Monday, June 24, 2013

Upcoming Fiction From Yours Truly!

Hi everyone. I know I've been neglecting my novel serial, but I wanted to let you guys know why and everything I have in the works fiction-wise!

For Free!!

Nearly 50k available at no charge for online read and download this summer on top of my serial work I post here! (I'll let you know as soon as the moderators of the group give me a posting date)

First, my latest extra project:

Love Has No Boundaries Short Story

When I Saw You: Not much to share on this one. My first draft is done at just over 11k. This is a 2nd story I'm doing for the Goodread's MM Romance group's Love Has No Boundaries event. A prompt was abandoned, twice, :(  so I picked it up and cranked out a short story. Cover art will be coming soon. I have to give huge thanks to Renee Stevens and Cannd for agreeing to beta/edit rush jobs to get it done in the 2 week deadline I'm operating with. This story has photography, scrumptious college athletes, and hot lust!

Love Has No Boundaries Novella

Cason has depended on his ability to guide him in helping others. He is a widely respected Dom, but he never has the same sub twice. Not because he likes to play around, but because all it takes is once with him for them to learn what they truly need. It's never him ....
Vince has been playing around for a little while, but his lack of focus is a problem for every Dom he's been with. They don't get him or what he really wants. All they see is the hyperactive sub with grease under his fingernails.
Cason can't use his ability to help Vince, but he wants to anyway. Can he help the younger man find the peace of being perfectly centered with the right man?

Posting @GayAuthor's Premium Section (paying subscribers):

Aislin doesn't let his disability get in his way. He's a successful business owner and has a great family. Could it stretch to include a new person, or maybe even two?

Anticipated eBooking for this 40k novella will occur at the conclusion of posting in GA Premium section.

On Sale Soon!

They both have secrets they want to hide. Chris isn't out; his break-up with a waitress at the restaurant his father owns, and he's interning at, results in a lot of pain for someone else. He wants to take care of Niel as much as he has to hide how much he wants him. There's something about him that draws Chris in. But Niel's hiding too, from some very bad ... people. Will he have the courage to tell Chris everything, and will Chris still want him afterward? 

This 25k novella will be coming out in the next few weeks.

Whew! So, these have been my 'side projects' this spring, along with Adverse Effects and my flash stories. As always, I have several other stories in the pipeline. I've also edited The Experiment (thank you Julie Hayes for all your great feedback!) and subbed that to Dreamspinner Press. I hope you enjoy everything I have coming out soon.

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  1. Can I just say that I absolutely love being a beta for you! Every one of these stories is deserving of a read and I'm sure I'll be reading all of them again!


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