Thursday, May 9, 2013

LHNB: Teaser #4

I finished my rough draft of my story for the Goodreads Love Has No Boundaries Event. If you've been wondering about what has been taking up all my time ... it's been this. Well, that and life in general. Yesterday I spent hours tracking down a plagiarizer and rule violater on Gay Authors ... which just pisses me off. If you want to know more, you can check out the site staff blog on the main forum page on the site through my free fiction websites page.

This story is moving right along though! Working in conjunction with my beta the first 25k of the rough draft is already beta'ed. I ended up around 33.5k, and I usually have a bit more added during edits, so I'm hopeful for the story to end up around 35k for the final draft.

So ... how about a teaser?

Page pursed his lips. “He never said, but I’m pretty sure the contract expired. (Still not telling) isn’t stupid, but we’re both new to the lifestyle, you know? I stopped playing for a while after I saw what was happening with him; it scared me. But this submissive chick I know told me about the munches hosted by Master Pete at the restaurant. I thought that would be safer than going to clubs, and I could learn some stuff too.”

Cason nodded. “You were smart.”

Page snorted. “I was lucky; I met you. I thought that I wanted you, especially after I saw that paddling you demonstrated on the guy wearing those leather chaps? Man, his ass was so red afterward it was practically glowing; you barely had to touch him before he came all over the stage. But Brandon is perfect for me, and you knew that, didn’t you?”

Shrugging one shoulder Cason said, “I guessed you two would be good together.”

“Brandon says that it is more than guessing. You’re good with people."

I know it's short, but I have to draw it out until the story posts. More coming soon. Enjoy!    


  1. I can't wait to read the whole of this story. It seems like the average LHNB story gets longer and longer, mine clocked in at 38k...I'll be busy for months reading them:)

    Looking forward to more!


    1. I love it! I'm always looking for new stuff to read free that is DONE. I get so annoyed with ongoing serials, since I read so much and so fast. Can't wait to read yours too!! I'm not surprised it needed to be that long; you had quite the plot idea in the prompt you chose. I can't wait to see the picture come to life, it looks so tender, yet fierce, with how closely the two guys were clinched.


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