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Wednesday Briefs: One Night Part 22

Oh, more for Bear and Kameron! I chose the prompt: Don't make me laugh. Enjoy!!

One Night Part 22

Bear absolutely hated waiting. It fucking sucked. He didn’t even have his computer with him; the TV wasn’t enough to keep his mind from thinking about what could have happened to both him and Kameron … and what could happen to Kameron while he was gone.

Paolo had the number to the phone Kameron had, though, and Bear knew they had to get rid of it. Kameron would get rid of it and get a new one so they could get in touch with Jimmy and John. Bear sent a hopeful thought up to whoever, whatever, might be listening that they were both okay.

A twinge went through him as he sat up. His ribs still ached when he moved wrong and running hadn’t helped the rest of his body either.

Another glance at the clock showed only ten minutes had passed since the last time he looked.

“Damn it!”

Someone pounded on the door and Bear jumped. He grunted and pressed a hand to his side but counted silently in his head as he went over to the door and stood on his tiptoes to look through the peephole. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six.


“One. Two. Three.”


Bear unlocked both locks and opened the door. “You know, I could see it was you through the hole.”

Kameron shut the door behind him and turned the locks. “Yeah, but what if someone had been standing out of sight with a gun on me? Then I wouldn’t have knocked the right way.”

“It’s like we’re stuck in a bad fucking movie,” Bear bitched. “Seriously!” A lot of his fear had faded as soon as Kameron came in the door. Bear knew he was safe with the other man. That allowed a lot of his natural bitchiness to come to the front though, and Bear wasn’t up to curbing it. At all.

The black bag in Kameron’s hand went flying as he threw it onto the bed. He enveloped Bear into his arms and pulled him close. His tie tickled Bear’s nose.

“I just want to go back to work at Capstone with Loren, and work with my annoying clients on their websites. I want to go on a date with you without worrying about who might see us and decide either of us needs to die.”

Bear felt his throat thicken and his eyes burned. He looked up at Kameron. “Are we going to have to move to get any peace? Go into witness protection or something?”

Kameron cupped the back of Bear’s head. “We’re going to be okay. Zbrane is an old-school gang. They really are like a snake; cut off the head and they’re powerless. We get rid of Choika and they’re out of the picture.

“That’s why they’re pulling out all the stops. They’re threatened. They know the DA has a case with us.” Kameron lowered his head, his hands pulling Bear toward him at the same time until they met together, their lips melding in an intense kiss.

Bear parted his lips beneath the pressure of Kameron’s; their tongues swirled together. Bear fisted his hands in Kameron’s suit jacket, holding on for dear life as he was kissed just about senseless.

“I love you,” Kameron said softly.

Bear opened his eyes, staring up in the endless blue of Kameron’s. “I love you too.”

They kissed again. Bear had no idea how much time had passed by the time they finally managed to pry themselves apart but his lips were swollen and throbbing and he was dizzy. His cock was leaking into his underwear too.

“You are way too good at that,” he gasped.

Kameron chuckled. He let Bear go reluctantly. “I need to get those phones fired up so we can reach Jimmy.”


“We need more than one, just in case.”

They sat side by side on the bed. “You think we’re safe here?” Bear asked as he popped the battery in and started charging the phone.

“No. Once we call Jimmy I’m gonna break this phone and we’re going to leave.”

That didn’t make sense. “But you paid for 3 days.”

“Just in case we were tracked through our old phone. I tossed it while I was out, but they might find a way to track where it was. I don’t want to take the risk they come by checking hotels. If they do, the guy will tell them we paid for 3 days. They might stick around here, thinking we’re coming back.”

“So we could get more wiggle room.”

Kameron nodded. “Okay. Do you need to use the bathroom? As soon as I hang up, I want to leave.”

Bear hurried; he grabbed a drink while he was in there, grimacing at the metallic taste of the water. “Okay … ready,” he said when he came out.

The cheap phone was quiet, but it was just loud enough on speakerphone that they could both hear.


Bear sighed in relief when his brother answered; Jimmy was okay. “Jimmy? It’s us. We’re safe, for the time being.”

“Good. We need to meet up. Tomorrow, at the place where I hit my first ever full moon.”

Bear felt a grin spread across his face.

“Uh ….” Kameron frowned.

“Gotcha, Jimmy.” Bear would explain when they hung up.


“We’ll be there,” Kameron said. He hung up, and then removed the SIM card and broke it.

“So, where are we meeting your brother?”

Bear chuckled. “Jimmy sucked at batting; a friend decided to moon him the one time Jimmy actually got a piece of the ball. They were at the batting cages but the idiot had his ass against the fence and Jimmy hit him right in the crack.” Bear was outright laughing at the look on Kameron’s face when he finished telling the story, barely able to finish it. “Oh, don’t make me laugh though, it still hurts.”

“Well, that’s pretty cryptic code. We should be safe. Come on; let’s go.”

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  1. Those poor boys. It seems they take one step forward and two back. Nice to see them having a moment of sweetness and comfort. I look forward to this every week. i never know what to expect :)

  2. That was HOT! I hope they get more time together without worries soon!

  3. Oh yeah, a meet-up at the batting cages. :D I don't think Jimmy would set them up, but who knows. And the location sounds like fun.


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