Saturday, August 17, 2013

Poetry... From Me!

I've been a member of the MM Romance Group on Goodreads for a while. I had one novella already go out in their Love Has No Boundaries event this year, and a 2nd short story will be coming out soon! However, it's on hold for their Anniversary Event! It's huge, there are fun games and TONS of prizes too. You know me, I love free, and I read a lot so I am doing pretty good.

Well, for fun I also wrote a poem! Last year I actually won a common letter poem contest with a letter F poem about flogging. I'll probably do other poems this event, but today I did a nursery rhyme (it's fun to turn something nice into something naughty, lol) about marriage. And sex. Cause yeah... :P

Marriage Make-Up

Married long years, silly willy, sex for any night
To spice it up, silly willy, we pick a fight
Our balls are full, silly willy, our balls are blue
Cock ring’s still on, silly willy, sassing we’ll rue
He says we’ll live, silly willy, with that evil smirk
To get release, silly willy, we’ll have to work
Revenge so sweet, silly willy, ours to be had
When cuffs come off, silly willy, we’ll be so bad
His eyes flare wide, silly willy, when over he goes
Tease up and down, silly willy, this move he knows
Around him we wrap, silly willy, ring number two
Hours we’ll play, silly willy, our love so true

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