Friday, March 16, 2012

New Story on GA!

Hi guys! I'm going to take the advice of my lovely fans who wish me better, thank you by the way, and take a bit of time off from writing, or at least publishing anything I write until I'm better. However . . . I do have a new short story that posted today with GA's Spring Anthology themed "It Wasn't Me!".

The story, Invisible Scars, continues the story of 2 of my characters, Kiron and John. It's a modern mm story that can stand alone, but if you'd like to read how the two first met, read Figuing it Out. The links below will take you right to either story! While you're there, check out many of the other stories released with the anthology; there are a ton of wonderful authors on GA. Some of my favorite authors that wrote for the anthol include Comicfan, Lugh, KC Grim, CassieQ, Roan...

Happy Reading!


  1. Hey Cia,

    I just wanted to let you know that I've been reading your stories on GA and I wanted to say that one of my favorite stories you have there is "The Price of Honor" I tried to leave a comment at the end of the story, but they wanted me to create an account and I currently cannot create one due to the economy.

    I also wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the two stories you have mentioned up above, that's what got me to reading your GA stories in the first place.

    The one's I'm really looking forward to reading is "Paper Trail" and "Legends and Life" Please give me a head's up to when you get a chance to continue the stories. I believe the cliffhanger you left at the end of L&L is just as evil, if not more that "The Experiment." I saw that and though...OMG you CAN'T just leave me hangin...But you do and it's a good way.

    I've not finished all your stories, but I'm addicted to them.

    You are a gifted author and thanks for posting your work. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE your work.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


    1. You're so sweet, Mendy! I'm so glad you enjoyed the stories on GA. The Price of Honor was my first story ever, so it's pretty rough edited, but I loved writing it too.

      As for the economy keeping you from joining GA, the membership is 'purchased' but actually totally free. You don't have to pay anything to be a part of the site, or FSO if you don't want to. I'm an admin on both sites, so I wouldn't steer you wrong!

      Thanks so much for reading and thanks for commenting again! I love to hear from readers.


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