Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hypnotic Ch. 17

Yes, I know, super long wait and I've no good excuse other than writer's block on this story, but it is finally posted! Ch. 17 of Hypnotic has been published on GA. I hope you enjoy it!!! Click on the graphic to link to the story and happy reading.


  1. Okay that is one cool pic! Read ch17 on GA and loved it!!!


  2. WOW WOW WOW!!
    Awesome chapter. Awesome story.

  3. Loved it,thx so much!! The graphic is really great11 :o)

  4. Thank you guys, I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter! It was a hard thing to write, with a big block holding me up. I felt so happy finishing up the edit on it that I was inspired to make up a new graphic. This is actually part of a picture I took of a python.

    It is where I got the imagery for the mating marks in this story. The color of the scales can be beatiful and they have an inherent grace in them, yet snakes are reviled and feared. Anyway, lol, this is a big part of what gave me the idea for Davis and his character.

    Thank again for reading and commenting!

  5. Wow that is a great pic love it

  6. Oh my God... SO SO GOOD!!!! I can't believe that you finally posted it, and on the one freakin day I'm not checking in every couple hours!! Boy am I glad I decided to check before going to bed tonight!!

    I absolutely love the change in Ellis. I am so happy that you went with the story the way you did, having Ellis transform. There was that split second where you had me wondering what Ellis was up to, as he straddled him. Oh, and how he claimed Dav. So hot.

    Absolutely worth the wait. Yay!!!

  7. loved it can wait for you to post the next one :)

  8. Soo good! The Carthera series and Hypnotic are my two favorites. I check back every day looking for more (a little stalkerish, I know...can't help it). so many loose ends still. Like, what is Ellis? Have Nathamm and his brother worked things out? Is Matthew ok? I would love to see Davis let Ellis top him. That would be hot *fanning myself at the thought* come on girl, I've read each chapter a few times just to get a little fix, but I'm in need of a new chapter. Please :)


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