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Contest Winner and my Wednesday Brief!

Hi Blog Followers! First to the winner of Renee Steven's contest for a free copy of Challenging Fate!

Congratulations Tasha!!!
Now, on to this week's update! This week my 500-1k flash is inspired by the prompt, "Nothing else matters". Enjoy this latest installment of Sayer and Birch's story!
Take Flight Part 5

Haverlseen muttered to himself as he slid glowing hands over Birch’s prone body. “If you had him here he would not have been hurt like this, my lord.”

Would everyone feel the need to remind him of that? “Heal him without the lecture.”

“I cannot.” Haverlseen straightened. The fae’s side braids glimmered in the light. He brushed them back. “He must awaken and consent to the treatment.”

Sayer shook his head. “No. He will be in pain and scared. Heal him now.”

“His aura—”

Sayer took a step forward. His eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared. “He is a human, and as such, you can heal him with your magic. He is mine, and I will have him well. Nothing else matters.”

The healer bowed, staring at the floor. The air whipped his hair around him. “He is yours, my lord. His aura is already too imbued with our magic for me to heal him without his conscious consent.”

Impossible. Sayer staggered. “But … he didn’t ….” It wasn’t possible. Unless? Sayer leaned over his beloved’s body. He didn’t wear a necklace or any other jewelry Sayer could see. The only part of his body hidden from their eyes was under his tight underwear.

Haverlseen turned away when Sayer’s hands went to Birch’s hips. The fae was a healer but no one viewed his beloved unclothed but him. White curls much tighter than the ones on his beloved’s head surrounded his limp cock. It rested over his tight balls, making Sayer yearn to caress the smooth flesh until it rose firm until the small ring registered.

A gold cage surrounded a small rock disc that glittered hung from the ring. It was the first gift he gave his beloved. Had he pierced his cock? Sayer’s fingers trembled as he reached for Birch’s cock. No, there were no holes; instead the ring was attached to something that went inside the slit in his beloved’s cock.

Sayer blinked rapidly, not sure what he was seeing.

“My lord?”

He tugged Birch’s underwear back up.

“He is … marked as mine.” The stone wasn’t his amulet, but he’d been young when he’d begun the courting cycle. He’d whispered of his feelings and imbued the rock with the love he felt for his beloved before he’d given his first gift.

Had he imparted part of his soul to the stone? In accepting it, had Birch given up part of his? Had the claiming started so long ago?

If Birch already possessed a part of him, what had their separation done to him? What pain had he felt, being so far apart, the bond incomplete?

Had that been why he’d always looked so wan after the summer?

Birch would be in pain, and he might not understand, but they had to finish the exchange.

“I need Croll.”

Haverlseen rushed over to the doors. They swept open. Croll stood there, the box still in his hand.

“Was I the only one who didn’t notice his aura?”

Croll shrugged, a smirk stretching his plump lips. “I knew you’d figure it out, and having your amulet in the room might have confused the healer. I have guarded it for you, and even this short of a time, has been an honor.” His smirk had faded to a genuine smile. “Your bond will be very strong.”

He entered Sayer’s room when beckoned and carefully handed over the small gold box. “You still need to learn how to tie a damn bow.”

Sayer let a sharp gust of wind push his friend out of the room and slam shut the doors. Haverlseen fidgeted. “My lord, I think I should step out.”

“You may use my grotto.”

Once he left there was nothing to distract Sayer from Birch. Gingerly he sat down on the bed next to his beloved.


The voice calling his name was as familiar to him as his own. He’d heard it so many times in his dreams, calling to him before the gorgeous man would appear in his dreams. Whatever he lay on was fluffy as a cloud; so he must be in a dream.

Pain radiated through his body when he moved. It was worse than ever before, but it always hurt in his dreams, like he was broken.

If Birch didn’t open his eyes he’d miss seeing him. His eyelids were heavy but he forced them up. A blurry face met him at first, sharper than normal, the hair longer.

“Birch.” Sayer’s fingers trailed white hot paths down his cheek. What had happened to his ears …?

The memory slammed into him.

“Sayer,” he gasped. He tried to move away and the pain in his leg hit him. The room swam as he fought down the urge to vomit, swallowing convulsively.

“Shh, beloved. I’m sorry; I wished to have you healed before you woke but Haverlseen cannot help you yet.”

He’d never hurt this bad before. “Why not?” Birch asked.

Something tickled his stomach just above the waistband of his underwear. Sayer was looking down. “You wear interesting adornments.”

What? Birch didn’t wear jewelry, except ….

 “Oh,” he said weakly. His whole body felt hot. His penis plug. The slim metal tube hollowed inside so he didn’t have to take it out but for the occasional cleaning. He’d had the first stone he’d received added to the plug. It made him feel good.

He never imagined anyone else would see it.

“The stone inside is the first I gave you. I think, in my youth and haste, I might have started a process between us I never intended to begin until you were old enough. We have exchanged parts of our souls, but it isn’t enough. Nothing less than the full half of my soul that belongs to you will be enough to allow Haverlseen heal you.

“This limbo we’ve been in … it is my fault. I’m sorry for the pain you suffered.”

Birch gawked at him. “Exchanged souls? Are you serious?”

“We have no choice now.”

No fucking way. “Excuse me? No choice? Fuck you! You can’t make me do anything!”

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  1. Totally charming as usual. I'm loving both these characters. Their characters are so different and I can't wait to see how Sayer explains all of this to feisty Birch. Love his taste in jewellery

  2. OH embellishments. This is getting very interesting.

  3. There is so much in each installment. I am rooting for Sawyer!


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