Friday, August 23, 2013

eBook Review: Ben by Toni Griffin

Ben (The Atherton Pack #2)Ben by Toni Griffin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I became a friend of Toni Griffin's Mates stories which led me to the Atherton Pack. I enjoyed Liam's story and had high hopes for Ben. They're good fluff pieces, for the most part, with a trope that I enjoy. A needy sub type, a dominant wolf who just wants to protect them...

After Liam's story being a bit more complicated, I thought that perhaps Ben would be a continuation of that theme. The first half of the story was all about Tommy recovering from the abuse at the hands of his former alpha. We got to know a few more of the other wolves in another poker match too. It was pretty obvious that the author was setting that section up to introduce the next couple.

In Ben, the author explored the wolf's version of mpreg a little bit more. It's still not very well explained, though, and that is a common failing I see with mpreg stories. I'd like to know more of the mechanics that keep getting glossed over.

The author did do a good job in continuing the underlying villain plot thread by bringing in the mate of the bad alpha from Liam. I really wish that element of the story had been more fleshed out. The emails were mentioned just before the attack again so we know exactly what is going to happen too. When it came to the actual attack, they catch Sonja right away, then kill her. Still, it all fit in together, if just a little too neatly.

Still, I enjoyed the story. I don't know that I'll continue with the series though, unless the latter stories get a lot more sophisticated.

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