Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Art of Evocation

I thought I would share some ideas about 'art' tonight. I don't think a lot of writers probably view themselves as artists, but in my mind writing is very much an art form. I have a few hobbies that give me an artistic outlet, and writing and photography are the two main pursuits I love. In both, I have a goal.


What draws me to an image, or a story, is often how the writer makes me see it. With my own writing imagery is always a key component, but it goes so far beyond that. Without knowing the best words to use, or the proper way to use them, my work is clumsy and unattractive to the mind's eye. Sometimes the words I chose highlight the emotion of the character; sometimes my words give life to the world around them. Knowing what to present and when to present it to my readers has been a process I've learned through lessons and practice, just like my photography has been learned.

Yet, for all that, something still separates the 'great' from the good. I'm not arrogant enough to place my work, stories or pictures in any category; all I find important is that when others see or read them, they FEEL something. That is something that takes real skill, and I'm always thrilled when I hear I've managed to do that on occasion from those that view my art.

So. . . tonight I don't bring you more writing to read, but I want to share some pictures. These images bring to mind old memories, scents of warm petals, or give me the urge to touch a soft petal or fluff of baby down. Perhaps they'll give you the same pleasure.


  1. Oh those were so cute! I really liked the baby ducks. :)


    1. They were precious! That was a good photo op; everyone loves babies.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing them.

    1. Thanks for commenting! Photography is a joy, and I'm very lucky to live in a photogenic area.


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