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Wednesday Briefs: One Night Part 18

Holy crap; it's May already and that time of the week again! Hump day! Particularly apt for this installment of my flash story, LOL! Please welcome a friend of mine, beta extraordinaire, and wonderful author ... Renee Stevens, to the group. She is sharing her first Wednesday Briefer flash piece this week.

So, my choices this week were myriad, including photos and: "An ounce of prevention is worth..." or use: cauliflower, pastor, enable or "When will I see you again?" or dress your characters in blue or "Count sheep? I'd rather count..." or "My ... is so sore.... (fill in the blanks).

Guess which one I picked? *winks*

One Night Part 18
“Fuck … yeah.” Bear groaned, desperately wanting to squirm but unable to with the arm Kameron had braced across his hips. “More.”
Kameron had his face buried between his legs, sucking hard on his cock. It had been a long time for Bear and the tight, wet heat that slid from the base up to tip and then dove back down was driving him close. His toes curled and every muscle in his thighs tensed.
Kameron circled the base of his cock with his fingers and held tight. The squeezing sensation made it feel like the tip of his cock was about to pop off and the rhythmic sucking from Kameron’s lips locked just under the crown was too much for Bear.
His balls throbbed and he hung onto that rush of feeling, so close, wishing it could last but wanting that release too. “Now!” Bear held his breath, his jaw clenched, and then it came. He reveled in the wave and then let out an explosive grunt. The hard back of the sofa hurt his head when it kicked back as the shots of cum filled Kameron’s mouth.
Bear panted. His cock ached when it slipped out of Kameron’s mouth. The cool air made him shiver and his ribs protested. “Oh god, you just sucked out every bit of strength I had through the tip of my dick.”
“Good, then you won’t fight me when I do this.” Kameron straddled him carefully. Bear looked up from the bulge tenting Kameron’s jeans that the man seemed to be ignoring, expecting a light kiss but what he got was an intense consumption of him, just as thorough as the blow job he just received.
The bitter taste of his cum wasn’t Bear’s favorite flavor but he loved that he could taste it in Kameron’s mouth. Bear couldn’t lift his arms up for long, but he gently stroked Kameron’s stomach as they kept kissing messily. He slipped his hands under the worn t-shirt, feeling the soft skin over hard muscle and the marring here and there of the wounds left by Choika’s brutality.
“Kameron,” Bear gasped when they finally pulled back to breathe. “You … you just ….”
A smirk spread across Kameron’s face. “I know.”
Bear reached for the snaps on his jeans. “I want to suck you, but I can’t bend over.”
Kameron pushed his hand inside his loosened pants and wrapped Bear’s fingers around his cock. “Pull it out.”
Bear did.
“Just stroke.” Kameron’s voice was tight and his cock was rigid in Bear’s hand. He stroked his fingers up and down lightly. The hand over his squeezed down. “Hard,” Kameron said. “Fast.” His hips rocked up into their combined grip. “I won’t last; not this time. You can suck me later.”
Bear began jerking his hand up and down almost roughly. “Are you going to come on me?” He hoped Kameron would. He liked the way a man’s cum splattered across his body, especially when it wasn’t his own. There was something so erotic about it.
Kameron leaned over him, hips rocking, one hand holding on to the back of the couch. “Ugh,” he grunted, snapping his hips up. “Now, now, now,” he chanted as he froze, arcs of white cum squeezed out between their hands to paint Bear’s torso where his shirt was pushed up.
The weight of his lover’s limp body was heavy on Bear’s thighs when Kameron rested more of his weight on Bear’s lap, but he didn’t complain. It felt good. Safe.
Kameron and Bear settled into a routine as they both healed and got to know each other better. Kameron was bored out of his skull though. There was only some much daytime TV a man could watch and Bear’s fingers typing away on his keyboard were driving him a little crazy. Bear had slowly begun to work again; he’d explained about using a bouncing IP signal in order to mask his location when he logged into his email or his client’s sites, but Kameron didn’t really like computers.
He could check his email and surf all the porn he wanted … well, had wanted, before he had Bear. As his stitches came out and Bear’s ribs slowly began to let him move around more easily, they’d moved from blow jobs to sex.
It still blew Kameron’s mind. He’d never met anyone like the small, incredibly snarky man, but one smirk and lifted eyebrow from Bear was all it took before his cock decided it was ready and willing. Kameron had never been so glad to have anyone’s forgiveness as he was Bear’s; the idea of missing out on getting to know him made Kameron still shudder.
Tap. Tap. Tap, tap, tap, tap.
Kameron stood up. He still couldn’t stand the typing. “I’m going out for a short walk. Do you want to come with me?”
Bear shook his head. “No way, my thighs are so sore from last night.” Bear had been limping a little but he’d wanted to be on top and there was no way Kameron was going to argue.
“Want me to pick up dinner?” Evening was already slowing the city down around them but Kameron felt like he hadn’t done a damn thing. “I feel like some of those chili dogs from that place around the corner.”
“Sounds good,” Bear said absently as he tapped at the keyboard while squinting at what looked like lines of gibberish. Bear stopped and looked up when Kameron picked up his keys. “You won’t be gone long, right?”
“No. Still, lock the door behind me with the chain, okay?”
Kameron enjoyed the breeze outside, his hands in his pockets. His chest still itched a bit and his shoulder ached when he moved wrong but they’d been hiding for a good two weeks. As soon as he was around the corner and knew Bear wouldn’t be able to see him, Kameron dug his phone out.
“Hey, Paolo. Tell me something good man.”
*evil grins* Okay, more next week. Now check out all the other great flash stories!



  1. Hey, long time no talk. Finally back on line regularly. I am glad I am so I didn't miss WB's. I only wished we had been in on their switching to sex! It was such a build-up to it and took so long for life (and their hearts/libido) to let them get there. I'd have loved to have been along for the ride! (HMM seems that was an unintended pun) lol

    1. Yay! You're back. :) Upside of being away you can read more at once. Sorry about the lack of sex ... it's just not as much of a focus for this story. Don't worry though, I'm not saying it won't come back up again. Thanks for catching up cannd!

  2. suspecting that maybe he shouldn't have used his cell phone. Will be back next week to see what's up.

    1. But would he bring his OWN cell phone? :P I hope you like what's coming for next week, lol.

  3. Uh oh, I foresee trouble during that walk :S

  4. one of them is going to get into trouble i think but which one. you've got everyone thinking that Kam is the one who's going to be hit with trouble but bear's in the flat all alone. Hmm...choices choices. The story is really keeping up the heat hun.


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