Monday, August 12, 2013

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It's been though a second round of edits from the lovely volunteers with the Love Has No Boundaries event in the MM Romance group on Goodreads ...

“Tell me you talked to the swim team and I got at least one taker.”

“You still got a thing for them, huh?”


Cort smirked. “Uh huh, just maybe?”

“Maybe a little.”

He raised an eyebrow. “A little?”

I blew out a breath, jerking my hand through my hair, which was already starting to curl. It was humid in the offices this close to the pool and I could smell the chlorine in the air. Giving each other a hard time was our customary routine. It was nice it hadn’t changed.

“What’s with the inquisition? Damn! Okay, fine, a big thing for them.” Dropping a hand down to my jeans, I cupped my package and winked at him. “You should know; we did share a dorm room. You teased me enough about that poster of Finchum.”

“Like I was looking at your cock when you were staring at it. I’m not gay, man… the only thing I noticed was how much you were drooling after me.”
“Wow, your mind must be going then ’cause that sure as shit never happened.” We both laughed. Cort was a great friend, and we’d roomed together junior and senior years of college. He'd gotten his sports education degree while I’d gone for photo journalism. He’d played football, being a giant bruiser of a man, and now he was a defensive coordinator. While I loved to see muscles ripple when I was with a man, I had a definite taste for young and slim.

Not those tiny twinks, their bodies waif with eyeliner and scarves, though I had nothing against them. No, my type was the solid, muscular type. Swimmers and gymnasts especially turned my crank. Male beach volleyball players were awfully hot too, but they tended to be a bit tall for my liking.

Keep an eye out for the story, coming soon!!!

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