Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Artistic Nude

An avid photography fan, I also love to see truly artistic nude images. Below is a collection of some of my favorite images. These all have that essence, that evocation, I was speaking of in an earlier blog. They don't need to be graphic to catch my eye and increase my appreciation for the many curves and angles of the human form and the way a simple posture can share so much. I hope you enjoy these; the original images and links to the owner's galleries can all be found in my deviant art favorite's gallery.

ot 127 by alfred-georg

on the floor by acaspe

Doorway by =stashion

Couple Stuff by ~AzuLacosta

Dominika by *pasiasty

Tired by *Divasoft


  1. Doorway is my fav. They are *all* great, but that one really caught my eye. Glad you put these up. :)


    1. :D Eye candy is always fun! I think out of these, tired is my favorite. I have plenty more that I truly adore, including a ton by one of my favorite artistic nude artists. He'll be next up on my list!


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