Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Coming Soon!

Come back tonight for more of The Experiment!


  1. LOL, love it! Cute. And, of course, I'll be back tonight. :)


  2. WOO HOO!!! Until later on tonight. Hope you're feelin better.


  3. yea! I have time to pop the corn and turn the phone off!!! :o)

  4. Is it so bad that I've been refreshing the page every hour to see if it's posted?!?!?! LOL. I can't wait ;-)

    I really hope you're feeling better!! Oh, and any update on Hypnotic?? I'm dying over here wondering what is gonna happen to Ellis now!!

  5. Hy hope you're feeling better, i'll be here, i with naughtycouture what's up with Hypnotic??

  6. Well I have a few things to say, first I hope you are feeling better. Second I have just started following your blog, while I have been following you on Literotica for a while now. I read The Experiment immeidiately, and now am hooked. Third, I will be staying up and checking back regularly for your updated post, for I just have to know what happens next. Lastly this is the first time I have posted a comment since I discovered your blog last week while my girls were on Spring Break. With that being said, you are an amazing writer and if you are published any where let me know so I can purchase your works. If not, then if you ever publish your stories, then let me know and I will be one of the first to buy your book.

  7. Thanks everyone! No, unfortunately I'm not better yet (so if my story is flawed, feel free to show me. I hate making mistakes, but can't focus so well still, but the story won't leave me alone) and my throat is now all yeucky too now. Joyous right?

    Hypnotic is a little slow, super sorry. All my fault on that one. Since I got this update done tonight, tomorrow's writing is ALL on Hypnotic. I hope to get it to my beta right away, since she's about to move and be too busy to help with it.

    Tonya, I don't have anything published yet. Anything I have available you can find through the links on my blog here on GA, Lit, FSO, and ARe. I do have a few projects in the works that haven't been seen by the public yet, but as nothing is 'signed' I can't mention them yet. Never fear, I will as soon as I can! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful compliments, it was a joy to read that you enjoy my work so much. Thank you for reading!

    1. I'm so sorry that you're still feeling yucky :-( I had something a few weeks ago, and I was out for like 7 days. Thank you, substitute teaching, for exposing me to more kids AND their germs in 1 week than most people encounter in a lifetime! It was terrible. So I complete sympathize with you.

      The Experiment was great. Though I already posted that in the comments over there! Any mistakes were small and hardly noticeable. Believe me, we're just happy you're posting :-)

      About Hypnotic. I'm really not trying to be pushy... I just absolutely fell in love with it and every time I get on Lit to see if any new stories have been posted by my fav authors, I seriously pray it's up. I don't know what it is about Ellis and Dav that have me so hooked. Or maybe its because we're also getting more story line on the whole outbreak and attacks against the clans. All I know is that Hypnotic has become my crack and I'm itching for another fix!!! Lol! But, with that being said, I'd rather you do it when it feels right than have you try to force something. I know you'll get it up when the story is good and ready to be put up.

      Thanks again for posting something today!! Though, now I'm itching for the next part of The Experiment too. You've definitely got a loyal reader in me :-)


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