Sunday, August 25, 2013

Need voters! I'm in a poetry contest!

Okay... so I'm part of the MM Romance group on Goodreads. If you're not a member, you should be! They have an annual free read program I took part in this year with Needing You. My short story, When I Saw You, comes out very soon for this event!! Plus, you could easily have over a million words in free fiction if you check out their download site, and they still have more of the 189 stories to post! I've read a ton of the stories, almost all of them, and some of them are phenomenal. (Today's is an intriguing 50k fantasy... free to read!)

Okay, so back on track, so the group just had their big anniversary event. I took part in a bunch of the contests including ... a poetry contest! Okay, so I did a few. However, only one of my poem's won a prize, a nursery rhyme based off Peter Piper I titled 'Blushing Bobby'. Read on if you want to find out where he's blushing!  ;)

Bobby Button bared a blushing butt at Billy's bacchanal banquet.
At Billy's bacchanal banquet a blushing butt did Bobby Button bare.
But before Bobby Button blissfully bared his blushing butt,
Who boldly blazoned the blush on Bobby Button's butt?

Okay, so what I need from you!If you don't mind, and you're a member of the group (or my enticement of 189 free stories has tempted you to sign up) and you like my nursery rhyme... head on over to the Poetry Contest Grand Prize Poll topic and vote for my story by clicking on it.


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