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Wednesday Briefs: Part 21

Happy Wednesday! I swear, the week just keeps flashing by. For this week's prompt, I choose an image ... but didn't actually incorporate the image itself. It lightning strike is a rapid shocking event that happens over and over. I wanted to use that representation in the story, so I hope it comes across. Enjoy this week's update.

One Night Part 21

Kameron spun around. “Go, go, go.” He pushed Bear away from the building and they began running away from the courthouse. Thank god they had gotten through traffic faster than Kameron had anticipated when he’d called Paolo to tell them how late they’d be. If he hadn’t seen that ….

“Where are we going?” Bear gasped.

“Away.” Kameron ran behind Bear, looking over his shoulder, repeatedly. Lightning flashes of Palo handing the gun over kept playing in his mind. “Paolo was talking to a Choika’s nephew. Don’t know why. He gave him a gun. Probably Zbrane lieutenants all around the court house.”

Bear stumbled over a piece of broken concrete. Kameron caught him by the back of his arm. “Shit, fuck,” Bear gasped. “My ankle.”

Kameron wrapped an arm around him. “We can’t stop yet.”

He kept an eye out, randomly turning down alleys until they were far enough away he felt they were safe.

They slowed, but didn’t stop. Bear was grimacing, limping, and he had one arm tucked around his ribs.

“What in … the hell … is going on?”

“My partner must be working with Zbrane. Damn it! No wonder the scum sucking bastard’s never been busted.” Kameron couldn’t believe that Paolo was a dirty cop. He didn’t want to, but he’d seen him. Who else could be working for the gang? Was it just Paolo? Could he trust anyone?

Kameron tightened his arm around Bear’s shoulders. “Don’t worry; I’ll get us someplace safe.”

“Why didn’t they attack us before?” Bear’s breathing was harsh even though they’d slowed. He still wasn’t healthy enough to run around.

“I didn’t tell Paolo where we were. The phone I had was a burner, non-trackable. The only time he knew where we were, or were going to be, was today when he was supposed to meet us for court.”

Bear glanced at his watch. “We’re going to miss that.”

“Can’t be helped.” Kameron guided them toward the more populated streets. He flagged down a cab. “Get in.”

Bear limped over to the yellow car and got into the backseat. He wiped at the sweat on his forehead. “Where are we going?”

Leaning forward toward the cab driver Kameron said, “Take us to a motel we can rent by the hour, please.”

The older man wrinkled up his lips, but he flipped the meter on. He grumbled under his breath, but he was driving, so Kameron ignored him.

“The best hiding place for us now is somewhere random. We can’t go to anyone we know, or anywhere Paolo would know about.”

Kameron dragged his phone out of his pocket. “I’m calling Jimmy.” In seconds, Bear’s brother answered his phone.

“Where the hell are you?” he asked. “The judge is furious.”

It took a few minutes to explain everything. Jimmy was cursing quietly. “Where are you?”

“I’m not telling you that,” Kameron said calmly.

“Fuck you, man! Do you think I’d put my brother at risk? That I’m dirty?” Jimmy’s voice was a low growl. “Tell me where the hell you are taking my brother. I’m coming to get him.”

“No. Damn it, listen to me,” Kameron said when Jimmy started to interrupt him. “Paolo could have bugged your phone. He could have someone following you, or put a tracker on your car. I know you’re not dirty and you’d never do anything to hurt Bear.”

Bear looked up at him with wide eyes.

“The less I tell anyone, the safer Bear is. I’m ditching this phone; we’re going to find a place to lay low. Talk to the prosecutor, tell her what’s going on. I don’t know who to trust right now, Jimmy, so I need your help. I need a safe way to bring Bear in.”

“Fuck. Fine. I get it.” Jimmy still sounded mad, but he wasn’t yelling. “I’ll work on it from this end. You’re sure Paolo didn’t see you?”

“Pretty certain, why?”

Jimmy’s voice dropped down low. “He just walked into court. He’s coming over here. Get rid of that phone. Call me later when you have a new one.”

The call ended just as the cab stopped outside a seedy two story building with rust red paint peeling in places, showing off a lime green paint underneath.

“Fifteen thirty-five,” the cabbie grunted.

Bear handed a twenty through the window but the guy let the money drop instead of taking it from his hand. “Keep the change.”

“Just get out.”

“Come on. Let’s get a room.” Kameron gave the clerk at the office fifty bucks, enough for three days. The greasy haired man leered at Bear and Kameron had to restrain himself from reaching through the small window in the plexi-glass and strangling his scrawny neck.

Adrenaline was still coursing through his system; it was taking a lot of control not to snap.

The tiny room on the end of the first floor they rented was dingy; the comforter on top of the bed looked like it came out of a seventies porno flick. Bear twitched it down onto the floor. He propped up his sore ankle on the bed.

“What are we doing, Kameron?” Bear shoved his hair back. “Every time we turn around, someone else is coming after us.”

Kameron crouched beside the bed. “I know it feels that way, but it’s been Choika all along. We’re going to be fine, but first we have to figure out how to get you into protective custody so we can testify against him.”

“What about Paolo?” Bear gripped his hand. “I’m so sorry. I know he was your partner.”

“Jimmy said he has a plan. I have to get a new phone and get rid of this one. I need you to stay here.” Kameron pulled his back-up piece from his ankle holster. “I want you to keep this.”

Bear shook his head but Kameron made him take it. “Please.”

“I don’t like this. We should stay together.”

“I know.” Kameron stroked his face. “I won’t be gone long though.”

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  1. Wow! You're right about the drama. It's also great to see how much Bear now trusts Kameron. Hoping the prosecutor will work with Jimmy to get them some help!

  2. definitely a lot of drama. Paolo was a shock. They're on the run again. poor guys must be exhausted. more torture please :)

  3. I agree with Tali and Neph--but especially Neph. More torture! :P


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