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Wednesday Briefs: One Night Part 20

It's that time again! Wednesday Briefers, with all their great flash pieces, are back again. This week I chose the prompt 'show one of your MC's disappointed' for my inspiration. I hope you like this latest installment of Bear and Kameron's story.
One Night Part 20

Bear sighed. “I guess our time is up, right?” He stuck the last of his clothes in his suitcase and zipped it shut.

“You’re disappointed too, I know.” Kameron came up behind him and gave Bear a hug. “It sounds weird, but it has been like a little vacation from the real world.”

“The real world is full of gangsters, and drugs gone missing, and people trying to kill us. Yeah, I want to go back to that.”

Kameron turned him around and tilted his chin with his hand so Bear would look up at him. “I’m not going to let them put a finger on you again. I promise.”

“I know. I am still scared though. Are cops going to meet us before we get to the courthouse? Will I still need protection? What about after we testify?”

Kameron sat down on the bed, pushing Bear’s suitcase down. He pulled Bear between his legs so they were face to face. “I actually wanted to talk to you about that.”

His face was a bit pink, and Kameron looked nervous, licking his lips and flicking his eyes down and then back up to Bear’s. He took a deep breath. “Move in with me.”

“What?” Bear wasn’t sure he heard what Kameron really said. Or maybe …

“Do you want me to stay with you for a while so you can protect me?”

“Well, yes, I want to protect you.” Kameron grabbed Bear’s hands, engulfing them in his much bigger ones. He rubbed Bear’s wrists with his thumbs. “I want to keep you safe. I’d want you to move in even if we weren’t in danger though. Staying together the last six weeks here has been the best time of my life,” Bear snorted and Kameron rolled his eyes, “other than the threat of murder, I mean.”

His voice softened. “I really like being with you, Bear. I know everything has been crazy and we’ve gotten really close, really fast, but I think for some people that works. I-I love you.”

Bear’s eyes were stinging and his throat hurt. What could he say to that? Nothing but the truth.

“I love you too.” He leaned forward and kissed Kameron, putting every scrap of what he was feeling into it. Kameron brought their joined hands up and cupped Bear’s cheeks. He thrust his tongue in and Bear gave as good as he got.

Loud breaths and moans filled the room.

Bear’s suitcase ended up on the floor and they both landed on the bed when Bear climbed on Kameron’s lap and shoved him backward.

“Want you,” Bear said feverishly as he began unbuttoning Kameron’s slacks. Their court clothes weren’t treated gently as they stripped and then began grinding against each other.

“I packed up the lube.” Kameron was panting, his hands squeezing Bear’s ass and pulling him down hard against him so their cocks rubbed together.

“Just this, then.” The feeling of Kameron’s hard cock rubbing against his, their combined fluids leaking and smoothing out the thrusts, had him far closer to orgasm than it should since they’d made love twice the night before.

“Feels so good,” Bear moaned out.

“Uh huh.” Kameron’s hands kept kneading his ass, increasing their rhythm. “Gonna come soon.”

Shivers began to run through Bear as pleasure coursed through him, building in waves. He could feel it, so close, that moment was just out of reach as he rocked almost violently against Kameron’s cock. Then the tip of Kameron’s finger entered his hole, just breaching it, the dry sting enough to lift Bear’s balls and tip him over.

“Fuck!” Bear came all over them. Kameron’s head kicked back against the bed and he ground up, grunting. Seconds later more hot spunk splashed between them.

Bear lay panting on Kameron’s chest, ignoring the mess between them. “Oh, god, I needed that. I feel like a limp noodle now.”

Kameron laughed. “Glad I could help.” He looked over at the clock. “We’re going to be late meeting Paolo though.”

“Meh,” Bear flapped one hand. “He can wait, as long as we aren’t late for court.”

“We should be fine there.”


“I’m not saying we should tell him why we were late, but maybe you should apologize when we find Paolo.” Bear was walking beside Kameron. They’d parked in an old alley four blocks from the courthouse. Paolo was supposed to meet them about a block away.

“He’ll be fine. Do you have any idea how many long breaks the man can take during a shift? And how many phone calls I’ve had to wait for him to finish? It’s about time I kept him waiting.”

“Does he have a hot girlfriend or something?”

Kameron shrugged. “I think so. I’ve never met her though.”

“Maybe we could get together when all this shit is over. I mean, he is your partner, right? Jimmy and John are really close.”

He’d never really been that close to Paolo, but Bear was right. “Yeah, maybe after you move in we can have everyone over for a bbq.”

Bear grinned up at him and Kameron was glad he’d suggested it. “Sounds great.”

As soon as they turned the corner, Bear pointed and said, “There he is.”

Kameron stopped instantly. Bear took a step forward and Kameron’s reached out and grabbed his arm, yanking him backward.

“What the fuck!”

“Shh!” Kameron hushed him frantically as he towed him around the corner. His heart was racing. He had to see if they’d been seen; he didn’t hear anyone running but that didn’t mean much. “Don’t move,” he told Bear.

Peeking around the corner risked getting his head shot off, but Kameron had to check. He eased to the edge of the building and peeked around the bricks.

Paolo was still standing in the alcove, his back to Kameron. That meant the guy he was talking to was facing him and Kameron could see his face perfectly.

Choika’s nephew.


And Paolo just handed him a gun.
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  1. Oh My God!!!!! You are so cruel. making the guy that Kameron should be able to trust completely into the bad guy. But, it does make sense. Now we know how the bad guys were able to get to the boys while they were in the hospital.
    Thanks for the great chapter.
    Kathy C.

    P. S. Seriously jonesing for some more of Dade and Yaseke.

    1. It does make sense. ;) I tried to insert small clues here and there, that Zbrane had to have someone helping them. More Dade and Yaseke coming soon! Thanks for commenting, Kathy!

  2. Wow. I didn't see that coming. So glad the guys are moving in together when all the craziness is over!

    1. You didn't? :P Yay! I'm glad you liked it, littlelizzie. I did want to add something not so ... omg, bad stuff keeps happening, where's the good? :)

  3. “I’m not saying we should tell him why we were late, but maybe you should apologize when we find Paolo.” Bear was walking beside Kameron. They’d parked in an old alley four blocks from the courthouse. Paolo was supposed to meet them about a block away.

    ^ As soon as I read that paragraph, I had a bad feeling something wasn't going to be right about Poalo. Wasn't sure what it was, just that something was amiss. I see I was right. Either that, or things aren't as they seem in that scene.

    Great chapter! Totally looking forward to more!

    1. :P It's the small things that create the right hints to the perfect AHA moment. Though, quite a few readers had already pegged Paolo as a possible baddie. Thanks for reading Cyn!

  4. Very enjoyable, Cia. I love the wet noodle comment.


    1. Great sex, even just good sex, should make you feel like a limp noodle! That worn out, can't move, god it just feels so good afterglow where you breathe ... and that's about it. LOL I'm glad you liked it!

  5. I totally forgot it was time for more Wednesday night briefs. So glad I checked and very frustrated that I have to wait another week to find out what happens.

  6. Ahhh! Great chapter. A mix of 'awww,sweet!' and 'holy shit! what is goin on?'
    I love it!
    So, I am kinda feeling stupid, given the fact that I didn't see it comin' with Paolo. But, I kinda like it when something catches you off guard. I didn't think that the comment about him not knowing Paolo well was odd. Afterall, he'd just transferred in and that is why he was chosen to protect Bear, who wouldn't recognize him. But, I kinda have to wonder why he didn't send Choika's nephew to get them at their getaway, but I think they hid the address from everyone, right? They showed up at the perfect moment! How long has Paolo been on the force? I guess he coulda been tipping off the gang for a long time. I can't remember if Jimmy was working with him when he got shot. Can't wait for it.


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