Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Death by Dust Bunnies

To tide you over until the next installment of The Experiment-a little writing fun! I hope you enjoy.


"Do you have a roommate?"
He bit my nipple, making me shudder.
"You shouldn't be able to talk right now."
He leaned up and moved his hips in a circle. I couldn't help but groan and shiver at the intense sensation. I was flushed, my chest tight, panting through my mouth as I tried to think past the pleasure. He undulated again and I couldn't help but thrust back to get his cock deeper. Tonight's celebration of meeting my article deadline was going VERY well.
Then I heard it again. Keys.
"I think someone just came in the front door," I panted brokenly. "Look, I'm not into group things. If your plan was to get me drunk and back here in bed when your--"
"Jase, I'm home!" The deep voice in the kitchen made Bob's eyes widen, and he gasped.
If I were just a tiny bit more drunk I'd be laughing my ass off at the weird look on his face. Something about this seemed so strange. I was still panting, desperately trying to slow my breath so I could speak clearly.
"Jase? I thought..." I sucked in a breath through a tight throat, "I thought your. . .name was. . .Bob." I grunted as he pulled away from me and scrambled across the bed, darting toward the door. My head was spinning, and I felt a little bit sick. I knew I had too much tequila to drink at the club earlier.
He stuck his head out the door, and I swear to god, he squeaked. Like, literally squeaked! The room swirled as I picked up my wobbly head, trying to track him as he shoved my clothes under the king size bed.
"What are you still doing there? Get up, you have to hide!" he hissed.
"What? Why? Just turn up some music or something so your roommate can't hear us. I still want you." He looked weird, almost scared. The tight feeling in my chest got worse, and I was still panting; but I was really horny, right?
"That's my boyfriend, not my roommate." He was yanking on me, trying to get me to move. I rolled toward the edge of the bed, still trying to understand what he'd just said. He had a boyfriend? I frowned. Was his name Jase or Bob? I felt like shit, and my brain wasn't working right.
I groaned when it finally sank in.
"Would you shut up? My god, do you want him to hear you? He'll beat both of us up."
I tried to pull away from him, disgusted at myself. I let some guy, who didn't even bother to give me a real name, screw me in his own bed that he shared with a boyfriend. I deserved to get my ass kicked. My friend, whatever his name really was, really deserved to get his ass kicked!
My eyes fell on a picture frame on the nightstand. I don't know how I missed it earlier, but inside was a picture of an absolutely giant guy with his arm around what's his name that was yanking me off the bed. I hit the floor with a thud, and he began shoving me under the bed with my clothes.
My wheezing instantly got worse. "No, wait... I can't..."
He hopped on the bed, the center creaking. "Shut up!" he hissed. "Do you want to die?" I could hear him moving frantically as he turned up the volume on the porno we were watching earlier.
I wanted to laugh at his comment as I fought to keep my face off the thick gray fuzz of dust that coated the carpet under the bed. I couldn't and I whimpered when it hit the floor. There were dust bunnies everywhere, seemingly innocuous gray balls of fluff. What little breath I had was moving them. They moved closer to me with each inhale, like a marching army of death filled with gray bunny soldiers. Did I remember to take my allergy pill before I went out this evening? I couldn't remember. Shit! Shit! Shit!
I scrambled for the pants under me, trying to find my inhaler.
 I saw big feet walk into the room, stopping beside the bed. I reached for them, for something to help me.
"Looks like you missed me baby." A deep voice with a dark chuckle hidden in it came from above me. 
"Oh yeah. You going to stay all over there? I've missed you this week."
Pants fell down to cover the feet on the floor. I tried to keep breathing, tried to get their attention, as my throat continued to swell and my visioned darkened.
Knees hit the bed, bowing the edge. My hands shoved weakly at the floor, trying to drag myself out. I couldn't move. My head sank down onto the gray, dusty death and the bunnies that marched ever closer to take me there. Moans above me covered the sound of the tops of my feet hitting the floor as I struggled to keep breathing. Stupid alcohol; stupid me for drinking and not taking my pills to begin with.
The dust bunnies reached me as I succumbed and my chest grew still. The last thing I heard were moans and the squeaking of the bed from the pair fucking just inches away from me. I just hoped they put my clothes on before they called the cops. The headlines would be insane anyway. I could see it as I slipped away.
'Death By Dust Bunnies'


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  1. Omg. That was awesome. There's going to be more, right? Does he really die? I want to see Bob/Jace get his ass kicked for that...

    Oh, I do hope there's going to be more of this story.

    1. This was only ever intended as a short story, but I've written several of them that I'd like to continue. Maybe I'll keep posting them periodically then ask readers to vote on which one I should keep going in short parts once The Experiment is done. For now, I have too many projects to add a new one.

  2. You have an evil mind, my friend. ;) LOL.

    Love, love, love the title. God that was funny and twisted.


  3. I do so try! I was talking with my beta about what funny headlines we could make out of some stories and I totally just flashed on 'death by dust bunnies' and how ignomious it would be to be naked, hiding under the bed of a one night stand, with this little marching army of gray bunnies coming at you bringing a wheezing death.


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