoms and lube.” Kameron’s stomach muscles rippled as Bear stroked his hand down his chest, tweaking his nipples, and then moving down to pop the top button on his pants. “Nightstand.”

“I’ll get those.” Kameron jerked, his cock surging, as Bear’s slim fingers stroked across the head of his cock, spreading the oozing fluid across the tip.


Kameron loved Bear’s smirking grin. His heart was pounding and he could have hammered nails, his cock was so hard. “You get naked.”

It was less than a minute but Kameron was naked and ready when Bear came back. He had Bear lay down on the couch, then hauled his hips over the arm. Bear’s slim cock bobbed in the air; Kameron couldn’t resist. As he fingered Bear, he leaned forward and engulfed the sleek shaft, bobbing his head up and down.

The salty taste of Bear’s smooth skin made Kameron suck hard to get more.

“Now.” Bear’s muscles clenched on his fingers. “I want your cock.”

Fumbling with the condom, Kameron slicked himself up. Sliding inside Bear was like coming home. Nothing had ever felt as right as connecting their bodies as he claimed his lover. He forced himself to move slowly until Bear begged for more, harder.

Kameron pulled out and then slammed back in. Bear wrapped his legs around his hips and then Kameron let go, making sure to nail Bear’s prostate.

“Stroke yourself,” he gasped. He was so close. Bear’s hand moved fast as he jerked his cock. He tightened around Kameron’s cock, groaning. He drove forward as his climax rose and crested. His hips faltered as he shot, filling the condom.

Bear gasped when he pulled out then shouted his name when Kameron leaned down and deep throated him.

“Coming … coming!” Bear’s hands clenched in his hair. Bitter fluid filled his mouth as Kameron swallowed repeatedly. Bear’s cock was shiny with spit when he let it go, slowly going limp. Kameron rested his head on his lover’s thigh, gasping for air, his mind completely blank.

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